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  1. I asked the tech exactly that. He told me there was nothing like that available and the only solution was a new board. That's pretty typical of them here, the answer to everything is a new board.
  2. Called this morning and apparently the only solution for a machine that won't boot up is to replace the $650 atlas controller board.
  3. I'll definitely give it a try. Getting it up and running is the most important thing for now.
  4. Thanks for checking this out and sending the links. Crane UK is our nearest office. If I ordered anything from them I would be lucky to get anything sent out within a week, unless it's a case of emailing the software. I think the best thing is going to be stripping the machine down and trying to replace with the older button style door.
  5. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a crane rep here. Its just a bunch of discounters who sell the machines and know literally nothing about how they work Is there anywhere that the files are available for download? This is one of my better accounts, €700/week. Even though I have only had three issues in two years that have been resolved within hours the default response is they will be looking for another vendor. I have a door and both boards from an older scrapped Merchant Keypad model, anyone think this would be a viable swap?
  6. Having issues with a Merchant Touch if there are any Crane experts with any ideas. Filled the machine yesterday and cha fed pricing on a couple of selections. Closed up the door and moved on to the drinks machine. 10 minutes passes and the Merchant still hasn't booted up. The surround LEDs and coin bezel are lit, the fridge is running but the display just has the Crane logo showing for a couple of minutes then it blanks out and about 2 minutes later goes through the same process again. Keypad doesn't respond to anything. I've unplugged it and tried again, unplugged and removed the battery, unplugged all of the harnesses and plugged them all back in again. Still the same. Went back this morning and it's still doing the same. I can't find a technical manual anywhere online to find any factory reset or restart procedure Any ideas?
  7. If you're still stuck with this PM me. I'll send on my phone# and can talk you through it.
  8. I'm guessing you're in either UK or ireland?
  9. I've had enough with BevMax machines, in the wrong site the theft from them is ridiculous, fools messing with the port and putting them out of service and even with the redesigned ramp they still breakdown almost every time a drink falls. That model Vendo has been on the go since 2010 here in Europe, so its tried and tested. I got 60 second hand GF-6's in this year and have them all out on sites with absolutely no issues whatsoever. The picker is flawless, the port has a lock that stays in place until the drink is delivered, I can get the fridge out for servicing in 5 minutes or less, programming is simple. The machines auto configure every time they boot up after the door is closed, so there is no offset/hook swipe to set and you can move the shelves up or down to whatever level you want without any programming. It is a far superior machine to the BevMax. Just configured a new GF9 for one of my better sites and with the extra 2 shelves it's got a capacity of 504 products - 360 cans and 144 bottles The Vue machines were so bad that I never would have considered a Vendo again but now the tables have turned and I'll be offloading all of my BevMax and replacing them with the Vendo G's
  10. I've tried everything. BevMax 2's do it, 3's and 4's. I've bought complete refit kits from Crane UK, still happens. Bought a refit kit from the US, still happens. Have everything from the first issue bev2's to almost new bev 4's Asked Crane about it on the UK and they have no solution.
  11. They're definitely stealing. Usually it would appear to be just one individual, 4 or 5 drinks per week missing. But one machine I have was over 20 one week. I upgraded it with new everything - board,picker, port, motors, XY board and no difference. Happens to almost every BevMax I've put out at one time or another. I used to rate the BevMax as the best glass front around, until I got a few Vendo G's and now I think I'm going to switch them all out for the Vendo.
  12. I've got a harness from the board side here, could give you the pin outs, but they terminate in a phono jack socket. Does your Dex terminate in a phono plug?
  13. Just a quick question. I've got around 20 BevMax 2/3/4's on sites and all of them, at one time or another, have been plagued by at least one individual stealing drinks. I don't want to to disclose the procedure they use, but I'm sure anyone that has these machines will know what I'm talking about. It's difficult to bring it to the attention to management without showing them what's happening, thereby introducing another individual to the "trick" being used. I didn't see it as such a big issue before, but I've recently installed card readers on all machines and the telemetry is showing as much as 10% on one site going missing. It's that bad that I'm considering replacing them all with Vendo G-Drink and selling them on. Is there some setting I'm not aware of that prevents this?
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