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  1. Problem solved. I left it unplugged for one hour, plugged it back in and it works fine now.
  2. DN 5591 Display - LED Segments All Lit Up, Display Unreadable: This machine was working fine. I moved it gently using a pallet jack to the other side of the building. I powered it up. Now the LED display is illegible because all segments light for each character in use. For example if i select A1, all the A and 1 LED segments are lit as well as the price segments. I made sure all of the connectors are properly seated on the control board. I had seen this on a different DN5591 machine once and it fixed when I turned the power off then on. But this one is being stubborn. Any ideas?
  3. I did the fan test AZ suggested on both fans. It is not the fans. The compressor seems to vibrate more than normal. Could it be that it needs new rubber mounts? Or is there something wrong inside the compressor that causes it to vibrate more than normal? If so, can the compressor be fixed or must it be replaced?
  4. I recently purchased a DN5591 bottle drop drink machine. It works fine and cools down quick. The compressor cycles on and off as it should and properly controls the temperature. There is no ice on the evaporator. The compressor deck looks clean and fairly new, probably not the original. The problem is that when the compressor runs, it sounds too loud, like a small motor cycle. What can cause this? How can it be fixed? Regards, Frank Orange, CA
  5. I found the parts manual and D4210965 is the correct part number for the drop sensor.
  6. The problem happens on all columns but seems worse for product that is farther away from the sensor. I verified that each sensitivity setting is saved when I go change it to the next setting. I see little difference between the nine settings from one to nine. I guess the next step is to change the sensor. The sensor is placed over two bolts riveted under the chute on the right side of the chute (looking at the machine from the front) and held on by two nuts. Since I do not have the parts manual, only the operation manual, I am not sure what the USI part number is. I found this part on the D & S website: D4210965 - USI Drop Sensor https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8743-d4210965-usi-drop-sensor.aspx D4210965 looks like mine from the picture. I called D & S and they said they will call me back tomorrow once the make sure this is the part I need.
  7. Drop Sensor Problem on CB700-G1 / USI 3502 Drink Machine: When a drink is purchased, and the drink drops to the vending chute, the drop sensor detects the droping product about half the time, causing multiple vends. The manual says "The drop sensor sensitivity is factory calibrated and should not need adjustment." The manual also shows how to adjust the drop sensor. It is adjusted by selecting a sensitivity number through the keypad of 1 through 9. Sensitivity 1 is the factory setting. I have tried all 9 different settings and the problem stays about the same. There is no potentiometer adjustment I have seen on other machines. Should I replace the drop sensor? What is the part number of the sensor? (I have been unable to find a parts manual, only a service manual for this machine.) Where can I buy one? This looks like what I need: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8743-d4210965-usi-drop-sensor.aspx Thanks for your help. Regards, Frank Orange, CA
  8. Thanks, I didn't think to mount it on the plexiglass. I will have to look into the proper ownership however. Thanks!
  9. This drink machine is for sale for $600 in great condition. Is it worth it? Where can I mount a card reader on it? I plan to go see it tomorrow.
  10. Hi AZ, My the control board in my DN 2145 looks completely different than the control board for the DN 5591. See attached photos. I found a few on ebay used for $175: Will this one work in my DN 2145? https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIXIE-NARCO-BEVMAX-5591-2145-Glass-Front-Bottle-Drop-CONTROL-board-5267-AS-IS/264040270903?hash=item3d7a06cc37:g:DUYAAOSwVRBb7ISW:rk:5:pf:0 This is the one on EBay that says it works on both 5591 and 2145: This is what my original DN 2145 control board looks like.
  11. Thanks for the bad news. I was hoping that at least the Payrange would work. I thought that Payrange would work with any MDB machine, but some would only report non-cash transactions. I could live with no cash reports. The DN 2145 manual says this: "The vender will support the following MDB card readers: Debitek VMC LTD Danyl Schlumberger Fage Diebold Systems Jofemar AT&T Campus Wide Evend.net Danyl Smartcard"
  12. I am only testing each unit in the DN 2145, the card reader and the Payrange, one at at time. Both the card reader and Payrange work fine in another snack machine. The software version of the DN 2145 is 1.14A. What version does it need to enable the card reader or the Payrange? Who can sell me a EPROM with the latest version?
  13. I have a DN 2145 bottle drop vending machine that works good. Today I hooked up a known good USA Tech card reader. The after the card reader boots up and establishes a connection, the display on the card reader says "Disabled by vendor." I read the DN manual and found no step to enable the card reader. I then removed the card reader and installed a new Payrange unit. The Payrange unit light does no turn blue, but stays red. When I push the button on the Payrange, the Payrange light blinks red and blue. When I access the Payrange with my Smart Phone, it says "unit disabled by vendor." Is there any way to make my card reader or Payrange work on this DN 2145 machine? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  14. I received the high gain antenna and installed it a few days ago. It still will not establish the connection. I disconnected the card reader and installed a Pay Range unit and Pay Range is working fine. Problem resolved.
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