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  1. Oh god no that thing was the biggest pile of golpher to me ever. Snacks always got stuck on it and people would then tip the hell out of the machine to get their food. Then causing damage to the motors and breaking them. The quality of the shelves and coils feel very cheap compared to my new machine also. Upgraded to a Crane GPL 171 and the quality of machine is night and day. If you're new to the business definitely keep an eye out for Crane National or Automatic product machines as I think those are the better snack machines than USI/FSI.
  2. Do you still own and use your FSI 3132?

  3. Haven't got around to swapping them sadly my school schedule doesn't leave me much free time to be able to go to it to try repairing it. So I'll probably try that this weekend and see what happens. I'll post back with my findings. Thanks!
  4. Is the the type of harness I need? http://www.veii.com/Parts-Store/4-MOTOR-HARNESS.html
  5. I have a crane GPL 171 with my whole entire top tray isn't vending at all. When people put money in they get the message use exact change and when I go do a test vend the machine does a way too long of vend and the coils are all out whack on where they should be positioned. The rest of my machine works anyone got any ideas what's wrong?
  6. I have a crane national 4 wide in a school workout gym. For the whole fall semester not one incident of the kids shaking my machine for free stuff but now this semester already happened twice and not even a full 2 weeks have been done. So my question is what's the best or a good way to secure a snack machine to a wall or something so the moron kids stop shaking this machine so violently. I could care less about product and more the damage of my machine. This also isn't my chips got stuck let me do a little shake. These kids are pulling this machine down to the ground and shaking the hell out of it. Hope someone can help.
  7. I have a crane 171 and need a light for it. Can't find much on what will work, Looked in the manual for some idea but didn't see anything.
  8. What would you go with in terms of reliability and the functions of an all well rounded machine. The 148 I wanted is on waiting list and the place I'm buying from won't have one until some time. So would should i go with a crane National or an AP is there any major difference between the two? Thanks to who ever answers.
  9. Yep that looks like the route I'll be going. Thanks guys!
  10. Are snack machines okay to lay down in the bed of a Toyota tundra or will it get damaged? Thanks again guys!
  11. I am looking to buy a refurbished crane nat from a seller near me in Atlanta. My only issue is moving the machine to my location. The machine I want is a crane national 148 which has legs on it. I used this dolly to move a vendo drink machine and it was really easy to move with the help of the back legs. The drink machine was easy since it didn't hang in the air so I am trying to figure out how to get the snack machine on the dolly to move it to location with ease. Can I stack wood on the dolly to have it hang on it or can the legs be taken off at all? Thanks to whoever answers!!! You guys have been great!
  12. Found a used Vendo snack machine but not sure how they are in terms of reliability. I have been eyeing a crane national 148 but this machine will save me about $800. Thanks to who ever replies. Model VSR411
  13. Came to my location today and saw that my machine was not powering on. By chance do these machines ever have any power issues? Another cause for it to not getting power is due to that the machine is in a school weight room and I have seen kids drop or place weights near the power cord. There are a few slices on the cord but nothing major that I can see. If it does need a new power cable what's the best way to replace it? Hope someone can help!
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