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  1. Area saturation

    and body
  2. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    I use the counter for my own records. They bank we use fortunately doesn't charge a fee. We had to switch from Wells Fargo though because they took out their machine a few months ago. The coin counter I use doesn't jam much. Got on eBay at recommendation of quickvend
  3. Route performance

    Low performance is a concern. We have probably 8-10 that are less than $5 and will likely need replaced but it does seem like mostly what I do is pay out money. I am thinking that full line may be worth having or at least a few accounts to make up for some of they income drain.
  4. Route performance

    though Rodney doesn't place racks. Kickstart is another option. The warranty is 90 instead of 60. We just had one recently that did well get kicked out after 60 days but luckily was still under warranty.
  5. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    We get less bills since we charge 25 cents but a coin counter is very helpful
  6. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    out of about 100 we've had about 5 or 6 destroyed or stolen in 8 months.
  7. want USED boxe

    It's probably easier to just buy from Sheridan.
  8. Pool Hall Advice

    We have a triple with Runts, gum and skittles I think in a game room that does pretty well...I'm thinking about 20-30 a month.
  9. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    I suspected. I am thinking that we need to get some full-line accounts as well to assist with cash flow.
  10. It's very frustrating when that occurs though. We had our best account crash and burn that way too.
  11. Holy Ripoff!

    That's a bargain compared to U-turn business ops don't you think?
  12. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    about what percent of your revenue is from the full-line vs bulk?
  13. if they are taking the money I'd pull it
  14. Any one use Vline?

    and there is a reason they are easy to get