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  1. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    When I asked NPS how to install it, they said that some people install it with windex, and some people install it dry. If it should be installed with window cleaner, they should really include installation directions with the vinyl.
  2. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

  3. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    I cleaned off the old graphics pretty good...and there was no left over adhesive on the machines. I did read that some people use Windex, but I wasn't sure how that would work pushing out the liquid. Maybe next time I'll try that method.
  4. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    It cost me $667 for the two fronts and the four side decals. My former student did not charge me to design the artwork.
  5. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    I recently updated some old Royal Machines at our school with some custom graphics designed by one of my former students. He designed the graphics from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted him to incorporate a bear, which is our school mascot, and to use Coke elements to fit in with our Coke machines which we are keeping with their original graphics. I had the graphics printed by NBS. I'm happy with the way the machines came out. Here are some before and after pics: The hardest part of the project for me was putting on the side vinyl. I used a vinyl squeegee, but it was still hard getting out all the air bubbles. Is there a secret to that?
  6. darkinthepark

    Royal 542-8

    What do you consider a "late model"?
  7. darkinthepark

    Royal 542-8

    Is alternating bottles common practice? I've never done that, but maybe it's a good idea.
  8. darkinthepark

    Dummy pic question

    You only get a small amount of storage space on this message board for files. Your best bet is to use a picture hosting site and just paste the urls into your message.
  9. darkinthepark

    walk me thru nayax online please

    Nayax sent me an email with log-on information after I set up the readers. Did you get any emails from Nayax? If not, give them a call.
  10. darkinthepark

    What would you do?

    The Nayax readers are working good for me. My only issue is the one I have on an older Merlin iV machine. For some reason, that board doesn't report cash sales through the CC reader. Once the school year ends, I am going to send the Merlin board to Coinco to get the firmware updated and the board checked over so that it reports the cash sales. I like being able to monitor the sales on my machines so I know what product I need to restock. The students also like the readers and CC sales have been slowly increasing.
  11. darkinthepark

    Which soda machine is better?

    I also agree. I learned on Royal machines and I really like them. I find them easy to service, program, and use.
  12. darkinthepark

    Teachers lounges?

    Our cafeteria was getting rid of them because they weren't working right for them..due to lack of proper maintenance. They offered them to us for $200 piece...so it was a no brainer. We have the other machine in a faculty planning room in another part of our building.
  13. darkinthepark

    Teachers lounges?

    She only eats the stales. And in her defense, we can't put too much in the machine or items will go stale. We are still working on finding the products that move the fastest.
  14. Could there still be some dead mice hidden inside the machine somewhere???
  15. darkinthepark

    Teachers lounges?

    Yeah...I know. Another person on my committee services the snacks and I do the drinks. She sometimes falls behind