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  1. 57thTom

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    Sort of. Does any poverty struck person really retire in America?
  2. 57thTom

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    I don't either. It's time to start collecting my Social Security. Bye!
  3. 57thTom

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    I didn't buy the machine. The company that the machine came from has been around since 1939. Right now they are expanding. They have locations in 13 counties. They are large.....very large. It appears that the Great Recession of 2008 didn't put a halt to them doing business.
  4. 57thTom

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    Should they be in the cream and coffee?
  5. 57thTom

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    I'll borrow a gram scale from a former drug dealer and check the throws on the machines. Then I can make a good response.
  6. The sugar wasn't enough in the coffee so I looked and the wheel wasn't turning. The tech said he would bring 5 of them for me, since I need them. He is going to get them from old machines, but I wonder how long the wheels last. How long should the service life be?
  7. 57thTom

    Newbie Expiration Questions

    I wonder if Sam's would pull them from the freezer so we could rush them back to keep in a chest freezer.
  8. 57thTom

    Micro Markets

    Yes, you should try it. It should be interesting reading since that part of the industry is still evolving.
  9. 57thTom

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    What model machine? Do you know the shim part number?
  10. 57thTom

    Mykbrew vending legit?

    Did you ever notice that it's easier to see a hustle when you don't have a wad of money burning a hole in your pocket?
  11. 57thTom

    Mykbrew vending legit?

    Probably, although I would be more likely to see it here. I know, I'm not everybody.
  12. 57thTom

    Anderson vending dolly

    So would I if that is what it came down to. Anything can be moved. I was just commenting on a statement that machines are 3x3. That's just too general of a statement to be true. Now, I just don't know exactly how big of an object could be fit in a minivan. I have never owned one because I think they are ugly.
  13. 57thTom

    Anderson vending dolly

    Height is 72: High x 47" Wide x 32" Deep and weight is 800lbs `````````` Refurbished_Dixie_Bevmax4
  14. 57thTom

    Anderson vending dolly

    Um, 47 inches wide isn't the same as three feet wide.