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  1. I’m sorry its not display mode it’s “delayed start mode” it just has two dots next to the temperature Indicating it’s in delayed start mode.
  2. Well unfortunately I’m not in to position to buy a new machine. I’m just trying to turn lemons into lemonade since it is on location. I realize dealing with this branch of Seaga is more like trying to turn water to wine. On a side note Jamaal from Seaga is a great customer Service representative but unfortunately he doesn’t handle this machine.
  3. I have An HY900 I moved it and for some reason it’s in display mode. The compressor won’t turn in this mode. Does anybody know how to get it to normal running mode again? Seaga’s Josh Wallin refused to help unless I paid $200s for a years with of support. The manual doesn’t tell you how to do this. Please vendiscuss your my only hope.
  4. Oh wow I been living a lie. I have the 1-800 machines
  5. Mostly silver I would take a couple gold as well.
  6. I need northwestern 1800 mechs anywhere from 10 to 20 mechs. On eBay they cost more than buying a used machine. Anybody interested selling me a bundle? Located in Southern California, I got PayPal it Venmo. Thanks guys!
  7. I have been trying to sign up for Vistar. They haven’t gotten back to me in over a week. Is there any other distributors to contact ? I live in California if that makes a difference.
  8. I have 621 and can’t seem to get the new 20oz deer parks from Sam’s club to vend. Does any one else have this problem? Is there another place that sells vendable water bottles? Every other bottle seems to be eco friendly I’m guessing those don’t vend do they?
  9. I have this V570p and I need it to dispense only deer park 20 oz water. What type of plastic do I need on the shims? I heard it can be done without the plastic, is this true? What number does the dial have to be set at to dispense properly? Thanks for the help I have been stuck on this machine for over year. If Anybody near Temecula California would be interested in coming to set it up and give a run through I would being willing to pay a fair price.
  10. Hopefully in the future I could get a better machine, but for now It fits my budget and location
  11. Hey guys I'm new to full line and i have hyc950 with a broken plastic wire adaptor for the side machine. It's the plastic adaptor with two wires that plugs the small side machine into the bigger machine. The pictures seem to be to big to post. I need to know where I can find replacement for this adaptor. Is it something that can be found locally? Thanks for all the help
  12. I need a Motor for VS 3800 it's says EL266 does any body have some spare they want to sell me? Will the eli920 work? What about el 920?
  13. does anybody have My gray key broke for the 1800 northwestern and I don't seem to have a spare. does anybody or an entire set they would be willing to sell me ?
  14. I found this on craigslist for $500. What kind is it? Is it any good? Is 500 to much
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