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  1. I did some testing today and noticed that the Gatorade’s are getting stuck on every 3rd or 4th vend. My Gatorade are on my 4th row, the 3rd Gatorade hits the gate on the 5th row and gets stuck.
  2. Any one have any idea's on how to resolve cans and bottles getting stuck in my Bevmax 5591
  3. Ok... can you recommend a good after market board ?
  4. I installed a MDB convertor from Capital vending, which allowed me to attached a MDB Coin mech, bill validator and usatechnologies credit card reader. here is my board
  5. I have an AP7600, with a USA Technologies credit card reader. I just realized that the column mapping templates in the USAlive do not match my AP7600 columns, for example, my B column starts with B1, whereas the usalive B Column template starts with B5 so when I do a test vend for B1 on the machine all I am getting is on my report is 0000, same for C, D,E and F columns. Does anyone have a good template that I can use. instead of using A1,A3 etc, I want to put the product names in each selection for example: A1= Snickers A2=Doritos this is the template from USA Technologies 0000=A1 0001=A2 0002=A3 0003=A4 0004=A5 0005=A6 0006=A7 0007=A8 0008=A9 0009=A10 000A=A11 000B=A12 000C=A13 000D=A14 000E=B5 000F=B6 0010=B7 0011=B8 0012=B9 0013=B10 0014=B11 0015=B12 0016=B13 0017=B14 0018=C5 0019=C6 001A=C7 001B=C8 001C=C9 001D=C10 001E=C11 001F=C12 0020=C13 0021=C14 0022=D5 0023=D6 0024=D7 0025=D8 0026=D9 0027=D10 0028=D11 0029=D12 002A=D13 002B=D14 002C=E5 002D=E6 002E=E7 002F=E8 0030=E9 0031=E10 0032=E11 0033=E12 0034=E13 0035=E14 0036=F5 0037=F6 0038=F7 0039=F8 003A=F9 003B=F10 003C=F11 003D=F12 003E=F13 003F=F14 0040=G5 0041=G6 0042=G7 0043=G8 0044=G9 0045=G10 0046=G11 0047=G12 0048=G13 0049=G14
  6. I have a GPL171D snack that was working perfectly, but now i am getting intermittent “use correct change” errors with various selections. I noticed that it will be fine for a few days and then it will start giving “Use correct Change” error The coin mech is full. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everyone, I have an Purco Office Deli model 17367 combo machine. Machine was working perfectly, now all of a sudden I am noticing that the cans sitting in the primary/reserves chutes are not rolling forward. This does not happen all of the time, I have gotten calls saying the machine is empty, I open the machine and I see cans sitting in the chutes, I gives the cans a little push and they the advance forward. Has anyone experienced this issue.
  8. Hello everyone, I have a 9 selection 501E drink machine, that is having an odd vending issue. The machine was working fine for 9 months, now all of a sudden when I push button two for water, it will vend from slot 3 which are cokes, the same thing happens when I select Slot 6 for Monster it vends from Slot seven which is Dr. Pepper. Has anyone else experience this issue before.
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