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  1. Hi all, I recently acquired a USI 3160 snack machine with the optical iVend drop sensor. Everything seems to work except the iVend drop sensor function. The diagnose error code shows VMC 8 which indicates "eyes on the activated optical sensor are blocked." I see no blockage. I have set the optical to "on" per the manual. When a vend is made, the motor turns and reports a successful vend even with no product in the coil, meaning the drop sensor is not working. The red LED indicator on the iVend board is not lit (the manual says that it should be lit). I set the "range of optical mode" for all rows A-G. The vending machine acts like there is no drop sensor installed. What do you think is causing this problem? Also, the firmware is 67185-5. I would like to install a USA Tech card reader. The USA Technologies ePort Compatibility Chart says I need firmware 67185-8 or higher. How do I upgrade the firmware? Do I buy a firmware chip? From whom? Or do I send the entire control board to some place for the firmware upgrade? Who or where can do this firmware upgrade? Thanks, Frank Orange, CA
  2. fhamann

    Background checks for employees

    Try mugshots.com its free.
  3. fhamann

    USI 2099

    Yes, you can upgrade it to make an effective but not very practical boat anchor.
  4. fhamann

    Eport Question

    Hi Vet Vend, Will my old G-9s still work after Jan 2019?
  5. fhamann

    What Causes Frozen Soda Cans?

    Thanks Chris. I will buy a few extra thermostats so I am ready next time this happens.
  6. fhamann

    What Causes Frozen Soda Cans?

    Thanks Chris for the advice. Is there a proper mounting place for the thermostat? I know changing the thermostat is easy, but verifying it is working properly is not since you cannot know for sure if it is working properly right away. The only way (as far as I know) whether the fix worked is to wait a few days and come back and check.
  7. fhamann

    Eport Question

    I just bought a few used ones a while back. The old owner has to send an email to USA Tech asking them to transfer them to your name. Then you have to send $35 for each unit to USA Tech as a "transfer fee." This whole process takes a few days to a week depending on the people involved.
  8. What Causes Frozen Soda Cans? This problem has occurred to me about 3 times in the past year with 3 different Dixie Narco machines. The machines are old stacker machines of various types. The machines work fine for months, then one day someone calls and says that the sodas are frozen. I find that, usually the diet Cokes and a few other flavors on the bottom of the stack are frozen and have burst open causing a big mess. The refrigeration coils are not iced over. I unplug the refrigeration deck while I clean up the mess. Then I rotate the thermostat control back and forth and I can hear it click. I set the thermostat to 2, and plug the refrigeration deck back in, and close the machine. I come back the next day and everything is working normally. Weeks and months go by and the problem is solved. What do you think is going on? Is this a common problem? Should I have replaced the thermostat for a more reliable fix? Regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  9. Thanks Matthew. I just spoke with John at Gekay and he told me he has seen my problem before and can fix my board for $60. I will send it to him.
  10. Hi Corvus, I just did the test as you suggested above. I pulled each tray out one at at time and did a vend. The problem remains. The coil only turns 1/4 turn. It was a good idea anyways. I have decided to send the control board to STA Vending : http://www.s-t-a.us/stavend/vending-machine-control-boards-repair.php They said that they can test the board and repair the board for $110 plus parts. If the board tests good, they change $45 for the test.
  11. Yes I did. Problem did not go away. Thanks for the idea.
  12. I have an old USI Snackmart II Model 2099. It has been trouble free for over a year but now has the following problem: When a product is purchased, the coil only turns 1/4 turn. If you make the same purchase, it will turn another 1/4 turn. In other words, it takes four vends to turn 360 degree complete circle. This happens on every selection. It does the same thing in the service mode when I test each selection. What could be causing this? Would replacing the control board fix this? The control board costs around $200. Thanks for your help or opinions. regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  13. I have used this machine many times this past year. It is a real time saver.
  14. fhamann

    Vending brochures

    Thanks for the feedback. I doubt anyone except vending people would recognize the obsolete machines in my picture. I just found that picture online somewhere and used it. I guess I can update it if I find a better picture. regards, Frank Orange, CA
  15. fhamann

    Vending brochures

    Here is my vending flyer I hand to prospective customers. I can send you the MSWord version if you like. Feel free to comment on how I can make this flyer better. regards, Frank Orange, CA