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  1. Yeah,,,,it's the same principle regardless of the machine.
  2. The machine in my picture had an old board in it that was not capable of reporting cash sales through the CC reader. The board was too old to be updated so I ended up buying a new board direct from Royal and now it reports everything great.
  3. You need the POS Window...part number 815007. Just call Royal. Not sure if you can get the exact label....but you can always just make your own.
  4. None of my Royal 660's came with a light relay...I had to buy a kit from Royal to add the light relay so that I could have the lights turn off on the internal timer. Chances are, yours does not have the light relay....which means the lights should always be on when the machine is plugged in. If the lights aren't working, the bulbs or ballast is probably bad.
  5. I once purchased one of the LED kits and the power supply kept going bad. They also don't look as good as getting actual LED bulbs to fit in the machines original sockets. Just my 2-cents.
  6. You basically have two wires powering the lights...a black hot wire, and a white neutral wire. You would cut the wires going to the ballast and group the wires so that the top sockets are getting the hot (black) wire and the bottom sockets are getting the white (neutral) wire. LED bulbs have a hot end and a neutral end...so when you put the bulbs in, make sure you are putting the hot end up to the top sockets. Each machine is slightly different, but this is the basic procedure for rewiring the machine. Take one of the old bulbs to an electric supply place and have them order you the correct LED replacement bulb so that you don't have to change the sockets on your machine. I've been using the Keystone Signhero bulbs with good results.
  7. When you buy a replacement mech, put it in a machine right away to confirm that it works and to make good on any warranty that it might have. Then just keep the mech that was in the machine as your backup. Otherwise, you might go to use your replacement and it may not work because you never tested it. Also, when you send a mech out for repair, put it into use right away and don't save it as a backup. Once again, you want to make use of any warranty the repair service might have and you want to make sure it was fixed correctly.
  8. I am interested in purchasing one of those boxing arcade games in which you punch the bag and it gives you a number showing how hard you hit it. Does anyone have any advice on which is the most reliable machine to purchase and which machine offers the best tech support and parts availability?
  9. I vend 16.9 oz bottles in the can product stop settings in my 660s without problem. Maybe you should try that rather than the 20 ounce bottle settings.
  10. According to the manual, the password is 4 digits, 4-2-3-1. The external password can be modified to another 4 digit number that would correspond to the selection buttons. You can not use 0 or a number greater than the number of selection buttons on your machine as your new password.
  11. Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Mt. Dew
  12. Mine all report dex data such as cash and credit sales, coin mech level, cash box level, etc. I did have to update one of my boards to get cash sales, but all newer machines should report the data.
  13. I actually look forward to hearing AZvendor's responses. When someone asks for help with their Seaga machine, or asks how to charge a compressor themselves, I know he's working up a good response. He's brash... but it's funny. It's like being roasted by the late Don Rickles. You should be honored.
  14. Interesting machines. What country do you live in?
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