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  1. Send in your old Sensit 1 board to Vendors Exchange. They will upgrade the firmware and send it back in a week or so. Cost about $50 to $75, I cant remember the exact price. The machine now can use the USAT card reader, and reports cash sales.
  2. How much do you want for these machines on location?
  3. Payrange is hit and miss. It does good in a location that is in the basement of a mall and the USA Tech card reader does not get any reception. For busy locations, card readers are much better. Payrange is for the young who like to use their smart phones.
  4. Thanks, I will check out the chip version next time I am there. I already have set up an account with Payrange for 10 other machines..
  5. Today I installed a Payrange unit on my AP Studio 3 snack machine. The Payrange unit powered up with a continuously blinking red light. According to the Payrange instructions, a blinking red light means that the unit is disabled by the vendor. Is it possible to enable this Payrange unit in my AP Studio 3 snack machine? I read the AP Studio 3 manual and could not find out how to enable the Payrange. Thanks for your help. regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  6. Thanks AZVendor! Today I went to see what I could do about my problem. You said "Also make sure the column clips are set for small package vending ." That was the problem, the column clips were pushed back and should be forward for small can vending. Now the machine works perfectly.
  7. My Vendo model 721 is set to vend 12 oz cans, 4 deep. Every now and the, I get "multiple vends" (2 cans drop for one vend), usually from the selection on the far right or far left, I suspect that the multiple vends happen when the cans drop from the back of the column, since the back of column cans have less height to drop, the drop sensor probably is not detecting the drop. Would changing the old drop sensor for a new drop sensor fix this problem? Other possible fix: Would changing the columns to 3 deep instead of 4 deep solve this problem since the three deep can has farther to drop than the far rear 4th deep can? (A farther drop might make the drop sensor be more reliable). What do you guys think?
  8. My experience with the Coinco BA30 or BA50 is that they work for a while and work fine when you test it on the bench, but every $50 or $100 accepted will jam due to a wrinkled bill. Are these worth "refurbishing"? I have replaced belts on these but it usually doesn't solve the problem. The only solution is to replace them with Mars VN 25 series units. That solves the problem. Funny that I have an old BA30 in a snack machine that does about $5000 per year for the past 5 years and it has never had a stuck bill in it yet.
  9. I have an account with a DN5591 "bottle drop" machine. The DN5591 works as designed, but people complain about shook up sodas and sometimes the bottles (and sometimes cans) get stuck on the door. The machine gets a lot of usage. I need to refill it twice per week. But to satisfy the customers due to the bottle drop issues, I am considering putting in a robotic arm machine. I have experience with Vendo Vue and Royal RVV500 in other slower locations. Both of these machines have given me few problems. I do not have any experience with the DN5800. It seems everyone hates the Vendo Vue. I have had good luck with it in a moderately busy account for the past year. What is the consensus opinion of the Royal RVV500? Do the robotic arm machines have less capacity than the DN5591? It would be nice to have more capacity so that I can extend the times between filling. Your opinions are welcome.
  10. You need to call USA Tech to activate the units. I had the same issue.
  11. Problem solved. I left it unplugged for one hour, plugged it back in and it works fine now.
  12. DN 5591 Display - LED Segments All Lit Up, Display Unreadable: This machine was working fine. I moved it gently using a pallet jack to the other side of the building. I powered it up. Now the LED display is illegible because all segments light for each character in use. For example if i select A1, all the A and 1 LED segments are lit as well as the price segments. I made sure all of the connectors are properly seated on the control board. I had seen this on a different DN5591 machine once and it fixed when I turned the power off then on. But this one is being stubborn. Any ideas?
  13. I did the fan test AZ suggested on both fans. It is not the fans. The compressor seems to vibrate more than normal. Could it be that it needs new rubber mounts? Or is there something wrong inside the compressor that causes it to vibrate more than normal? If so, can the compressor be fixed or must it be replaced?
  14. I recently purchased a DN5591 bottle drop drink machine. It works fine and cools down quick. The compressor cycles on and off as it should and properly controls the temperature. There is no ice on the evaporator. The compressor deck looks clean and fairly new, probably not the original. The problem is that when the compressor runs, it sounds too loud, like a small motor cycle. What can cause this? How can it be fixed? Regards, Frank Orange, CA
  15. I found the parts manual and D4210965 is the correct part number for the drop sensor.
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