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  1. Needing to replace the clear selection buttons on some Royal 650s. Are they the same as those on the Dixie Narco 501, 276? They look interchangeable. Also, anyone have any luck refurbishing the old ones or is it just not worth it. Best place to get new ones? Prices are all over the place.
  2. Looking for a control board. Or more than one for this machine.
  3. I didn’t articulate. I’m aware that USI is not affiliated with Polyvend. I meant as an example that some USI machines are known by more than one model name. My reason for asking is that InOne is making kits for some Polyvend machines. I had an R32 board repaired last year by a firm in Florida so no problem getting boards repaired, I was just hoping the available upgrade kits would work on this model.
  4. Would anyone happen to know if a Polyvend R32 has any different model numbers associated with it? Are the Series 4000, 5000, and 6000 machines any different? I know USI will reference the same machines under two different model numbers. Any help is appreciated. Thx.
  5. No. Most coin mechs here are able to accept US and Canadian with switch or program setting and some validators as well. But with other currencies the manufacturer will have programmed it for the market it is sold in. I would check online to see if you can find them or call a manufacturer to get one.
  6. Yes, Amazon is on national contracts, you have to be partnered up with the company holding the contract first. Not an easy thing to do. I get hotels that way but much of that juicy stuff is done that way.
  7. For one thing, it’s the bill validator and coin mech that are programmed to accept whatever currency it is so you would need to find those to accept BSD. Second, that’s pretty pricey for a combo setup like that. I’ve seen them for 1,000 and less.
  8. If you have a restaurant depot near you they generally sell Aquafina or similar by the case. Otherwise you can get an account with a vending distributor or, as was said, purchase from a local vending company.
  9. I would try going into service mode and clearing the errors. It seems that once there is an interruption in the normal operation of a drink vend motor, the registered error prevents normal operation again until cleared. I’ve seen it with other Seaga machines.
  10. Have you considered vinyl wrap? Much easier in my opinion. Can get black from NBS. The black is the same mil as the Pepsi/Coke decals. Ive also used Rustoleum paint/primer gloss and it works well.
  11. There really isn’t a recharge as these are sealed systems. Are the coils clean on evap/condenser? Ice building up at evaporator? Are you positive thermostat is working? Is the door at delivery port closing properly?
  12. Are they considering you an essential business?
  13. I have three apartment complexes like that. They closed the rooms off where my vending is at. I have three other locations that are closed due to this rule of noth gathering in groups of 10 or more. This is too much too fast. I will have to consider bankruptcy options.
  14. So sorry to hear that. It’s happening to me too and the larger the company, the worse. I think it’s going to be much worse. What’s to do after? If you go under there will be no jobs either.
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