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  1. I got a call yesterday that my snack machine was full of fruit flies. So when I arrived there was a bunch of fruit flies or gnats. This facility is an indoor climate controlled business. The only thing I can imagine the flies came from is the Krispy Kreme apple pies I just started selling. I wasn't sure about them because the boxes are not air tight, but tried them anyways. Sure enough there were flies inside one of the boxes. I removed them all and put a cup of apple vinegar with dish soap in the bottom of the machine. Fanned the machine out and it was clear when I left. Just got a call they're back. Anyone have this issue before?
  2. USI snack machine odd size bulb

    I tried them and the only size they had in a T8 was 24". They didn't even have any suggestions for where to get a 21". I have had a lot of 3129 machines, and only a few have had that weird size bulb. Will remove the fixture, and install Led strip light kit. Too much trouble.
  3. I have a few USI 3129 snack machines. It seems like there's always some that have a an odd size bulb. Of course the bulb is always missing from the odd one. The measurement is 21 inches. Has anyone had any luck locating bulbs for these machines?
  4. Wittern CB 700 motors

    So the last 6 selections are not working at all. I tried jumping the ground from the first to all the affected selections. Still nothing. I'm wondering if the board is bad. The tech said it is possible.
  5. Wittern CB 700 motors

    No, It says Err
  6. Wittern CB 700 motors

    Half of the motors are not working on the machine. Tested motors and they are all good. Vendnet said the white wire red stripe for ground has a bad spot. Tried jumping from selection1 to 16 and a few of the others. Nothing happened. The motor count says 7. Checked wire from door to machine and didn't see any issues. Vendnet said the only other thing is the board. Anyone else have this issue before?
  7. I smell a rat

    I got some lavender kitty litter. Will report back.
  8. Hot box

    I just got an email from the area manager that said the route owner will be getting in touch with me. This will be interesting.
  9. Hot box

    This guy won't even let me pick up less than 14 boxes. He said he don't make any money. But he drives into the ghetto to all the little stores where they sell chips for 35 cents. Then he has to eat the expires chips.
  10. Hot box

    I use a retired U-Haul truck, so no sunlight gets in. It gets entirely too hot though. I would guess over 150 degrees inside. I plan on painting the roof with some white roof coating as soon as it cools down here enough to do it. I also will install a roof vent. I guess I will have to make room in my coolers for sugar wafers. People love those when they're not stale. I had popcorn from herr's that was stale when I got it from the distributor because he used a standard mini storage for his products. I had to stop carrying herr's because the distributor now has a minimum of 14 cases. I have contacted the area manager and he said he wou talk to the route owner. No luck. Do you have that problem?
  11. Hot box

    So I try to keep items that can't take heat out of my truck when not on the route. I seem to be getting complaints about stale sugar wafers and popcorn that has more than 3 months left on the expiration date. What Items do you find sensitive to heat, and how do you deal with it?
  12. Wittern 3502 (CB700)

    The 3508 boars worked perfectly. Just had to change the space to sales settings because the 3502 is a 12 selection. Does anyone have someone they recommend to repair boards?
  13. Wittern 3502 (CB700)

    It's probably something I need a replacement for, because the machine can't be down for long.
  14. Wittern 3502 (CB700)

    Okay it looks like I will need to order a board. Any suggestions on the best deal?
  15. Wittern 3502 (CB700)

    I have a CB700 that vends 2 of the wrong product, and never clears the credit once a bill is inserted. I believe the board is bad. Does anyone know if a the board in a newer cb500 is the same?