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  1. Found a used Vendo snack machine but not sure how they are in terms of reliability. I have been eyeing a crane national 148 but this machine will save me about $800. Thanks to who ever replies. Model VSR411
  2. kyle0050

    No power to machine (FSI/USI 3132)

    FSI/USI 3132
  3. Came to my location today and saw that my machine was not powering on. By chance do these machines ever have any power issues? Another cause for it to not getting power is due to that the machine is in a school weight room and I have seen kids drop or place weights near the power cord. There are a few slices on the cord but nothing major that I can see. If it does need a new power cable what's the best way to replace it? Hope someone can help!
  4. I have been looking for a new snack machine for my location for a while now and keep scouring my local CL (Atlanta) for a decent looking snack machine for sale but I just don't get where some of these people get their prices from. I see machines from the late 90's asking $900+, Machines that look dirty as hell and look like they could be a maintenance nightmare for $1,500+. I just don't get it. Are snack machines always this expensive or are most people delusional on used snack machines prices? If anyway can point me on what used snack machines brands I should buy used and what NOT buy used to buy would be great too! Or maybe I am just a cheap bastard and gotta pony up the money?
  5. Looking at a used snack machine tomorrow. Anything I should check out that might not be on the top of my mind?
  6. I am in the market for a new snack machine and this guy texted me with this machine for sale. He said it's a USI 4 wide and has double coils. He wants $450. Also how are USI machines? Should pass on this and splurge on a national? OR are the USI somewhat decent machines. Here's a picture of it.
  7. kyle0050

    Selectivend snack machines?

    The model is a Selectivend WS4000. Can't find many videos on it but machine looks decent. What would be a good price for that model?
  8. Just curious what the thoughts are on a selectivend vending machine is.
  9. kyle0050

    Source of supplies

    Full size as in like 1.5 ounces?
  10. kyle0050

    Source of supplies

    Just curious on what you guys are paying fritolay per bag of chips. I mean they can't be that much cheaper than sams?
  11. kyle0050

    Ardac is starting to die

    Thanks. I haven't got it yet just ordered today. Was just seeing if I needed to buy anything else but I think I'm good to go hopefully. Thanks for all the help guys!
  12. kyle0050

    Ardac is starting to die

    Just got a VN2512. Do I need a new face plate or something for putting the mars in or should the mars fit fine with the ardac face plate. Not really sure what they're called hope someone gets what I am asking. Thanks
  13. kyle0050

    Ardac is starting to die

    Yep that's what I have a 6 pin harness. Would a $5/$1 bill acceptor work on my machine?
  14. kyle0050

    Ardac is starting to die

    So I should be all set and all I need to do is buy a new Mars validator and it should plug in fine?
  15. I have a Ardac Valdiator in my USI/FSI snack machine and it sounds like it's starting die. So what do I need to buy to be able to put a Mars in there? I keep seeing these harnesses on part sites but not exactly sure what/where to connect it. Also can I get a mars bill acceptor that can take $5? Will that work in a FSI/USI 3132? Hope someone can help. Actually here's a post with the exact same model machine and validator.