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  1. Sams still charges 10 cents per can California CRV for Kerns Variety pack. It should only be 5 cents per can. I have mentioned this issue to the store every time I buy a case. They say they cannot do anything about this obvious error in their computer. I called a number on Sams web page. The guy said he would open a "help ticket" and send me a $50 gift certificate for my troubles. Lets see if this problem gets solved.
  2. fhamann

    Need Manual for USI 3185

    Found it. Thanks!
  3. fhamann

    Need Manual for USI 3185

    Their web page is having problems. Actually my machine is a Wittern 3185
  4. Where can I download the manual for a USI 3185 snack vending machine?
  5. fhamann

    USI 3160 Will Not Accept $5 Bill

    Never mind, There was not enough coins in the accptor. It is working fine.
  6. I recently bought a USI 3160 snack machine. It works good, accepts coins and $1 bills, but won't accept $5 bills. I tested the bill acceptor on the bench and it accepts $5 bills. Is there a setting in the USI programming that will solve my problem? regards, Frank Orange, CA
  7. I live in Orange, California. For several months I noticed when I buy a case of 24 Kern's Nectar (11.5 oz Al can) at Sams Club, the CRV (deposit) is $2.40, or 10 cents per can. Every other drink I buy at Sams the CRV charge is 5 cents. Sams charges 5 cents for every other drink in 12 oz cans, 16 oz Monster, 20 oz Gatorade etc, etc. I have asked the checkout clerk several times why they charge 10 cents for Kerns. They do not know why and nothing changes. This has happened at more than one Sams I have been to. Can anyone on this forum explain why Sams charges 10 cents for Kerns CRV instead of 5 cents?
  8. fhamann

    what machines are the best?

    For combos how about Antares, Genesis, and AVT? I heard people have made a ton of money with these machines. Just kidding.
  9. Hi all, I recently acquired a USI 3160 snack machine with the optical iVend drop sensor. Everything seems to work except the iVend drop sensor function. The diagnose error code shows VMC 8 which indicates "eyes on the activated optical sensor are blocked." I see no blockage. I have set the optical to "on" per the manual. When a vend is made, the motor turns and reports a successful vend even with no product in the coil, meaning the drop sensor is not working. The red LED indicator on the iVend board is not lit (the manual says that it should be lit). I set the "range of optical mode" for all rows A-G. The vending machine acts like there is no drop sensor installed. What do you think is causing this problem? Also, the firmware is 67185-5. I would like to install a USA Tech card reader. The USA Technologies ePort Compatibility Chart says I need firmware 67185-8 or higher. How do I upgrade the firmware? Do I buy a firmware chip? From whom? Or do I send the entire control board to some place for the firmware upgrade? Who or where can do this firmware upgrade? Thanks, Frank Orange, CA
  10. fhamann

    Background checks for employees

    Try mugshots.com its free.
  11. fhamann

    USI 2099

    Yes, you can upgrade it to make an effective but not very practical boat anchor.
  12. fhamann

    Eport Question

    Hi Vet Vend, Will my old G-9s still work after Jan 2019?
  13. fhamann

    What Causes Frozen Soda Cans?

    Thanks Chris. I will buy a few extra thermostats so I am ready next time this happens.
  14. fhamann

    What Causes Frozen Soda Cans?

    Thanks Chris for the advice. Is there a proper mounting place for the thermostat? I know changing the thermostat is easy, but verifying it is working properly is not since you cannot know for sure if it is working properly right away. The only way (as far as I know) whether the fix worked is to wait a few days and come back and check.
  15. fhamann

    Eport Question

    I just bought a few used ones a while back. The old owner has to send an email to USA Tech asking them to transfer them to your name. Then you have to send $35 for each unit to USA Tech as a "transfer fee." This whole process takes a few days to a week depending on the people involved.