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  1. I just wanted to follow up - I ordered a rebuilt deck with new compressor and 2 year warranty for $675 USD from Vendingworks. It showed up as advertised. Installed and running with no problems. It comes in a box with optional pre-paid return shipping. This is how they acquire decks to rebuild as I suspect many have no use for a broken down reefer deck and would be glad to send it away rather than deal with it.
  2. I had a 5591 lose a couple of butttons on the keypad last night, it was a connection at the wiring harness. I was lucky enough that after reseating the harness everything seems ok.. for now.
  3. Yes, I'm leaning toward the full sized machine after considering everyone's responses. It may have more capacity than I need but that's wayyy better than not enough. If I can sell 10-20 cups a day, 365 days a year I'd call it worth while.
  4. I want to keep this customer happy, but I'm not going to spend thousands on equipment and venture into coffee vending unless there's profit to be made. Im in business to make money
  5. I know it's a tough question. Lets say neutral pricing - not high or low. Demographics are maybe 50% immigrants (primarily East Indian) but also about 50% young men under 30. The snack and cold drinks are still ramping up as I've been there under 1 year, but currently grossing $1000/ month
  6. I'm going to throw another question at you guys with experience. The spot this coffee machine would go in has approximately 100 staff total, working in a refrigerated food distribution warehouse. How much coffee would you expect to sell from a top quality, attractive vending machine? No other brewers on site. No alternatives in walking distance.
  7. Oooo the Cafe Curve! I like that. One of my objections to using a crane 67x was they are starting to look dated. This is a good compromise. On the plus side these older cranes are very common and proven machines. I'll look into this.
  8. Fwiw I have a chance to pick up an almost new Crane Voce.. is that a machine you would recommend? There's lots of opinions on the older Cranes on these boards, but almost no info on this newer model..
  9. Thanks @AZVendor, I hear what you are saying. I'm in the great white north so for me, VKI and Cafection are domestic made in Canada brands. It seems like these are the table top machines of choice among the big OCS companies here. If I don't do an oversized table top (VKI Momentum has similar capacity to a full size) then Crane Voce and USI Geneva appear to be only current model, domestic options.
  10. Has anyone had success vending coffee from a branded machine? Do you think the branding helped drive sales and keep prices up? I have a customer looking for coffee vending (not OCS but pay to play machines) so that means I'm stuck with tabletops or full sized coffee vending machines. I wanted to avoid that but they represent 300 employees and a good chunk of my business, so I am inclined to keep them happy. I'm thinking about going with a newer model VKI machine w/ Seattle's Best or Starbucks beans and branding. Anyone have experience with something like that?
  11. I have several comparable accounts. $100-$120 per head per year is about the going average doing snack and drink sales only. I would go in with a projection of 20k/year gross, more if you plan to sell a significant amount of sandwiches or higher priced items. Its what you take home that matters
  12. Thanks guys. A customer is paying for the replacement, so I have to justify the expense. Seems like pulling the whole deck is the way to go.
  13. Hey all, I'm looking for a compressor for a late DN5591. Would rather not buy the whole deck as the rest is in great shape. Pretty sure this is the same deck as found in a Bevmax 2. Anyway I can't seem to find the compressor as a stand alone item.. can anyone suggest an interchangeable part or a good source?
  14. Back when I was young and stupid (bout 9 months ago) I bought some Nayax Amit 3.0 modems off Ebay. They were new in the box and a good price. Anyway I just now learned they can't be activated because those serial numbers are registered to another business.. In other words they are completely useless to me - and at worst potentially stolen. Its something to watch out for I guess, check serial numbers before purchasing this type of stuff from anyone but a trusted dealer.. A fine example of being cheap ending up being expensive 😃
  15. If one wants to up their income they can essentially go get more accounts, or try to increase profits from existing accounts. Is there enough upside in adding OCS and water cooler services to really bother with it? Essentially that's adding more complexity to your business model. How much more profit on average might one expect to squeeze out of a blue collar account by addding these services? Any input is welcome. Fwiw I have just had a request for coffee/ water service from a customer with 2 locations, 275 staff total (24/7)
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