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  1. Coca-Cola Southwest

    I'm also looking for a 3rd party vender.how I get in contact with them . Thanks
  2. ND manual

    Find out if I can place bottles in this machine (16oz),how to change price,and trouble shoot.right now it will not accept coins or dollar bills.i really don't won't to pay someone if I can do it myself.any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  3. ND manual

    Hi all, I just bought this ND machine was needing a manual for it but not sure which one to get.below is the info from the machine,any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to the vending world so I am still have lots to learn.some of the info below I understand,just need help with the rest of it. Thanks for your help., Bryan 8 Column,dual T adaptable, Sequencing 1&2 F803,826,050.01. DN 10/03/88
  4. Dixie 501e coin chute

    I had this same problem a few months ago, alI i needed to do is reline the chute. I had to do a few times the day I was there. Have not had any more problems with that issue.
  5. first meeting with new acct.

    thanks everyone for your help,i got the acct. new problem i need two combos for this loc.
  6. first meeting with new acct.

    i don't have a machine at this time ,but know where one is and the cost. thank you for the idea about the pic.spending the weekend getting proposal together.
  7. new to the board and to vending.The things i know from the convo. i had with the new acct. is,they want a combo machine,THEY HAVE ASK FOR ME TO BRING A LIST OF WHAT I CAN PUT IN THE MACHINE.(which is good for me) My question is what can i expect going into THE meeting and any tips on whAT NOT TO DO,AND WHAT I CAN DO TO GET THIS ACCT. THANKS, BRYAN
  8. Welcome New Members - Revised December 2015

    hI, new here and to vending.i have 10 honor box now. have had them about a year now. go to start doing snack and drink machines.Will have a meeting next week with first possible loc. that a friend told me about.They currently dont have any vending at all.What can i except from this type of meeting? Should i take a box of different snacks for the employees.Also, if i do get should have a contract signed that says we give each other 30 day notice if things dont work out? From what i understand they ask other vending service to leave couse they did not keep machine serviced.thanks for any and all pointers. p.s. i have heard alot of good things about vendiscuss. b.g.