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  1. Escrow in quarters

    I contacted Royal today about this issue, and they told me that Coke wanted the GIII's programmed this way, and there is no way that I can get the machine to return the bill. I guess they figure that people are more likely to dump quarters back into a vending machine than a dollar.
  2. GIII sold out issue

    This is how the older GIII machines worked, but the new ones work differently. I contacted Royal today and they told me that Coke wanted the boards programmed that the selections won't show "sold out" until the customer puts in there money....even if the machine already knows that the selection is sold out. I guess Coke wants the customer's money even if an item is sold out. They are hoping that the costumer will just pick another product once they take the time to put in their money.
  3. GIII sold out issue

    I have a Royal GIII that only displays if an item is sold out if you put money in the machine and try to vend that selection. In my other GIII machines, if a product is sold out, the machine will display "sold out" if you press that selection with or WITHOUT a credit in the machine. Is there a setting for this?
  4. Intro to Bev Max 4's

    "A man needs to know his limitations." - Dirty Harry
  5. Escrow in quarters

    The display shows 1.00, so I'm sure all prices are set to 1.00.
  6. Escrow in quarters

    yes. The highest price is $1.
  7. Vendo Live display display?

    That looks like the display on the Predator's watch...
  8. Escrow in quarters

    I have it set to "0", which is enabled. I think that should return the dollar when the coin return is pressed...but it doesn't. Am I reading this wrong or is there a setting on the BA?
  9. Has anyone ever expected a CC charge that never hit?

    I had a coin mech repaired by Vendor's Exchange, and they sent it back to me without charging me. I think they meant to send it back COD, but it was just sent back normal UPS. If I never contacted them to ask about the charge, I would have gotten it serviced for free.
  10. Escrow in quarters

    Thanks. I will give that a try.
  11. Escrow in quarters

    I have a Royal G3 machine that when you put a dollar bill into the bill acceptor and do not make a selection due to it being sold out, gives your dollar back in quarters. Is there a way to set the machine to return the dollar bill when the customer presses the coin return? I have forced vend disabled and bill escrow inhibit enabled. Is there a setting on the BA that needs to be made?
  12. The machine looks pretty good considering its age.
  13. DN501E coin drops

    Check the coin deflector at the end of the coin chute. Sometimes they need adjustment.
  14. PowerAde

    I charge 1.50 for both powerade and gatorade.
  15. Customers

    Good stuff. You should put up a stand-up act for the next vend-con.