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  1. I did change the selection from bottles to cans when I re-deployed this machine. I don't think it started right away, but has been pretty consistent lately. This is a low volume location and may only vend a few cans of that selection. What I usually find is a can wedged in the far back at a 45 degree angle like it was dropping when the motor returned. I have 4 deep 12oz cans loaded, and the slide is slid forward. I can not find anything in programming to set how many in the column. I did find a setting that looked like auto-learn, but it jammed with that turned on as well.
  2. I have a Vendo V621 that has one column that consistently jams after dropping the next row in the column. It will vend the first and second, but then jams a can in the very rear when trying to vend the third. I though it was out of sync, so I unloaded the column and did a column test through the front panel and it will turn and 'ghost vend' can after imaginary can - until I load the column and only get 2-3 cans before it jams again. I have no idea why. Any ideas as to what I can check for?
  3. I have an old National 145 in service with a Mars coin mech (not sure exactly which model) that has recently started giving me trouble with dimes. Sometimes the mech accepts the dine, sometimes it rejects the dime and it is returned to the customer via the coin return slot, and other times it keeps the dime routing it to the column or the overflow box without giving credit on the machine. I did a test with 40 dimes run through the mech, and there seems to be no pattern I can see. What should I look for? Jim
  4. Newbie question to the veterans ... My wife and I argue about this all of the time. She feels it is better to mix the flavors for the Pop Tarts and Nature Valley granola bars in a column to allow a variety for the customer. (When we don't have the option to put them in two separate coils net to each other). I wonder if this causes sales to stop when the coil comes to an option that is less popular, and also how to handle the inventory nightmare of mixing three SKU numbers in one coil (our vending software supports one SKU per coil). I have thought about creating a generic SKU for PopTarts, and fill it with each flavor SKU individually, but that won't debit from the product ordered and won't track which flavor sells better. We have been doing vending for six months now, and the software has pointed out many things I would not have know had I not tracked it. Just a 'gut feeling' of what sells, or what is profitable is not accurate enough. For instance, I found out that lowering the price for Lance ToastChee PB crackers to $0.50 made me more money than selling Grandma's cookies at $0.65. Any advice and comments will be appreciated .... Jim
  5. To calculate the gross profit margin as a percent, you need to know the revenues and the cost of the goods sold 1. Subtract the total costs of your goods from the revenues the sales generate to find your gross profit. $145K (gross sales) - $105K (cost of goods) = $40K (gross profit). 2. Divide your gross profit by your total revenue generated. In your example, you would divide $40K by $145K to get 0.2758 3. Multiply the result from Step 2 by 100 to find the gross profit margin percentage. You have a 27.6% gross profit margin percentage. I try to double my money, i.e. if it costs me $0.27 to buy it, it sells for $0.27 x 2, or $0.54. Then I look at the cost and round to the nearest nickle, In this example, I'd sell it for $0.55 This will provide you with a 50% gross profit margin (after cost of goods, before other expenses).
  6. I should have logged in to let the group, and anyone searching this thread, what we found ... as many suspected it was a coasting motor. We replaced the motor the next day and all was well. Thanks to everyone for your help!
  7. It's time ... The route that I purchased needs each machine cleaned up and made nice. I am not talking about refurb'g each machine, just a good cleaning, getting rid of old decals and updating the flavor labels to proper signage. My question ... Where is the best place to get current flavor labels at a good price? I have 16 machines with between 6 and 10 columns each, so I'm going to need 127 of these just for the flavors currently in use.
  8. There are 3 stacked switches on the cam. One is off of the notch when the other two fall into the notch. I thought about the selection button after I posted this, and when I checked it out I saw two places where the wires were pinched and the copper was showing. I thought "Jenga!" These must be grounding out causing a constant 'selection' condition, but when I insulated them, and also when I disconnected them completely, the same condition exists. 3 coins, get a Sprite ... I will be going back tomorrow morning, but really need to research what parts to take and what to check when I get there. Also, is it possible to run this machine correctly without the motor cover on for troubleshooting? How do I know if column 3 'jumped a tooth', when column 3 is positioned the same as columns 2 and 1, it looks like column 3's cam is lightly more clockwise than columns 1 and 2.
  9. Column 3 dispenses whenever money is put in machine. Set at .75, as soon as third quarter drops so dies a can - without selecting any of the eight buttons. Had an issue when I got here with it dumping too many, then not dispensing at all. Emptied column, held sold out switch closed and vended motor until it was clocked the same as columns 1 and 2, and reloaded. Now I have this problem. Also, for point of info, I blew breaker when removing the motor cover by shorting it to motor 2, replaced while machine was powered down and reset breaker - now having this problem! Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  10. I have ,most of my pastries priced between $0.85 and $1.00, but they don't seem to move well. Also, the Cloverhill brand is stamped with a code, but I don't know how to read when they expire. I am wondering what most of you do ... do you rotate them weekly? How long do you leave them before they 'stale'? Is there a way to read the date code on Cloverhill products to make sure they are fresh? How long to pre-packaged pastries stay fresh in a machine?
  11. Cost x markup + commision = price If cost goes up, price goes up. If commission is requested, price goes up. I explain this to my accounts and let them decide if they want to increase prices for commission. Otherwise I just update the prices as we fill the machines, trying not to do every item at the same time. In the route I purchased prices were set by shelf, not by cost - so every pastry was $0.85, no matter what it cost. I change those that I could to $0.75, some stayed at $0.85, and some went to $1.00 BASED ON THEIR COST to me
  12. My search area on CL is usually anything within 3 hours travel time. I'v been from Youngstown to Toledo to Columbus to Wheeling so far for machines, but I haven't found anything as good as some of the deals I hear about on here!
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