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  1. I don't know about any machines that come with readers but do your locations make that much money? The readers I looked into charged a monthly fee so it ended up not being worth it...
  2. Hi I can assist with this as I am in Chicago and do all of IL
  3. Hi Ronnie, If you are still looking lets connect as I am in chicago and can do this with you.
  4. I have looked at Kelly Toys, but they dont have the a loyalty program attatched to their plush. Is that something that is big in the vending world?
  5. Has anyone bought plush from one of those large vendors like Vendomatics or NEN? I notced NEN now has a rewards program on their plush, would it be smart to try and buy their plush? Is it possible? Sorry I am a new vendor trying to learn the amusement vending business as best as possible.
  6. You have great insight! I guess you're right. I forgot they do the whole toy in the happy meal thing. I wonder where they get the toys from, china probably for 2 cents a piece haha. Man it would really be great to get in to Mcdonalds. I wonder why the big guys haven't considered trying them on a national level. They've got more leverage than us little guys.
  7. not even in the playlands? I was thinking of Profits going to RMDH.... Maybe a bounce-a-roo
  8. Anyone have any advice on approaching stores like Goodwill or salvation army? I would love to put some machines in their locations. What about Mcdonalds Playlands? Think they'd go for a small 4 head rack in there?
  9. He is a tough guy to bargain with, I already tried that option. It sucks that big vendors like National Entertainment Network is taking over all of the franchises and large stores.
  10. have you ever thought about being a subcontractor? That way you dont have to buy the machines and you still get paid.
  11. I think that will be what I go to, but how do you find the decision makers? I feel like all the managers of stores have no idea. Also, there is a guy in my town that is in every store and every laundromat.
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to the vending world but am in charge of placing cranes and bulk in new locations and I am looking for someone to give me ideas. I am hoping maybe some of you can tell me the steps to landing accounts and what places to target in my area. Maybe there are places that I can look into specifically that lost vendors or are looking to add machines? I am just not sure. thanks!
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