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  1. I don't work with racks but have approached a guy with 5 body shop locations. The first I got approved from the on duty manager, then asked the owner of the chain personally to place the second. He said he would get back to me once he thought about it. I managed to get a third in without his say-so and I keep checking back to get two more from him, and he says he needs time to think. I consider leaving it be, as I don't want to lose the two locations I have, but I decide that I can't go around tiptoeing. It is more productive in the long run to be bold and follow up, even if the "aggression" could lose a location. I'd rather try for the greatness than settle for a more mediocre achievement.
  2. I'm 20 and have experienced the difficulties that you are. My personal target is to get one yes for every 10 no's. This is pretty tough to accomplish while keeping your enthusiasm and smile up, but you just have to keep chugging. I would suggest getting on YellowPages, typing in your city, and making a map of every car place in the city. Then every barber shop. Then every car dealer. Restaurant. Bar. Tattoo shop. Etc., etc., and eventually, you will find yourself with locations. As for the way I present myself, I used to walk around with a button up and nice shoes and tuck my shirt in, but recently, I've been emphasizing my youth and laid-back delivery. I speak friendly-ly and give them sweet, simple points. "Hey, I'm a sophomore at xxxx college and I'm going to local businesses placing these candy/gumball machines. I'm taking a part of profits and giving it to charity, letting you guys pick between xxxx charity and yyyy charity. It's totally free, I service and clean the machine myself, I'm just looking for a spot for it." Anyway, man, target locations you know you can get a decision maker in. Body shops are probably the best in my experience. Once you pick all the low-lying fruits, however, you'll have to dig deeper and keep contacting those corporate places until they say yes just so you don't leave them another voicemail. Don't give up. Go harder. -Knox
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