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  1. Magiccity726


    I have a potential location that requires a certificate of insurance and for the location to be added as an additional insured. Does anyone have an insurance company that they recommend and how much should I expect to pay? Thank you
  2. Magiccity726

    Rv660 “sold out”

    Thank you for the replies. The display looks normal. So let me get this straight? It’s possible for the machine to work correctly sometimes and randomly other times the columns will say sold out when the column actually has sodas in them? Sorry I don’t have much experience with royals.
  3. Magiccity726

    Rv660 “sold out”

    I have two rv660’s on location. Lately, I’ve been getting complaints that some of the columns say that the product is sold out when the column is actually full. I go to the location and test all the columns and the sodas drop just fine. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
  4. Magiccity726

    Will the Whining ever end in this business?

    Are genesis machines problematic? I never have done combos but I might need one. Somebody offered a refurbished genesis 380 combo for $1500. Is that a decent price?
  5. Magiccity726

    Mei bill validator

    For some reason this validator is not accepting fives. The coin mech is full. Are my settings correct? Thank you
  6. Magiccity726

    Crane 168

    The machine is in South Florida so it is 100 degrees daily lol. There is a small puddle in the delivery bin. I have a duplicate machine at the warehouse. Beyond the display board, are there any others parts that I should take with me? Really need to resolve this in the morning. Thank you!
  7. Magiccity726

    Crane 168

    I discovered this issue Monday morning so it has to dry by now. Machine was not wet from rain, I think someone must’ve spilled something. I will try changing that board. Do you think it could be the actual keypad?
  8. Magiccity726

    Crane 168

    Display says “keypad Z, Y”. Then when I shut the door it says “temporarily out of service.” I believe that water somehow got on the machine as there is a little water where the snacks fall. I tried changing the service keypad but I think the service keypad I used is for a model 167 as it is slightly different. What does “keypad z, y mean and how do I solve this issue? Thank you!
  9. Magiccity726

    DN 552p

    It’s that bad? Do you think Pepsi would change the lock?
  10. Magiccity726

    DN 552p

    I can’t lose this location. I have to solve the problem.
  11. Magiccity726

    DN 552p

    I have one 552p hvv from Pepsi. Every time I open it, when I try to close it, the door will not lock right away. If I give it a few minutes it will lock though. Also, sometimes when I go to the location, the sodas are warm as if the compressor shut off. Are these problems related and if so, how do I fix it? Is it the door switch? I’ve been trying to get Pepsi over there for over a month.
  12. Magiccity726


    What area is this?
  13. Magiccity726

    Compressor question

    Ok thank you so much!
  14. Magiccity726


    I guess the goal of this business is to get passive income right? If you can take the hit of hiring a manager then go for it and enjoy your life. I do think it would be difficult to hire someone that has both vending experience and is also qualified to be a manager. Maybe look from within your company.
  15. Magiccity726

    Compressor question

    Just curious about something. I have a DN 501 hvv that has the newer compressor that comes with that model(the machine isn’t really brand new) . However, it has a thermostat that is the same as a DN 501e & not the thermostat that is a plug that runs from the lower part of the door. Can I use the same compressor as a regular 501e or do I have to use the newer type compressor from a 501 hvv?