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  1. Magiccity726

    Crane 462

    I have a crane national 462. I have a TRC 6000 as the coin mech. Display says CPL error and then fault test. When I press the white button display says ready but won’t stop beeping. What is wrong here? Thank you
  2. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    Makes sense. I do have some jammed columns. Also, in order to dispense cans, do I need the rods for this machine? I know some of them don’t need them. Thank you
  3. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    Ok I removed battery and waited a few mins. Board was reset but I’m still not getting option of 501. It’s only giving me 276 options.
  4. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    How would I reset the board?
  5. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    Also, When I unplug and plug back in, display says DN276E7. I try to scroll through to set the correct model number, but it is only giving me 276 options. Machine is a 501E HV/s11-12. What could I be doing wrong?
  6. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    Never mind. Door was open
  7. Magiccity726

    DN 501 hvv

    Having a problem with this machine. The fan is not turning on. Neither is the compressor. However, I know my compressor works because it turns on when I plug into the wall. Could this be the fan motor, or could this be the coming from the outlet that you plug the compressor into? Thank you
  8. Magiccity726

    Cc readers

    Has anyone ever leased or rented cc readers from USA technologies? I spoke with them and have the cost breakdown. I need multiple cc readers and obviously I would prefer to buy them but it would be easier if I just leased or rented them. Thoughts?
  9. Magiccity726

    Royal 660

    It’s set for 2 deep
  10. Magiccity726

    Royal 660

    column 12 is vending 2 sodas each vend. I am not too familiar with these machines. Everything seems to be programmed correctly. Every other column is working correctly. What could the problem be? Thank you!
  11. Magiccity726

    Crane model 148

    This machine was programmed for certain selections, for example, candy bars, to be $1.00. When I go to price and change the price, it says that the selection is $1.00. However, when customers buy a candy bar, it is $.60. Does the board need to be replaced? Thank you.
  12. Magiccity726

    Snack mach breaker popping

    Thank you so much! I will try it. Do you know what model changers are compatible to that machine?
  13. I have a snack machine. I’m not sure if it is a snack shop lcm1 or lcm2 but the 3 amp breaker keeps popping. Thus, the machine is not working? How do I fix this problem? Thank you!
  14. Magiccity726

    Machine leaking

    I ice but I will lower temperature. Is it normally supposed to be at 4 o clock?
  15. Magiccity726

    Machine leaking

    i have a DN 276e at a tire shop. It’s inside but close to the garage door which is always open. The machine is leaking a lot. I have new sponges, however, the machine is still leaking. Why would this be?