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  1. Zigzag Vending

    PMM and MM containers

    Easier to pour too.
  2. Who are you getting your liability insurance through?
  3. Zigzag Vending

    My NW80 Seized up! HELP!!!

    UPDATE: So I finally took the time to disassemble the wheel and it was just locked up. No toy or capsule fragments at all. I think it sat for a while before I bought it so it could be that. But after spraying some white lithium on the teeth and spinning it a few times around, I can spin it 3 or 4 times around without stopping, so it's working great.
  4. Zigzag Vending

    My NW80 Seized up! HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I just ran into a new (to me) problem. The product wheel on an NW80 is locked up tight. Its not the mech, the mech turns fine when not engaged to the wheel. And its not a toy; I turned the head upside down to clear it and make sure there wasnt a capsule jam and there wasn't. I'll have to replace the head for now, but what do i do to free the wheel back up? What caused it, and how can i prevent it in the future? Is there a type of grease I can use to keep it limbered up? Any help is appreciated!!!
  5. Zigzag Vending


    Never heard the song, huh?
  6. Zigzag Vending

    Rocket balloons

    And pretty much all the heads face the sun when it's going down.
  7. Zigzag Vending

    Rocket balloons

    They sit in a breezeway that gets hit pretty hard by the evening sun and isn't climate controlled to match the main part of the restaurant. Could it be environment related?
  8. Zigzag Vending

    does anyone have a machine in Popeye's

    Gonna say that's one that someone allowed to be placed in the location until corp came along and said "nein!!!"
  9. Zigzag Vending


    So wait... I bet u smell sex and.... root beer. No, that's not right. Lol
  10. Zigzag Vending

    Rocket balloons

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with the rocket balloon/punch balloon mix at a location. I grabbed a couple to test cuz the owner was seeing them pop in people's faces when trying to inflate them. Had some kids that were there try them and myself and a punch blew up in the kids face and a rocket balloon blew up in mine, after stretching it like ur supposed to and it barely started to inflate. Anyone else having trouble like this or know what may be the issue?
  11. Zigzag Vending


    I had a vendstar melt before, but so did everything else in the auto shop when it caught fire. Lol No skin off my back just took the doors so the locks wouldn't be stolen and keyed. Put a new one in and it makes me close to $60 every 2 months. In my opinion, vendstar are GREAT starter machines if 1) you know how to make them work right, 2) you can get them like new for cheap enuf, and 3) use them to test new locations with multiple candies to see what will sell best. I have another loc that has 2 sitting next to each other but in all honesty I could probably switch one with a double. But why would I place eagles there when I'm trying to get all my eagles converted to 50cent toy machines? Vendstar have their place, but they are definitely not for every vendor or location.
  12. Zigzag Vending

    Why are my gumballs rock hard?

    My regular gumballs get cold (it's Kansas after all) but it just takes chewing them and warming them up and they're fine. Sales don't seem to drop off when they get hard like that. But I definitely would rather they stay soft. Just part of the territory I guess.
  13. Zigzag Vending

    What Brand are these older 2 “ machines ?

    I'm just guessing, I'm fairly new to this. But I do believe the chute door says FOLZ, which was a huge family run vending business that ran mainly Northwestern machinery. They were in the business forever, so that may be the predecessor to the Northwestern Super 80. Again, though, I'm not sure. Hopefully a veteran vendor will know for sure what we're looking at because I want to know too. I just recently found out that victor made 2" machines that look alot like the northwesterns. Before that I thought they only made the ones that have one glass/plastic panel in a bezeled tilted front face. You always learn something new here.
  14. Zigzag Vending

    creating displays

    Do u have Microsoft publisher? That's what I use for whatever labels I need.
  15. Zigzag Vending

    Rack brackets where to buy?

    Heritage Vending on here has somed as well.