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  1. At some point in the future (or now if u have the money) invest in oak/eagle machines with 50 cent mechs and gumball wheels (because u can remove the spacer in an oak/eagle wheel to vend 1" toy capsules, where the gumball wheel in your northwestern will only vend gum and bouncy balls 26-27mm or less and the toy wheel is a completely different part and using it with gumballs it will vend 2 each time). Having 50 cent toys on the bottom will make a huge difference in your profits. Question: what did u and the restaurant agree to as far as commission?
  2. Figured it out. Loosened the 4 nuts holding the plate thats holding the hinge and wedging a flathead in to give it a little more clearance for the folder to slide thru. Tested it about 10 times and no problems. Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions!
  3. So maybe misalignment between the chute and the outside opening? Ok I wonder if maybe i havent bent the little spring-loaded trap door on the chute and that may be whats causing it. How interchangeable are the product chutes between different brands? Are they manufacturer specific or universal like the slide mechs? I dont have a spare blade runner but I have some a&a knockoffs (westar?).
  4. Blade runner is what i think its called.
  5. Ive had the same column jam twice in the same month, the first time just a few days after servicing it. Its trying to vend two folders at the same time. Is there something im not seeing? The weight is in place, the folders are facing the right way out... any ideas?
  6. UPDATE: So I finally took the time to disassemble the wheel and it was just locked up. No toy or capsule fragments at all. I think it sat for a while before I bought it so it could be that. But after spraying some white lithium on the teeth and spinning it a few times around, I can spin it 3 or 4 times around without stopping, so it's working great.
  7. Hey guys, I just ran into a new (to me) problem. The product wheel on an NW80 is locked up tight. Its not the mech, the mech turns fine when not engaged to the wheel. And its not a toy; I turned the head upside down to clear it and make sure there wasnt a capsule jam and there wasn't. I'll have to replace the head for now, but what do i do to free the wheel back up? What caused it, and how can i prevent it in the future? Is there a type of grease I can use to keep it limbered up? Any help is appreciated!!!
  8. Never heard the song, huh?
  9. And pretty much all the heads face the sun when it's going down.
  10. They sit in a breezeway that gets hit pretty hard by the evening sun and isn't climate controlled to match the main part of the restaurant. Could it be environment related?
  11. Gonna say that's one that someone allowed to be placed in the location until corp came along and said "nein!!!"
  12. So wait... I bet u smell sex and.... root beer. No, that's not right. Lol
  13. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with the rocket balloon/punch balloon mix at a location. I grabbed a couple to test cuz the owner was seeing them pop in people's faces when trying to inflate them. Had some kids that were there try them and myself and a punch blew up in the kids face and a rocket balloon blew up in mine, after stretching it like ur supposed to and it barely started to inflate. Anyone else having trouble like this or know what may be the issue?
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