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  1. My V407 can machine bill validator doesn't work consistently. It will spit the bills back out most of the time. 1) Will new belts likely fix this? Or do I need a whole new validator? 2) Which bill validators will work on a V407? It currently has a Coinco BA30B. Are there any other options? Thanks
  2. I am thinking of hiring a route guy to service my route so I can do other things. I would like some input from experienced people. My goal is to free up my time to do my "real job" and to pursue some other things. Here's my setup. I service the route on one day a week. My gross revenues average about $1100 a week. My operating profit before taxes is about $475. I have a good contact for some trustworthy college age students who need part time work and I could trust them with the cash. I would probably end up paying $130-150 a week for one day of work. I am looking into buying some more accounts that would add a second day a week. What questions should I be asking and answering before I take this step? Is it worth it to hire someone at this point? Any other thoughts I need to be thinking?
  3. Nayax vs. USA Tech CC Readers

    Thanks. Tell me if me thinking sounds right here: I put two Nayax readers in a location (snack and drink) that is doing about $80 a week. The readers cost me $500 ($249 each). If sales rise by 20-25% to about $100, that equals roughly $10-12 dollars profit per week (mid 40s profit margin), or about $45-50 a month on the high end. That's about twelve months to pay off the investment. Is that correct? Is that worth it?
  4. Been researching this by reading here and elsewhere. Bottom line, should I go with Nayax or USA Tech? (Pay Range seems a bigger risk.) First, how profitable does a location need to be to consider this? I am thinking about three locations with a drink machine and a snack machine. Two locations have asked about them. One has not asked but it's a hotel that would seem to be profitable. All three are probably border line in terms of being profitable. I am not sure. How soon would you want to see them paid back to consider putting it on? Second, which one would you get? Nayax is a little cheaper if you get six (buy 5 and get 1 free). USATech will actually rent them with a buyout option so if they don't produce increase you can take them off and send them back. The monthly cost and sales charge seems the same. I think the PayRange thing might be too involved for people to use though it is a lot cheaper. (Thoughts welcome on that). Does anyone have any view as to the preference of one over the other?
  5. Location Wants to Talk Pricing

    The conversation was mainly about coffee related prices (creamer, sugar, and cups). He says my coffee prices are okay, but the other stuff (cups, creamer, and sugar), he says someone else is quoting him cheaper. So I asked him what I was competing with. I am not sure I can get it for what he is saying. He says a guy is offering him Coffeemate creamer and sugar at about $25 a case. Does that sound right? I can't a case of anything that cheap. The cheapest I can find is the Sam's Club brand that would be about $30 for a 24 12 oz canisters. Is it possible the other guy is quoting him for 12 canisters instead of 24? That's the only thing I can figure. Vistar has Coffeemate at about $18 but that's for 12. 24 would be $36. I am selling him 24 for $42. Am I missing something here that I should know about before I get back with him? He did ask about vending prices. I told him I would take a look but I didn't have a lot of room on that. I told him the drinks are $1.50 and I am not making much on that. He said the guys complained and he told them they could get at the C-store. I said, Yes, but I deliver it and keep it cold for them. He acknowledged that was worth something. I told him I didn't think the fifteen cents was a deal-breaker on the snacks; I wouldn't even lean over to pick fifteen cents up off the ground. If someone bought something every day, it would be seventy-five cents over a week's time. So he didn't seem to bothered by that. I might switch it to a two-tiered pricing ($1 and .85). So that part went okay, I thought.
  6. I got a call today from a location that wants me to stop in to talk pricing. How do these normally go? And how do you typically handle it? My guess is he wants lower pricing. All snacks are $1.00 and the 20oz drinks are all $1.50 which is what almost all my other locations are. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to handle this?
  7. CC readers on Cranes and other equipment

    Ok. Thanks
  8. CC readers on Cranes and other equipment

    What do you mean by you have your own account for SIM cards? Does that mean you don't pay them then $7.95 a month? Or what? I am looking into the NAYAX vs. the USAT vs. the PayRange.
  9. Really? I had one and it tasted fine. It wasn't flat.
  10. The good news is that the bottles thawed without any of them bursting. When I checked this morning they were all fine. Some still had a small core of ice in them but there were no bursts. I tried one and it tasted fine. So hopefully got away with it.
  11. I have a Crane 170 snack machine. On tray D, there are about four columns that don't work, all right next to each other (4, 5, 6, 7). I swapped C and D and the problem was the same (C worked D did not). I also unplugged the harness from a working column on D and plugged into a non-working column and it worked (though backward, because the coils turn the other way). That leads me to believe it is the wiring harness. There are no visible stress point or shorts on the harness. All the pins on the boards are straight and appear to be in position to make good contact. Is there anything else I should try before replacing the wire harness? Thanks. Also, I have a drink machine (bottler owned) that wasn't cooling. It was repaired and then the 20oz bottles froze. It says compressor error. I have called the guy back out and he is supposed to come today. In the meantime, will the drinks be okay? They are frozen solid. Will they burst or does the plastic expand enough to account for the freezing? Will they still be drinkable or do I need to replace them? Is the cost of the drinks on me since their mistake caused the problem? Thanks for any help.
  12. Machine skins

    Thanks. That gives me some direction.
  13. Machine skins

    Where are some good places to look for machine skins to cover the outside and update the look of a machine? Thanks,
  14. Location Requesting Change

    There are probably a hundred or so. He discussed a micromarket with the previous vendor that I bought from. It's not what he wants and it's not what I want to get into I don't think. The previous vendor who has a very large company doesn't think a micromarket will work there.
  15. Location Requesting Change

    Thanks for the input. Here's what I am thinking. Since I can get a glass front for an even swap for the two pop machines, I will offer that. It will look better and have more selection. I think I can get a CC reader on that without much trouble and with little or no cost to me directly. When I do this, I will raise the price to $1.50 and charge the CC fee to the buyer. With regard to the food machine, I will give him a quote for a cold food machine to give an idea of the cost and then tell him that I am not in favor of it because the cost is too high and the risk too great for me to take on. If he wants to buy the machine and guarantee a certain amount of income per week, I will manage it. I am sure he will turn that down. I will suggest cutting back to one snack machine and agree to two if he demands it (because at present I have nothing to do with a spare machine anyway so essentially "storing" it there is no skin off my nose; I do have someplace I can put the combo). I told him the other day that some of the stuff is not moving much which I can say is because there are too many products in too many machines and stuff no body wants. It is the candy and nuts and things that have a longer shelf-life so I am not having expired product. The chips and pastries move decently. Question is what is a model and price of a decent cold food machine that I can give him as a quote?