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  1. OK thanks for the advise. I was mostly just curious about bottles. This is just for home, but I might end up selling it if I came across a buyer Sent from my SM-G900R6 using Tapatalk
  2. It does have round discs with little tabs on them Sent from my SM-G900R6 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I am new here and I picked up a Vendo 312 for cheap just for fun at the shop at home (not public sales). When I got it it had a apparently widely popular 6800 coin mech, which was jammed and i cleared and it rejected coins. Thanks to google and this site I was able to re-calibrate it and it works wonderfully. Also when I got it the lighting didn't work. For my purposes it didn't really matter, but I though it would make a good "night light" in the shop, so took out the florescent tubes and got a LED strip light like 5 meters long and affixed it around the inside perimeter and connected a 12 volt adapter/transformer inside the front (disconnecting the ballast) and it worked out pretty good I thought, plus the power usage is lowered. It didn't have a bill validator, but I wanted to add it since there was a spot and I got what says its a vn2501 bill validator, but it looks like it has the 2511 face plate, which is really what I wanted anyway. I assume they are the same thing other than the plate. I got a cable to hook it up, but it seems I have an incorrect cable somewhere. I was hoping someone could point me to what I need. My 6800 has a 12 pin male and a 6 pin female connector on this pigtail and the bill validator has a 9 pin male harness. I am guessing I need to change one or the other. Also just make it look nicer does anyone know if the little plastic flavor windows would be available? Mine are very fogged looking. This is a Dr Pepper machine and they are parallelogram shaped The only ones I can find are rectangular. I have it vending cans quite fine. According to the door panel it will vend cans 2 deep (as currently configured) or bottles single deepth. Just out of curiosity what is involved in making it vend bottles? There are some instructions but they are rather faded and also have some mold on them making them impossible to read.. I was playing around with it and as it works it seems it would only vend a bottle every other time due to the way it dispenses/loads it is expecting a can in the back slot. Do you have to change the bucket deal or is it a more simple thing? I mean for me it isn't important, but I am curious most of all. I like to mess with things and understand them.