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  1. I have a Crane 167 with the following problem. Everything works normally except selections E0 and E1. The price is set to $1. When I try to purchase product from E0 or E1, the display reads "Make another selection." When I do a "test vend" from the internal keypad, I get the same message. I re-seated the tray connector and changed the two vend motors and the problem remains. What should I try next?
  2. fhamann

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    Vendor's Exchange upgraded my Sensit I board to the latest software version. I have added the USA Tech card reader and it is working fine. Thanks for the helps!!
  3. Thanks. The guy wants $150.
  4. Someone is selling this machine for cheap. He can't tell me much about it. I think it is an AP. Does this one have MDB? Can this model take a card reader? Does it have a drop sensor? regards, Frank
  5. fhamann

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    It does have the MDB coin mech and MDB bill accept-or! I guess a card reader on my Sensit 1 will work after all.
  6. fhamann

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    That is bad news. I was hoping to add a card reader to my Sensit 1. Are you saying that a card reader (from USAT) will not work on the Sensit 1?
  7. fhamann

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    I have a AMS Sensit I snack machine. Why would I want to upgrade to Sensit III? What does Sensit III do that is better than Sensit I?
  8. Although I have been doing vending part time for the last 10 years, I have never figured out how to read the historical sales data from the machines. Most of my accounts have been purchased from someone who rarely can show me any sales data. I rely on their verbal assurance that the location generates a certain amount in sales. This has caused me to buy accounts that did not perform as the seller told me they would. I would like to learn how to read the historical sales data from the machine. How does this sales data work? I know each brand of machine has different ways of accessing the data. Is it possible to determine what the sales were in the last month, the last year, or perhaps last July 2017? Is the historical data easy to read? Where can I find a tutorial on how to easily read historical sales data? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  9. I put coins directly in the tubes. I don't think this old machine uses "tube fill."
  10. It takes it in and stacks it, I think.
  11. I have a multiprice soda machine DNCB 501 with a SII-D control board. It works fine except... All selections are set to $0.75 except the Monster selection is set to $2. The coin tubes have plenty of coins. When I try to purchase a Monster, it accepts the first $1 bill, but wont accept the second $1. It will accept coins, so I am able to purchase the Monster if I enter $1 bill plus 4 quarters, but if I try to purchase the item with two $1 bills, it accepts the first but not the second. What can be the problem? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  12. Good idea! Thanks Angry.
  13. I have an old AP 6600 snack machine. It currently has a Coinco BA30 validator that is jammed in place with no screws because the previous owner did not have the correct mounting hardware. I would like to upgrade the validator to a Mars VN2511 since the VN2511 can be unloaded on the side without removing the bill box. Where can I get the correct mounting hardware for this? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  14. Thanks for the insight. The movers did not lay it down. My mover only moves vending machines all day long. There would have been no out of the ordinary bumps and jars. The decks were bolted down in the machines.
  15. In the past few weeks I have had two events that caused me problems. In both cases the same thing happened. I had a soda machine on location working fine. I brought it home because I lost the location. A few weeks later, I had another location to place the machine. I tested it at home the day before the move, and verified everything was working fine. No cooling issues. I had the machines moved by a professional vending mover. When the machine was tested at the location, the machine would not cool. This has happened twice for two different machines. Can moving a machine cause the failure of the cooling deck? Regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA