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  1. darkinthepark

    I threatened USAT with a lawsuit and guess what happened!

    Because of all the USAT horror stories I've heard on this board...I decided to go with Nayax for the CC readers we got last year. So far I've been real happy with the Nayax system and their customer support. During the summer, when our soda sales are non-existent because students are not in school, Nayax waits until September to charge us for the monthly service fees instead of deducting it from our bank account.
  2. darkinthepark

    Royal Vendor 660 Labels

    They only go up to 2013....and I don't think they all have calorie counts....
  3. Anybody selling this stuff in the 12 oz cans? If so, how does it sell and how much do you charge?
  4. darkinthepark

    Gum Dispensers

  5. darkinthepark

    Gum Dispensers

    Is there anything like that for an AP 123?
  6. darkinthepark

    Coke machine drip tray overflows

    When I say inside the machine, I mean you need to have the key to open the door to get to it. And yes, it was on the bottom of the machine next to the cooling deck. I moved it to the back in the little opening of the machine where it is designed to go. There is a screw in the back that holds it down. In the back, you can get to it without the door open.
  7. darkinthepark

    Coke machine drip tray overflows

    Just out of curiosity, where is your drip tray? I purchased a Royal machine used and the previous owner had the drip tray setup inside the machine. When I ran it set up like that, it would also fill up with water very quickly. I then realized that the drip tray needs to be in the back of the machine....and ever since I moved it I had no more problems.
  8. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    The machine that I would put this on has an older Coinco CA that doesn't give dollar coins and an older MARRS BA that will only take ones. Instead of updating both the BA and CA, I was going to put in a recycler that would take 1, 5 and 10s and give 1s change. I currently don't have a machine setup to take 10s.
  9. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    Our Nayax readers accept apple, android and google pay.
  10. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    Yes, but remember my machines are at a 9-12 high school. I'm happy that we are doing $100 cashless a week, but we still rely heavily on cash sales. I just want to make things easier for the students.
  11. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    Thanks for the offer George...but if your machines are not working well, I would rather purchase new with a warranty.
  12. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    I do have credit card readers on three of my machines, and we do $100 a week in CC sales between the three machines. But many students do not have credit cards and still pay in cash. Only one of my machines takes fives and gives dollar coins change. I just like to give the students every possible way to purchase a drink...even if they have a 10. How about one of those bill breaker machines?
  13. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    So it sounds like I should buy a new one and not a used one. Where is the best place to get one new that has the best price?
  14. darkinthepark

    MEI Recycler

    I am considering purchasing an VN27D2RU5M - MEI $1-$20 Bill Acceptor & Recycler for one of my heavily used Royal soda machines so that my customers don't need to get lots of coins as change. Does anyone use these on their machines? if so, how reliable are they? Is there a better recycler BA on the market?
  15. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    When I asked NPS how to install it, they said that some people install it with windex, and some people install it dry. If it should be installed with window cleaner, they should really include installation directions with the vinyl.