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  1. Mine are back now also. Maybe the problem has been solved.
  2. I have had no credit sales for 2 days. This is getting serious.
  3. I had this problem on a DN501E once. Recycle the power fixed the problem.
  4. It is all about demographics. Lower class complexes with blacks, whites and/or Mexicans do good. Asians don't use vending machines. Put a puck lock on each machine to reduce attacks. Senior apartments are usually fair to poor.
  5. High price would be $1000. Good price would be $500. Make sure the drop sensor works, and the firmware version will work with the latest card readers or Payrange. I have had good luck with this machine. The main complaint is that when it drops a soda, the can sprays in the customer's face since the can is shaken by the fall. The customers learn to live with this feature after a while.
  6. Just wondering. Do any of you know personally someone who has died of the coronavirus? I have not, nor anyone I have asked this question.
  7. Everything will be much better when we all just accept a mark on our hand or forehead. Revelation 13: 16-17 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
  8. I just got back from working on removing the spray paint graffiti from my soda machine. I tried these products: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits a plastic scraper Easy Off oven cleaner Cerama Brite cook top cleaner Here are the results: These products did not work: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits These products work: Easy Off works best. Spray on, wait a minute and wipe off. The scraper comes in handy to scrape away the thicker parts. Easy Off did not damage the front, however, it might have made the selection buttons cloudy. I am not sure if they were cloudy before. Cerama Brite fixed the cloudiness of the selection buttons.
  9. One of my outside soda machines was attacked by a kid with a can of spray paint. What is the best way to remove this graffiti from the plexiglass front?
  10. Also, some of the old USA Tech units are obsolete and cannot be used. Call USA tech for more information. They will need to know the serial number on the units.
  11. My sales were down 1/3 three weeks ago, 1/2 two weeks ago, and 3/4 last week. I am in the land of the free, California....
  12. Coke, Coke, Coke and Coke. Or Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, 7 Up
  13. I got this by email today. I ordered 2, total $59.99 after adding shipping. Is this a good deal? "D & S Vending has worked with PayRange to offer an exclusive rebate program, the 2020 Consumer Choice Program. Under this rebate program, you get hardware at no cost after rebate! We are committed to helping vending operators be more successful. Here are the details: $19.95 deposit rebated with first transaction $0 in final hardware costs $0 in monthly fees Easy installation process 2.49% credit card transaction rate guaranteed for 5 years.* NO OTHER FEES! If the machines you haven't yet installed PayRange on are cash and coin only or have card readers, the PayRange BluKey® will work alongside both. This is a truly amazing limited time offer with unlimited BluKey devices available at this rate. Expires February 29, 2020 Order directly through the PayRange online store and use this exclusive coupon code at checkout to reduce devices from $179.00 to $19.95 and get all the other program benefits: DSV1995 CLICK LINK BELOW TO ORDER:shop.payrange.com "
  14. It was the bill VN2511 bill acceptor. I changed it and now the machine works normally. Thanks for the help.
  15. I have an old AP 6600 snack machine that has worked fine for years. Recently it has the following problem: The machine works fine when you use coins. It has a VN 2511 bill acceptor that is set up for $1 bills. When a bill is entered, the bill is accepted, and credit shows up on the LED screen. When a selection is made, ($1 item or less), when you enter the letter of the selection, the letter is displayed, then when you enter the number of the selection, the LED screen goes blank and the dollar bill is returned by the bill acceptor. For example, I enter selection A1, the A is displayed, and when I press the 1, the LED screen goes blank and the bill gets returned. The coin tubes in the coin mech are full. What is my problem and how do I fix this? Regards, Frank Orange, CA
  16. Putrevus, Sorry to hear that they replaced you as the vending service. That is the risk we take in this business. We can give perfect service to our locations, but we can be asked to leave for any or no reason at any time. I have noticed that once the decision has been made to replace, there is very little chance we can convince them to reconsider. The amount of investment we put into the location is irrelevant. We cant let that bother us. It is just the business we are in. Every time I acquire or buy an new location I am gambling that I can hold on to it long enough to make it worth my while. The more expensive the location, the greater the gamble. We must take this into account in how much we are willing to invest. Vending only works if your locations last a long enough time.
  17. Also, do a "motor test". That will sometimes reset the motor and fix the problem.
  18. I had a similar problem once in a Crane National 148. A certain motor was not working. I took out the tray and checked the cable and contacts at the back of the tray, I swapped motors to see if the problem followed the motor (it didn't). Then I turned the power off, then back on, and the problem went away.
  19. Where can I buy "food grade silicone spray"? What is it called? Do they sell it at Home Depot?
  20. I have a Vendo Vue robotic arm drink machine. It works normally for 12 and 16 oz cans, but occasionally drops the large 20 oz plastic bottles such as Gatorade or Snapple. How do I fix this problem? regards, Frank Orange, CA
  21. Send in your old Sensit 1 board to Vendors Exchange. They will upgrade the firmware and send it back in a week or so. Cost about $50 to $75, I cant remember the exact price. The machine now can use the USAT card reader, and reports cash sales.
  22. How much do you want for these machines on location?
  23. Payrange is hit and miss. It does good in a location that is in the basement of a mall and the USA Tech card reader does not get any reception. For busy locations, card readers are much better. Payrange is for the young who like to use their smart phones.
  24. Thanks, I will check out the chip version next time I am there. I already have set up an account with Payrange for 10 other machines..
  25. Today I installed a Payrange unit on my AP Studio 3 snack machine. The Payrange unit powered up with a continuously blinking red light. According to the Payrange instructions, a blinking red light means that the unit is disabled by the vendor. Is it possible to enable this Payrange unit in my AP Studio 3 snack machine? I read the AP Studio 3 manual and could not find out how to enable the Payrange. Thanks for your help. regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
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