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  1. Hi all, I have a national 158 with a MEI 7512 changer, and a conlux bill validator. The machine is acting like force vend is turned on but there seems to be no force vend setting in the menus on the 158. The 7512 registers the coin return gate as open when actuating it internally and looking at the LCD on the changer. It just will not give the refund. (the changer works successfully otherwise) Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. HI To all, Thank you all for replying to the post and offering fantastic support. LACanteen thank you and thank you all for directing to call Crane as well. The short of it was that we had 2 bad picker cup y homing switches initially, The last one installed had the switch blocked by the packing tape. *doh* self inflicted. The Long if it: After talking with Crane, they let me know that there were several issues I had described, but we will focus on the one caused by the y homing switch under the picker cup in further detail below. The others are well beyond the length of this post and I do not want to “muddy the waters.” The Deeper detail: Crane informed me that the machine has the ability to “function” with a disabled/broken y homing switch, but the offset will slowly drift, eventually causing non-vending. The way the machine does this is using the other sensor data, drop sensor in the cup and port door sensor and x/y position. The vertical drift in the shelf slowly increments in the controller till the vender just sends the picker cup all the way to the top and slams the assembly to the top or side no matter the selection chosen. This is because the homing switch acts as a “reset” to say “you have arrived reset yourself” Thank you all again for your expertise and feedback.
  3. Hello, We have a bevmax 4, 5800-4 that has a random recurrent issue with the picker cup seeking and going too high by an inch or so. . The whole building suffered a power outage awhile back due to a electrical accident/short circuit. We immediately changed the picker cup and the port door as they were malfunctioning afterward. Then the problems moved to the machine randomly cause the cup to travel to the port door then back home. The machine has to be power cylcled three times to restore functionality. Then after a few successful vends Randomly the picker cup will miss the mark with the Plunger 1 or so inches high. It will do it with all columns and rows. We have changed the homing switch, and the board twice. Changed x/y motors for new ones. Though maybe we got a bad one(?) still the issue persists. Power cycling the machine three times works fine for a few vends then it starts hitting high with the cup plunger assembly then subsequent non vends and the picker cup afterward will move from home to the port door like it thinks a product is in the cup when a selection is made. setting the shelf offset looks appropriate, D2 = 700 though I am not super savy with the offset settings. any ideas or reccomendations that we should attempt? Thanks!
  4. Hi Allen, thanks for the reply. Are the chip prices decent? Or do you have to make up by using rebates? Thank you!
  5. Thank you ORSD, Definitely Preferable LSS suppliers.
  6. We have been finding that Multiple AP Studio SL drop sensors are not working. The light is off on the sensors even though the programming shows giho for every selection. Power-cycling the machine makes no difference. Any other thoughts on what to try for studios SLs? Any hidden settings that we may be missing before we start looking at replacement? Thanks
  7. Hello all, Wanted to check to see if anyone has any recommendations for alternatives for snack and candy suppliers aside from Costco, Sam's Club, or Vistar? Thanks!
  8. Hello have a customer with a FSI 3076 Their old bill validator is a old conlux mB2-16a-400 27 volt. it is no longer taking bills but it is taking coins. There is an upgrade path from usi/vendnet for a coinco ba32f bill validator both 117 and 24 volt model (buying the data and power cable from USI/Vendnet) but the question is this, will a mei 24 or 117 volt validator work on this machine at all? Thanks for the help!
  9. Have a Dixie 501 mc and am looking for a few cam timer disks (not sure the official name) for the double column. See picture. Looking for the bottom green plates that slips over the motor stub not the top yellow plate.
  10. Found this reply by @lacanteen awhile back about converting a 160 to a 167. So it looks to be possible with a few parts? However, a further question, does this allow for full use MDB coin mech and bill validator?
  11. Chiming in here with Chard. For some reason this option on the Gpl160 for “MDB validator” is not available in the eprom 160.01, my question is what version of eprom might have the correct option, or does this go beyond a firmware upgrade? Attached is a picture of the manual page 45 for setup of this machine that shows the same thing as the machine screen. Newer manuals have the “MDB validator” option
  12. @Sgolembiewski0903, As QuikVend mentioned a few days ago, the coolers that we have designed have met with great success for year round use to protect your candy in heat and cold and are very convenient for stacking and transporting in and out of businesses (reference posted feedback in this thread http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/28208-tired-of-lugging-in-and-out-100-lbs-of-chocolate/#comment-239770 ) For more information too check out the e-bay listing, though the pricing for forum members is special at $99 + SH. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282427094171?hash=item41c1f7749b:g:N3wAAOSwFV9XyZ~-
  13. Thank you for referencing the Candy Coolers. As Anacapa Vending and Chard have mentioned, the coolers are certainly successful at preventing the white haze on the candies in the cold months and melting in the hot months. They are a very easy way to stack and transport candy to and from your delivery vehicle. As a note we are still offering the coolers to the Vendiscuss members at a special price of $99.00 + shipping. If you would like to see more pictures and information visit the e-bay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Candy-Cooler-Vendor-Ice-Chest-/282320351560?hash=item41bb9ab148:g:N3wAAOSwFV9XyZ~- or If you are interested in purchasing any coolers please private message me to make arrangements and for the special pricing mentioned above as that pricing is not available through e-bay. Thanks!
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