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  1. Space to sales help

    It was the wrong model number. Thank you so much!
  2. Space to sales help

    Yes this has to be the problem. One day it did ask for model number. I have never changed the board it just reset or something. Thank you!
  3. Space to sales help

    Update: I figured out how to work the space 2 sales. However, it is only allowing me to choose up to "selection 9" when there are 12 selection buttons on this machine. Also, selections 1-6 on the left side work fine. But when you press selection 7, a soda drops from column 7 when it is programmed to drop from column 5. Selections 8-12 do not work at all. There is no contact. Do you think I should change the board? Any ideas why this is happening. I tested the motors and they work fine. Thanks
  4. Backlit film question

    I have a machine on location and I didn't take the plastic film off the backlit. The machine is outside and now the film is starting to crack so I have to remove the film. Is there a solvent or some kind of spray that I can use to remove film? I tried wd40 and a putty knife but I'm scratching the backlit.
  5. Space to sales help

    That is a great idea. Is that in the manual?
  6. Space to sales help

    Machine suddenly is vending the wrong product when you press a selection. I'm totally not understanding the manuals directions. I'm getting to the space to sales prompt, but then display flashes "selection 1" and then flashes "021." This is where I am having problems because I don't know what 021 and so forth means.
  7. Space to sales help

    I have to adjust the space to sales on a dn501 hvv. I am not understanding the directions on the door. Can anyone explain how to do this in simple terms? Thank you.
  8. Mouse army?

    You can't open the machine door to get it through the door?
  9. Mouse army?

    If this has been happening for almost 6 months, then I would remove the snack machine at least until the situation is handled.
  10. Mouse army?

    Figure out where they are coming in from. Also, they love peanut butter.
  11. Machine Locator

    Call quality vending locations. Com
  12. Energy drinks

    Go 2 deep I assume?
  13. Energy drinks

    Can I vend monster energy drinks in a dn hvv machine? I know you need a kit for Red Bull and assume there is no kit for monster since it's a Pepsi machine. What is the procedure if any?
  14. Machine Locator

    Yes it's better to get your own locations because you don't have to pay anyone. However, let's be realistic! When you're starting out, you're probably working another job and don't have time to approach a lot of potential locations. Locators are great and have helped me build my company. Yes, many are simply appt setters but I'm cool with that. If you can find a professional locator in your area that will actually go to the locations then you're golden. If not, I would recommend quality vending locations as a locating company. Charged me $200 up front and $200 when the deal is closed. Found me a quality location, but you have to be realistic. They're not going to find you a hotel that wants 20 machines.
  15. 3rd party vending CC reader question

    Thanks. I'm going to try to push for it. Let you know what happens.