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  1. darkinthepark

    Royal Merlin 4 eprom replacement

    I went through Coinco since they are the ones that made those boards. Coinco was able to update my old Merlin IV board...but I'm not sure what version it was. I do remember Royal telling me that I would need the new harness if I purchased a new board for my Merlin IV...that's why I went through Coinco. You should contact Coinco just to confirm what Royal told you.
  2. darkinthepark

    Does vendsoft do good for inventory

    Couldn't you just put a picture or a chart on the inside of the door of the machine?
  3. I have an old Merlin 4 with a blue button board that I had the eprom updated by Coinco and the machine now reports cash sales. I know the board was pre-2000 because it was a Gatorade machine with Quaker Oats tags...and Quaker sold Gatorade in 2000.
  4. If you do go this route...be sure to slide it in on the machine's back rather than the front like those thieves. Also, you could pull out the cooling deck before putting the machine on its back...then you don't have to wait 48 hours for the oil to settle.
  5. darkinthepark

    Diet Snapple Flavor Strips

    Thanks. I decided to make them myself using some bottle pictures I got off the internet.
  6. darkinthepark

    Diet Snapple Flavor Strips

    Yes...they don't have them.
  7. darkinthepark

    Diet Snapple Flavor Strips

    When you vend in a school, drinks must be under 50 calories.
  8. Does anyone have standard flavor strips for diet snapple lemon, raspberry and peach teas?
  9. I updated the board in one of my older Giii machines because Royal told me that the firmware could not be updated on the board. I bought the updated board and KO conversion kit from Royal for $478.
  10. Why don't you disconnect the CC reader and see if the same problem happens. If it does, then you can rule out the CC reader. If it doesn't happen, there is probably some pre-authorization amount setting in the CC reader that is causing the problem.
  11. Well...that was what AZVendor told you to do...and he didn't even ask for the $15
  12. darkinthepark

    Poll: Parlevel or Usatech for cashless

    I have 3 student drink machines at a high school in pennsylvania. We average $75 a week in cashless sales for the three machines combined. We use Nayax and it's working nice for us.
  13. darkinthepark

    Identify bubble front machine and help diagnose

    Yes...but you said you couldn't get the fan to turn on when you were doing the fan relay test. I was just telling you that the fan relay test is only for the evaporator fan, not the compressor fan...and that the evaporator fan should always be on since most G3s don't have the fan relay.
  14. darkinthepark

    Identify bubble front machine and help diagnose

    Most Royal GIII machines do not come with the fan relay. It only turns on and off the evaporator fan anyway...not the compressor fan. Most machines will have the evaporator fan running at all times.
  15. Mountain Dew is one of our best sellers.