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  1. Jchunn28

    Usat orange

    Having problems with that, plus they took the customer service number off the website. I’ve been going back and forth for two days this week now trying to find out what some charges are on my payment detail and can’t get any answers.
  2. Jchunn28

    disposing of machines

    I strip off anything still good, remove the cooling decks, and a couple times a year I call the scrap yard and they bring me a roll off container. I spend a couple days loading it and then they come get it and I collect the money from them. Usually get couple hundred dollars from a 30 yard roll of container.
  3. Jchunn28

    Best managing software?

    I would call them and talk to them, they were willing to do an online demo with me after hours when I was looking into software before.
  4. Jchunn28

    Best managing software?

    I’ve been using Vendsys for almost 2 years now. It works well, prekitting is pretty accurate on the offline machines, and of course pretty much spot on for online machines. It takes a good 6 months or more to have enough data to prekit. A couple things I don’t like is you can only add logins for routes on the handhelds. If you want to add a user for the system such as for a warehouse manager or office manager or supervisor, you have to email them and have them add it. It doesn’t take but a minute, but I would like to be able to do it myself as well as set permissions for each login. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few other things. But for the most part it serves its purpose and serves it well. Anytime I have had a problem, even after hours, I have been able to reach someone by phone and get it resolved in just a few minutes. You can use a Motorola handheld (mc75 or the like) with a dex cord, or some android based tablets with a blu dex. They do not have an iPhone app. I like the ability to put barcodes on my asset labels and scan them using the Motorola handheld to bring up the service for that machine. You can also barcode your money bags. Once you have the barcodes for the products set up, you can do inventory or do product changes by scanning them.
  5. They won’t let me attach it to the wall since the building is less than a year old. I’m going to pick it up and get it to the shop to check it out and see if I can get it working again. In the meantime I have a 3 wide I’m going to take to replace it and already have some concrete cylinders ready to go with it.
  6. Had a GPL 171 snack machine at a customer that did decent. One of the employees shook the machine yesterday because his pastry got stuck instead of going to the front office to get a refund (they have change I left for refunds), when he shook it one of the legs pinched the power cord and caused a short. Now the machine won’t power on, checked the fuse and the breaker and nothing. The manager there decided he wanted me to leave the non-working machine for a couple weeks so the employees have to look at it sitting empty to see if they will tell us who did it. I just wonder if it is even worth putting another machine in there or if I should just pull them out. We have had problems with them shaking it before trying to get freebies. They shook it so hard a couple times they busted the Sheetrock behind it.
  7. Jchunn28

    USAT software ehlp

    Also try ewarren@ she handles all of the interactives.
  8. Jchunn28

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    I made my own stickers due to the confusion that says “The displayed price is the .10 per item DISCOUNTED cash price.” Some states actually forbid charging a convenience fee for cashless, but will allow a “cash discount” to be given instead. The rules in Texas were not that clear, so I opted to go with my own stickers.
  9. Jchunn28

    Minimum monthly revenue guarantee

    Now this is kind of what I was thinking as well. It goes back to, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They are a large corporation here, and I’m just a one man operation. They have the money and name to tie up any lawsuit in court for years, and it would probaby break me. This gave me some new insight on the situation, and I am going to approach them about placing another machine temporarily as a test, if it does good I can purchase the other one, if it flops, I will pull the machine and continue on without worrying about a large purchase to cover. Thank you
  10. Jchunn28

    Minimum monthly revenue guarantee

    Yes I have, and they are on board with it. Just curious if anyone else has done any contracts like this.
  11. Jchunn28

    Minimum monthly revenue guarantee

    Machine would be placed in the 3 rd floor of the building. First 2 floors are apartments. I added a clause about vandalism basically saying they would be responsible for repairs if it was due to their or there employees negligence. I will be using USAT and a VMS so the meter reading won’t be an issue. I just basically want to insure I get enough of a return to pay for the machine and not be too far in the hole with this account if it is slow. i also added an early termination fee of $5000 if they decide to cancel the contract due to no fault of mine. Basically if I put the machine in and they decide to switch vendors because the other offers to pay a commission, then they can cancel as long as they pay the $5K. I can cancel with 60 days notice due to unprofitability.
  12. how many of you have contracts that have a minimum monthly revenue guarantee for you the operator? I have a customer that is requesting I provide a certain type of bottle machine that i would have to purchase. The machine is going into a High-end motel. The customer is willing to sign a long term contract (5 years), with no commission due to him. I am wanting to add a minimum monthly revenue guarantee to the contract to ensure i bring in enough to cover the expense of buying the machine. i would request this for the first 24 months of the contract and it would basically be, MMRG - gross sales = amount invoiced to customer. If the machines exceed the MMRG then they would not be invoiced anything for that month. This would be my first machine with this customer and they have agreed to adding to the contract that i would be given first choice of all new properties for the remainder of the contract, as well as 1 or 2 of their existing locations being turned over to me a year if i want them. If you have done this with any of your accounts, how has it worked out for you? How did you word it in the contract? Any help is appreciated.
  13. Jchunn28

    VE Connect Door

    I have a customer requesting one of these. I would also like to know if anybody is using them.
  14. Jchunn28

    GPL 171 EPROM version

    So I installed the new eprom and the card reader and everything works fine, other than having to manually pull the dex file from the machine. You have to press the mode button till it shows cash on the display, then press the letter D and it will send the dex file. It will not send it automatically with the card reader or anything else. I also added a card reader to another machine and left the 170.01 eprom, when I go into the config menu it only has 2 options for the reader, off or dumb, mdb is not available as an option. I have ordered the new eprom to update the machine. I now have my answer, but wanted to update this thread for anyone else in the future.
  15. Jchunn28

    sega snacks

    They do put a lot of ads on Craigslist, however I have purchased a few machines from them over the last few years and haven’t had any problems.