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  1. Vendo 312 electrical problems?

    You're probably right on parting it out. Need any motors?
  2. So I came across a Vendo 312 that had been sitting for what seems to be close to two years at an indoor location. I took the machine and am just getting to it to see if its operable and/or salvageable. While testing the operation I see that the first motor (left) is turning extremely slow. I swapped with another motor and same thing. The other motors operate normally. While the slow motor is turning, the condenser fan is also operating slowly as if it wants to cut off. Once the motor has finally finished its cycle and returned home, the condenser fan returns to normal operation as well. I don't have the compressor connected during this. When I plugged in the compressor, it short cycles. No way to tell if compressor is bad or if it is related to this weird action from the vend motor which seems like there is a short somewhere. Any ideas?
  3. USI 3054 cashless

    Apparently it is SM6 as it is MDB. I was told there was no board to accept card readers for this machine.
  4. USI 3054 cashless

    I'm no expert by far, but this is my fourth card reader install. The other three were fine. This one is a Lance branded machine. From 1999, but even so was more advanced than the generic version of the same model. It has mdb and DEX, yet the reader states "Vendor not ready". The others were just "Offline, please wait" until they were up and running. I was under the impression that mdb was really all you needed as it was interfacing with the dollar bill validator and coin mech. I was asked if I had enabled cashless on the machine, but have no idea why that would be necessary. I have a card reader on an older AP that works without issue. I just don't have DEX on that one yet. My Royal drink machines have card readers and DEX standard and worked just fine with the same card reader. So, I guess I will take advice and call Vendnet. Thanks for the input.
  5. USI 3054 cashless

    If anyone has any experience with adding a credit card reader to a USI 3054, please chime in. Having problems here.
  6. Drop sensor

    Would anyone know if a drop sensor is available for an older USI 3184 model? It does DEX and I am adding a credit card reader to it and would like to add a drop sensor without having to replace the board.
  7. Credit card readers

    Apparently not. Seem to be like cell phones. They have SIM cards for the company you get them from. I guess there could be some sort of work around, but in general practice that doesn't seem to be the case. Understandable if renting or leasing, but when purchasing outright it doesn't make sense.
  8. I have a couple of credit card readers/telemeters I bought from Parlevel. Does anyone know if I can use this equipment with a different company for cellular signal and card payments? For example, just call Greenlite or someone and get service through them with using the existing equipment I already have.
  9. Credit card processing

    No. It is iPayment. Regardless, I am quite disappointed.
  10. Credit card processing

    Parlevel Systems.
  11. Just signed up for a processor and bought my first two readers w/ telemetry. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the company I bought them from, I am without a merchant account to process transactions though I applied three weeks ago and got my readers a little over a week ago. As of right now they are $300 vending machine decorations. So, my questions are: Has anyone experienced such a delay in getting set up with a merchant account? What is the usual time frame for this to be completed? Has anyone used more than one processor for credit/debit card transactions?
  12. Okay, then refurbished it is. So it's a testament to how good of a job the company did on it. It's all subjective, but I can say I am completely happy with what I received.
  13. This machine seems quite nice in my opinion, though I am far from an expert. The model is Snackshop LCM3-640
  14. If the AP is not new, it would fool even the best. All spirals are obviously new. the racks appear to have never been used. The coin mech/validator appear new. The wiring looks new. The glass door is new. There was even a brand new manual in the bottom with new door hardware still taped to the bottom of the machine. Besides, the equipment came with 90 day warranty from Shermco along with lifetime phone support. As Shermco posted in this thread that there is another Shermco out west, I would not confuse the two. I believe I received two great machines from this company and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  15. Okay, I know this thread is old. But, it's new to me and I feel I have to insert my two cents on this regarding Shermco. I just bought two machines from them. One was an AP 5-wide and the other was a Dixie Narco live display 501. I got a great price on both machines delivered and set up. They brought them down from 90 minutes away. I was purchasing refurbished, though I'm quite sure the AP is brand new. The drink machine was refurbished with a new compressor and front with the rest receiving a thorough cleaning. I feel I got a great deal from a good company. Just because someone advertises on Craigslist does not mean they are scam artists. As with anything, do your homework. By the way, I was never offered a combo or locating services. I'm not brand new to vending and did call for specific machines/type of machines. All in all, I would recommend this company.