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  1. Search this site. There should be lots of feedback.
  2. Leaving. This was intended for my son but the reality of needing to constantly relocate, which he wasn't willing to do, and a move has made it a money pit. I have a wide variety, but mostly NW super 60s. I think around 3-400 but I am still getting everything together. The thought of cleaning it all up again is daunting.
  3. Anyone have any ideas of the best methods for selling a large number of machines? Seems like eBay would be difficult due to the shipping costs. sorry for duplication
  4. Anyone have any ideas of the best methods for selling a large number of machines? Seems like eBay would be difficult due to the shipping costs.
  5. What types of vends would you be willing to pay 30% on? Racks with toys?
  6. That's great but it is the quality of the locations that is more important. Hopefully you'll report back after collecting for a few months.
  7. I think 9 - 12 months of gross sales is a reasonable amount to pay but honestly I'd be less likely to pay that for U-turns.
  8. Sam's is a good start I think
  9. Our average is about $18 per location but the range is considerable, probably $1 to 100. Most have a double.
  10. How much were you giving the barber shop? Also, you are assuming that it is the charity that brought your numbers down when the reality may simply be that another machine without charity would also have brought down your numbers. Why didn't you change the gumball wheel to a candy one so it isn't directly competing with another gum ball? $1/month is low if all the machines are making $45/month but we have several that make less than $5 and some that just make the $1. We could pull them out but at least the charity is getting paid if they stay. The charity gets paid even when the machine sits in the garage waiting for a location. I started this business to help my adult son who has a disability get a job. The fact is most locators won't locate without a charity and he isn't able to locate very well on his own. We've only been doing this about a year but we are losing money and likely will need 100 more locations to be breaking even. The three charities we have used got $2500 from us total last year. If you think that is a scam, whatever. It's not like just because you use a charity a business is gung ho about letting you in either. We have gone from about a 100 boxes down to about 12 over the year. Most kicked out, some ripped apart and cut open to get the money and some outright stolen. The expense of "using" the charity is not just $1/month is the point. There are those that scam people by lying about the charities as well and mislead businesses by maligning charity vendors. I often wonder how much these "scrupulous" vendors give to charity. I chose NCCS because I know and worked with one of the pediatric hematologists on their board when I lived in St. Louis many years ago. I hope and trust that they are using the money for good. But those kind of concerns are true of any charity.
  11. Good idea. I reported it but don't expect much. I found it interesting that the police form actually had a category for stolen machines like it is a frequent occurrence unfortunately.
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