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  1. HI All, Good topic and certainly timely given that winter is here.... Just curious, but at what point does a can of soda actually freeze and bulge out / bust a can of soda?.....Reason I ask is because we have plenty of 32 degree days but at those temps I've never had an issue w/ sodas even without taking any precautions (in terms of keeping them from freezing). I think it takes some pretty low temps to actually freeze a soda since it is not pure water. Last year, when the temps got unusually cold (around 15 to 20 degrees for a few days in a row) I had a few bulge out and / or
  2. HI, Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving.... Just a quick update, I finally managed to get all the paperwork from my lawyers office (The lawyer that helped me buy the route that is). The stop and machine was listed in the sale papers and the lawyer at the time did some sort of UCC search for ownership (I'll have to get that explained to me as to what that covers BUT I'm sure it has to be helpful in some way to verify ownership at the time (Lawyer not in still from vacation). I also contacted Lance (As in Lance the chip company since the machine was a Lance Machine)...My sale
  3. HI, Had a site ask me for reasonable prices and good service....B&^%*& Please ! ;-) OK I was just kidding of course.... Actually, I did have a site ask me to put in nothing but healthy food once.....I told them I did have some "healthy" stuff on the truck but I did have to put in "regular" snacks as well to make $$.....I did go on to say I would stock whatever sells so if they want healthy show me good sales on the healthy items and I will put more and more healthy stuff in....The machine ultimately went to a "regular" mix of our standard (i.e. non healthy) mix of snack
  4. HI Guys, First off, I'd like to thank everybody for taking the time to read about my situation and providing your input. I did take everything into consideration as to what was said and ultimately I showed her this thread here on Vendiscuss ( I brought my laptop to the negotiations even tho she said she was "firm" on the price). I believe, based on the input from here, the fact that they wanted "out" from vending , the fact that there is only 1 other local vendor in town (and they are not looking to grow due to medical issues), and the fact that X mas is coming up, these items "s
  5. HI Guys, Thanks for the comments and input..... The Seller and I spoke again and the lowest she will go is $7000 (FWIW I'm leaning towards doing it) I've been thinking about all the different possibilities associated with the buying the route and came up with the following (after doing some more thinking) and looking at your input above : 1) Yes, the income is pretty low considering the number of machines out there....on the flip side she did not really spend much time servicing the stops she did (about 4 and 1/2 hours each day I rode with her and a pretty good part of that ti
  6. HI Guys, I was servicing one of my regular locations a few weeks ago when I was approached by an employee asking if I would be interested in buying more vending locations. He told me the route consisted of 24 stops and that here were asking $ XXXX dollars for it (I left the numbers out so as not to bias any input as to what the route is "worth" Anyways, I said I would be interested in learning more and he said he would have his wife call me to talk about it (turns out his wife is the route owner and she was getting out of it after a year because she was getting burned out working 7
  7. HI, The drop safe inside the truck is the way to go....I bolted mine the the floor under the bottom shelf in a hard to see area....cooler sits in front of it and then a couple of boxes of snacks mostly hides the entire safe but leaves the drop door easily accessible for money to be dropped in. If you're still looking for another truck I'd say get a step van w/ a Cummins diesel (I would also try to find one with the translucent roof and roll up rear door)...UPS and Fed ex don't roll in box trucks for a reason. Andrew
  8. HI, I have a cluster of 3 hotels in a row and they do fine income and vandalism wise One of the hotels I got was inherited when I bought out another vending company....the machine was vandalized prior to me taking it over (somebody tried to pry the door a bit) so I removed the machine and the hotel did without a machine for a bit. I was later contacted by the manager of one of the other hotels we service and since he also ended up managing the hotel where we pulled the machine from.....He asked me if we would reconsider placing a machine at the other site. I agreed to place ano
  9. HI, FWIW I think maybe the best plan is to only use as much machine as a site will justify... Example : a small (low employee count / traffic count) location may be OK w/ a single price change only machine (heck no other vendor may even want that site) , a mid size business / mid traffic location may would probably warrant a larger machine (say a 4 wide with bill validator), while a high volume location (the ones most vendors may actively seek out) may require a large "high tech" large 5 wide machine (or machines if the site is that big) that takes credit cards etc....actually having
  10. HI, While I don't have personal experience servicing rest stops I can say that (at least locally in VA) they would be hard for a small vending company to get into because of the large geographic area the contracts call for....potentially even statewide ! (sometimes more is not necessarily better !) I suppose the saving grace for doing rest area stops is that the same vendor can do all the food vending (snacks, drinks, etc) at each rest area so I suppose each stop could be profitable if there are large banks of machines there (on the flip side the cost to get started would be high since
  11. HI, Yes, I've seen those types before and would think that would be the way to go but I guess the other fella just had an old AC unit sitting at the house....I'll have to admit that was definitely different....(Actually probably considerably cheaper too)! Andrew
  12. HI CajunCandy, Thanks, the shelves turned out pretty good this time around, only thing I would have changed if I had it to do again (this is my second truck I had to build shelves in so I made some improvements from my first set) would the to add a little more tilt on the bottom shelves where I keep the drinks....Also, I would have made the shelves a little narrower width wise (from front to back not side to side) so I could end up with at least a 48" width in the aisle between the left and right side shelving units....that way I could move pallets and or 4x8 sheets of plywood if needed (
  13. HI, I like how you constructed the shelves, especially the center bracing 2x4 for the shelf boards. I often wondered how to secure the shelves if you didn't have rails to screw to.....the building of shelves to brace against all the walls of the box was a good solution. Shelves do take a long time to build....Mine literally took me about a week to do (not full time but it took quite awhile). Q: How do you keep your sodas from falling over if you stack them so high with no incline? (I have a slight incline on my soda shelves and even driving slow around corners sometimes my dri
  14. HI Guys, Thanks for the additional input.....here's the latest in the saga (FWIW - I've learned a lot in dealing w/ this situation and maybe it can come in handy should somebody else find themselves in a similar unfortunate situation so [please keep the great input coming)..... Anyways, I went to the school today to see the book keeper but she was not in when she said she would be...they said she had gotten delayed at an offsite meeting. I spoke with another lady in the office and she indicated to me that she thought I was to bring the key to them BUT I took the advice above and s
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