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  1. DN 368 coin changer

    Thank you very much.I new it was probably a simple thing,just trying to explain the problem that I had was the hard part.Thanks again
  2. DN 368 coin changer

    Chris,it is a S11.What I was trying to ask in the picture under coin mech selection I wanted to make sure the machine is set to the correct selection.Like I said I have the BA30B and the coinco 9302-GX
  3. DN 368 coin changer

    I just need the one machine for where I am
  4. DN 368 coin changer

    Chris,I will get you more info Fort myers,Fl
  5. DN 368 coin changer

    I just got it and have it on location at my community.This is the only machine I have
  6. on my 368 it has the S11computer box.O n the coin mech section Im not sure which button to set it on.I have the coinco BA30B and the coinco 9302-GX.If anyone can guide me in the right direction I would appreciate it
  7. dixie narco 368R

    the coin mech worked but I think I might have changed something on the system set up.Not sure what it is supposed to be set on.
  8. dixie narco 368R

    Does anyone know what size light bulbs this machine takes
  9. dixie narco 368R

    I did what you said and now the bill acc. works.When I hold the paddle down the screen shows each coin that goes in but the coin changer is putting the coins in the overflow box instead of the slots.The slots are not completely full.half way.it still vends even though the coins are not going into the slots
  10. dixie narco 368R

    ok,thank you.I will give that a try.
  11. dixie narco 368R

    I saw the switch on there.Should it be pushed in instead of out.When the door is closed the button is pushed in.Just asking
  12. dixie narco 368R

    here is a pic of no light
  13. dixie narco 368R

    now when I hold a paddle down the sold out light coes out.The BA30 still no steady light.I disconnected the pin plug for it and when I plugged it back in, the BA30 ran through the process but still no steady light
  14. dixie narco 368R

    yes,the sold out light is lit but when I hold the paddle down the light says on
  15. dixie narco 368R

    there is change in it but no sodas.the coin mech is working just the BA30 is not lit.This machine has the series 2 electronic vendor