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  1. SaveYourYum

    Vehicle for the Arizona Heat

    @Sgolembiewski0903, As QuikVend mentioned a few days ago, the coolers that we have designed have met with great success for year round use to protect your candy in heat and cold and are very convenient for stacking and transporting in and out of businesses (reference posted feedback in this thread http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/28208-tired-of-lugging-in-and-out-100-lbs-of-chocolate/#comment-239770 ) For more information too check out the e-bay listing, though the pricing for forum members is special at $99 + SH. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282427094171?hash=item41c1f7749b:g:N3wAAOSwFV9XyZ~-
  2. SaveYourYum

    Tired of lugging in and out 100 lbs of chocolate

    Thank you for referencing the Candy Coolers. As Anacapa Vending and Chard have mentioned, the coolers are certainly successful at preventing the white haze on the candies in the cold months and melting in the hot months. They are a very easy way to stack and transport candy to and from your delivery vehicle. As a note we are still offering the coolers to the Vendiscuss members at a special price of $99.00 + shipping. If you would like to see more pictures and information visit the e-bay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282320351560?hash=item41bb9ab148:g:N3wAAOSwFV9XyZ~- or If you are interested in purchasing any coolers please private message me to make arrangements and for the special pricing mentioned above as that pricing is not available through e-bay. Thanks!
  3. SaveYourYum

    White crunch?

    Re-posted Listing as of January 2017: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282320351560?hash=item41bb9ab148:g:N3wAAOSwFV9XyZ~-
  4. SaveYourYum

    White crunch?

    That is excellent to hear the coolers have been serving you well! To any member of the Vendiscuss forum, I am offering the coolers for $99.00 + Shipping as of October 1 2016 (a savings of $25.00!) as a thank you for those who have been using them and also those who would like to get into using them for a really good price. Please private message me if you have any questions or interest and we can make arrangements outside of the e-bay auction. Many Regards.
  5. SaveYourYum

    White crunch?

    Chard and all, Thank you for referencing our ebay auction. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282158985007?nav=SEARCH As mentioned the cooler setup is definitely handy on both hot and cold days alike; Can really save a lot of lost revenue due to damaged candy bars by hot and cold. If you or anyone on the forum are interested in purchasing further coolers, please feel free to message me through the private message on the forum or ebay.