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  1. Monza at Vendnet said there are different levels of MDB, and apparently this machine hs the lowest level. USA Technologies sent a firmware update that required a restart and 25 minutes of no sales activity. So I did restart the machines and waited 25 minutes. Everything was working great when I left, and has worked for the last week. I guess I need to get to the machine and see which software version I have.
  2. I just installed a USA Technologies G10 card reader on the machine and my Vendo 721 at this location. Got a call this morning that the machine was frozen and would not do anything. The greeting was not scrolling on the screen, was stuck. Was on the phone all day with Vendnet and USA Tech. First spoke to Monza, and he said that machine was not card reader capable. Next called USA Tech and was told it should work and they sent an email with this information. ( SM6 board 67185-8 & 67209-6). I called Vendnet and someone else answered that said an eprom that would update the board to version 8 should allow the G10 to work, but without dex. Anyone have any idea if I need to pull the reader, or run with it. On a side note, the machines are one hour away.
  3. Water has done pretty lousy for me overall because of most businesses give free water to employees and customers. Soda rocks, and Propel does good too. Also Arnold Palmer did good this summer too.
  4. The refrigeration deck is brand new, and the thermostat came with it. The machine I believe is the last of its kind before they stopped making them. It appears to be one that Wittern marketed through Sam's club. I have never seen one without lighting like this, also the knob on the thermostat is strange. They guy that did the swap said the old deck had the screw adjustment thermostat that I have seen on all cb300 machines.
  5. I was having trouble downsizing the photo. The guy I got the machine from said he bought the unit from Vendnet, and it had that strange dial thermostat on it. Also the temp sensing wire is considerably longer than the ones I normally see in the cb300 type machines. I was thinking Wittern had a newer thermostat they are using now?
  6. Don't thanks me, just glad my input was what you ended up doing. LOL
  7. I have a satellite combo with a brand new refrigeration deck. It seems ti be short cycling and turns off at 40-41 degrees with the thermostat wide open. The temp cable is not touching anything and seems look fine. It jas a different thermostat from what I normally see in these machines. It has a knob instead of a place for a flat screwdriver. The machine is running in my garage and the outside temp is around 55. Does it sound like a bad thermostat?
  8. Rent a box truck or a hydraulic drop deck trailer. Enterprise truck, Penske, Ryder all have lift gates. Sunbelt rentals, and hercs rental equipment usually rent drop deck trailers.
  9. I have been given a Bevmax combo and was wanting some input on the durability of it. I have heard that they have a lot of bugs. What are the issues? How much are they worth in good condition? The 2 snack trays on this unit does not operate. I have not been able to diagnose it yet.
  10. I have a Bevmax 4 that says no keypad detected. Was working fine, then I moved it and it got some moisture on the keypad. Have a new one on the way. Does anyone know if this could have damaged the board too? There was no moisture inside the machine or board.
  11. So I have a Bevmax 4 that says no keypad detected. It was working one minute then this. I take it apart and it appears to have gotten some moisture inside the membrane. This is the raised metal dome style keypad, and it is a 3800. I have a spare flat style keypad from a bevmax 3. Will that work in place of the dome style keypad? Will the edges need trimming? Thanks in advance
  12. I agree, One of the best machines on the market. They are almost bulletproof.
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