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  1. Thank you guys for your help. I greatly appreciate it
  2. I have a machine, I went to service it today and the key didn't work. Once I looked i realized the outer and inner slots didn't line up anymore. How can I fix this issues. See picture below.
  3. I don't hear anything but the beeping noise.
  4. I been using it for a while now it. about two weeks ago the Coinco 9300-L stop accepting coins, so I replaced it.
  5. So the pricing did lose its memory. It also makes the beeping noise when I push the return button. But the machine keep reading a credit of $1
  6. I have a national vendor 148 that not working. It’s making a beeping noise and not accepting coin. I have replaced the coin mech. Any ideas or suggestions
  7. How do you reset the machine (crane national 148)?
  8. How do you reset the machine (crane national 148)?
  9. I plug a Coinco 9302 -L ( 12 pin 24DC) into my machine that previously had a Coinco 9300-L ( 12pin 17v) now the machine won't turn on. After looking in the manual I saw the CAUTION: DO NOT CONNECT A 24 VDC UNIT TO A MACHINE THAT IS WIRED FOR 117 VDC. OPPS.
  10. national crane 147 and factory board
  11. Hey Guys, I have a coinco 9300 series ( coinco - 9300-L) that won’t accept coin. When you insert coin they drop straight out. Any suggestions on what to check or to look for.??
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