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  1. 57thTom

    Mounting cc reader

    Good eye.
  2. 57thTom

    CONLUX bill accepter

    That's what I figured. Does it have a core value? I know there is a place in Metro Detroit that does bill accepters.
  3. 57thTom

    Buying bottle drinks

    I think ours has Pepsi, too. But that's it and they had a problem moving the coke so they were out for a while.
  4. A kid told me that he put a $10 bill in the soda machine and it gave him one $1 soda and four dollars in quarters. This was hours after the money was collected from the machine. There is no accountability, so there was no way for me to check if a 10 was in the bill box. I borrowed a 10 from another staff member and went to the machine and put the bill in. It spat it back out so I end for ended the bill and tried again. It took the bill and the display indicated $5 credit. This isn't a programming problem, right? The tag on the bill accepter calls it Model No. NBM-3110
  5. Take a picture of the harness and save it to Flickr then post the link to the picture here.
  6. 57thTom

    Anderson vending dolly

    You can save a picture to Flickr and post a link.
  7. 57thTom

    Anderson vending dolly

    Won't the winch or the tie offs?
  8. 57thTom

    Coke machine drip tray overflows

    What he meant was the drip tray was inside the cabinet. He moved it to the place outside the cabinet where the drain tube empties. If the drain is dripping one foot away from the tray the tray is much easier to move than the drain is. It would take much less effort and less equipment.
  9. 57thTom

    Vend Purchase Group

  10. 57thTom

    Free water/Gatorade battle

    We used to get one and a half skids form the food bank on average weekly. Staff still brings bottled water.
  11. 57thTom

    MEI Recycler

    At twice the price. https://www.capitalvending.com/Vending-Machines-New-Refurbished-Complete-and-Working/Dollar-Bill-Changers-for-Sale-front-and-rear-load-Rowe-American-and-tube/American-Changers-c-957/new-american-changer
  12. 57thTom

    Free water/Gatorade battle

    The machines I service are in Flint Mi. When people talk about water in the machines I just tell them '"You can't compete with free." So I was cleaning and filling the coffee machine today and looked up to see a staff member making a cup of Tasters Choice for a resident.... Somebody can't come up with a quarter.
  13. 57thTom

    combo machine

    There's a funny thing about combo machines. If the sales are worth having a machine on location it needs world class service. That means at least once a day.
  14. 57thTom

    Soda Machine on its side

    It worked. Nobody got hurt and nothing was smashed. Took a while because everything was thought out. That machine is 600 lbs. and two old guys with limited funds moved it off a pickup truck without laying it on it's back and screwing everything up.
  15. 57thTom

    Soda Machine on its side

    Think levers, screws, ramps....You know, all the simple tools. Just go slow and think so you don't get hurt.