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  1. nvb

    Crane 780 double vending

    If your machine has surevend that product might be slipping past undetected just because of how it falls. Moving that product to another row or even installing a kicker on the coil may work.
  2. Probably can't go wrong with either. I have a couple of the Alpines and they are nice, zero issues so far. A bit more expensive but also nicer looking IMO. I see both of these machines often on used market with a healthy vending wrap - sometimes for cheap.
  3. nvb

    Frozen food

    You are both right. These are good accounts Chris - one week or less service cycle. Still I don't want all the extra headache of cold/ frozen unless there is some real upside potential. I've yet to hear anyone on this forum say they made big bucks off frozen food.
  4. Can anyone with experience in food vending give me some insight? Do certain accounts ever hit it out of the park with a cold food/ frozen machine or are they always a break-even or money losing endeavor? I have 3 locations that are very similar. approx 130 staff each, 24/7, centralized lunch room, blue collar and in an area with few options and nothing after 10pm. Each location grosses approx $400/week total from snack and cold drinks. In my situation would you: Offer cold/ frozen food and expect to make good money? Provide it only if asked? Stay away at all costs? Cheers
  5. I agree with the above I run USI 3535's and they're great. Have not run a 3185 personally but for $300 you can't lose here for what you are getting.
  6. I'd buy that machine for $300. What's not to like? https://www.ebay.com/itm/60DAY-W-IVEND-GUARANTEED-VEND-SYSTEM-MDB-DUAL-SPIRALS-USI-3185-FAWN-USELECTIT-/232598152515
  7. nvb

    Movin on up

    This is in my 6x10 trailer. Did the shelving a few months ago and it's worked out great. Drinks down low for stability and shelves angled back with a lip.
  8. I decided on a 10'x6' enclosed cargo trailer, all white to stay cool in summer. I just take it shopping with me every few weeks and run my route with it. The product never comes out and can be organized nicely with a bit of shelving. Luckily I'm in the Pac Northwest, it rarely goes too far below freezing and if it does I got a little space heater with a freeze protection setting. It kicks in at low level around 35F.
  9. nvb

    AP 972

    Thanks Doc. Was the GPL 480 a good reliable machine?
  10. nvb

    AP 972

    Has anyone had one of these machines? I came across one for a good price and decided to snap it up. It was made by AP in 2007, at around the same time as the Ultraflex 6500. It looks to me like a re-branded GPL 480 combo. They must not have produced them for long, even a google search doesn't turn up much..
  11. nvb

    Intro to Bev Max 4's

    Vendors Tech cover the Gatorade hangup solution here: http://stores.vendorstech.com/blog/tech-tips-bevmax-2346-gatorade-hang-up-solution/ This video is a great primer for working on a Bevmax machine. I found it very useful my first time!
  12. nvb

    Intro to Bev Max 4's

    I recently battled the picker cup thing... The picker cup has an actuator that opens the gates. The cam is what drives the actuator and a limit switch tells the machine when the actuator is in or out. If your actuator sticks in/ out or doesn't move at all, look here. the cam should rotate smoothly and engage the actuator, which should activate the limit switch. If the cam cannot be turned smoothly by hand, then the gear motor that drives it is shot. If the picker/ actuator seems to be missing the target slightly, make sure machine is level first. Then check the limit switch on bottom of picker. If it is starting to wear or fail or, commonly, it is all goopy with syrup, you'll see it missing selections in the Y axis. Reason being, this switch indicates Y = 0 or 'home' position. The position encoders do not start to count until the home switches open. If a sticky or worn switch takes even a fraction of a second too long to open, the picker will end up slightly off its intended mark. I really like the idea of having a spare picker as suggested earlier in this thread. That said, a rebuild kit is cheap and should only take 30 mins with the proper tools. I haven't dealt with a bad delivery port yet, so I'll leave that for someone with experience. nvb
  13. nvb

    Intro to Bev Max 4's

    I used a ratchet cutter to nip off the claws on the gates, worked awesome, no mess. Wipe down slides at very least, and then a shot of food grade silicon spray lube.
  14. I'm not nearly as experienced as some other members here.. But for me if a machine isn't worth putting a card reader on, it isn't worth being where it is to begin with. i'd be looking to upgrade or replace any machine that isn't MDB, dual spiral (for snack) and drop sensors are a must. I'm all about LED lights and glass front drink machines too. A glass front will spank any stacker machine in sales and is way more versatile for today's packaging and consumer tastes. i do use nayax but as a small operation I'm not product mapping machines or pre kitting like you probably will.
  15. nvb

    Intro to Bev Max 4's

    The picker cup has 3 limit switches and an aluminum cam inside. Cam can wear out, switches can fail or get sticky with syrup.