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  1. havending

    Sports arena Sammy USA

    tanks and just as heavy
  2. havending

    Anyone buying machines straight from China?

    the 500 is freight only, There are other cost.
  3. havending

    How honest are you about how much goes to charity?

    develop a partnership with a local charity.
  4. havending

    Buying Bouncy Balls

    O.K. MFG is 110/2000 FREE SHIPPING. so .055 per ball
  5. havending

    Sams closing out 5lb tab gum

    I picked up well over 100 cases of ball gum at games for 11 a case
  6. havending

    Sams club closes its doors, will it kill vending?

    Check TJ King for good shipping rates
  7. havending

    Snail Mail

  8. havending

    Who's Still Making Machines

    you don't have ti right contact. the NEW super sixty is a little off. They do have referb 60s for sale. They do not have a steel supplier for the 60 yet. Parts are available.
  9. Coins also have a lower perceived Value. So people will spend more coin than paper.
  10. havending

    Northwestern Corp

    They are shutdown
  11. Buy real machines. Your investment will be returned many times over.
  12. havending

    How should I acquire this location?

    If it's a good spot you best fill it up or someone will drop stuff on you. No Cranes?
  13. havending

    Sams Club products

    Lakeshore in Birmingham normally has them. Give them a call.
  14. havending


    I have bought the Tomy Beaver coin mechanism. They work great with no issues at all. The only issue is that beaver did not make any price labels to match the coin placement for the Beaver version. Great work on filling operators needs.
  15. havending

    Stickers and tattoos?

    I would not run flat if I didn't already have the machines. If you have not bought flat machines I would skip. There are guys that will tell you that flat are necessary. I pulled 850 out of a 6 head unit yesterday with no flat heads. Now 15 years ago that 850 would be in a flat machine. But no more