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  1. The nutrition facts in the container says about 12 pmms per ounce. Multiply by 62 ounces gives you about 744 pieces. I try to vend about 5-7 per turn, to give me a decent profit margin on them.
  2. I still sell M&Ms in my accounts. I buy mine at Costco, a 62 oz container sells for about 10 American Dollars. If you live anywhere near Sam’s Club, Costco, or any other wholesale club, you could get them much cheaper.
  3. So what is the weirdest thing you have found in your machines? So far, I have retrieved two Canadian Quarters, a French Franc, a Shilling, and a Hungarian Forint. It should be noted that I have collected these in various rural areas in Northwest Florida. While I am annoyed that I am not getting any value for these, it has been fun accumulating currency that I would otherwise not see.
  4. Hey all, I am new to this and I am wondering about the effect the start of school will have on bulk candy sales in my barber shop locations. Is it plausible to think that I might need to bump my busier hair cutters' service in anticipation of greater sales. I also believe that the entire route should increase in volume as the fall starts. Another thing to keep in mind that is that I'm in Tallahassee and the population of the entire city increases by about 100 percent as FSU, FAMU, and TCC start fall semesters. Thanks for any input.
  5. I agree with the recommendation for Sweetstop vending, lots of label options, quick delivery
  6. I use vinyl stickers on the outside, but I didn't really give it much thought.
  7. Hey Ocean, I am also very new to the vending business, having only owned my route for three months. I own over 100 vendstars and will tell you that I have not experienced any problems yet. A lot of people are very down on their quality but at $35/machine, the risk is minimal if they break or are stolen. You definitely will want to sell candy out of the vendstars, and some of the vendstars are equipped with gumball wheels. If you don't like the idea of paying a commission on your sales, a charity donation arrangement is a good option.
  8. I second what Quikvend suggested, the Sam's Club near me sells Skittles at 11 cents/oz, and Peanut and Plain M&Ms at 18 cents/oz.
  9. That's about what it costs me per vend.
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