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  1. Make sure that your pricing is right, buy variety packs, keep as little extra inventory as humanly possible and spend your time looking for another more accounts. Track your gross profit by taking total collections for the month and subtract your inventory cost for the month = gross profit. Your numbers will bounce around from month to month as your inventory fluctuates and carries over from month to month, but you will get good numbers over time (ie quarterly or annually). Im not sure how to say this without sounding flip, but you have one combo machine............. your profit is piled in th
  2. I have not been on the forum in a while. I got an anniversary email that got me back today. Ive been busy continuing to grow my vending business, started a new business, and also have had lots of personal crap mixed in. I will be back on here more consistently as things settle down a bit. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  3. I agree here. No offense royal, but your attitude is the same as some local vendors here and that is what I use to get accounts. Once people switch to my company, they wonder why they stayed with the previous company so long. Your customers will know how you feel about them by the things you do and the little things you say even though I know you don't tell them what your telling us. While your still debating whether or not to go fix the machine, I would have already been out there, fixed the machine, then thanked the person for taking the time to call me and gave them a free drink. Remember "
  4. If you don't show up to fix the machine you can skip next weeks service My standard is similar to missions. Service calls always cost you money. Its just a cost of doing business. Look at service calls as an opportunity to show why your business is better than the others. In the end service calls cost you less than the loss of sales from non working machines. JD
  5. The Coffee Butler, like you said, is a re-branded Avalon machine. They were sold as bizops by a guy named Andre. For the people that go back this far, he was the owner of the largest vending forum Vendingtalk until Steve left and started VD. The Avalon is a good machine, but they have not been sold under that name in about 10 years so they are pretty old for a coffee machine. I think you said it right, take what you can get. JD
  6. Thats what I'm saying, I can't do $1 bottles either thats why I let the bottlers do it in my account. My 20oz price is ~.68 and I'm not going to sell that for $1.
  7. This account was a $1.00 bottle account that I could not compete with before my relationships with the bottlers. I know that this price will eventually need to go up, but at least I can do it after they have a good understanding of my business and my level of service. Securing this account has put me in a position that I can confidently take price increases at my other accounts. Some of my accounts have needed increases, but I needed to make sure that I was in a position that I could loose a customer without being detrimental to my business. Its funny how one thing leads to another.
  8. Thanks and it worked. Got the call yesterday afternoon with the okay. Taking care of paperwork and all this morning. They have ~100 employees across two sites and good hot and dirty work. It should be a solid account for my business. Unfortunately, I got an automated call yesterday from pro vending consultants with a considerable increase in consultation fees for their onsite work
  9. For those following this, I went out and met with the second smaller location of the manufacturing lead. I threw the proposal together and put it back in there hands 2-3 hours later as this site is just drink and snack and pricing mirrored the larger location. They came back on an e-mail and asked for a microwave for the location that is only drink and snack. That is a good sign, but I don't want to put a microwave in there since I'm not doing food so I told them to shove the microwave up their............ JK I told them it was no problem so they said they will be making a decision and I will
  10. I was asking who you take them from if you don't get them from your competition. I guess its a tough thing to do to have your competition also be your customers.
  11. Mission, I never liked the idea of letting the bottlers put out machines for me. RJT had been suggesting it to me for a long time, it just took a long time to convince me it was a good idea. I finally went forward with it for several reasons. 1. In my area the bottlers still put out machines with $1 20oz sodas. Up until now I have walked away from these accounts as I am unwilling to do $1 bottles regardless of volume (I need at least 1.25 for me to do them). I can now go after this business. 2. I am running out of room in my truck and have limited room for bottles. While I should probably ge
  12. Four different items. Usually the weird stuff that people may not have seen.
  13. I said in my last post about Pro Vending that I would bring RJT back. RJT came up about 2 weeks ago and we spent the day knocking on doors together. While I'm learning how to "cold call" I am quickly realizing that I will never be the best person for this job Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new customers, talking vending, and giving proposals. I am fairly competent at these parts of selling I just don't think that my personality lends itself to the cold call ever feeling natural. It used to really bother me to say stuff like that. As a small business owner I always think I am the best on
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