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  1. 57thTom

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    Is this the newest version of the Vendo Vue? https://www.vendoco.com/ggfv-glass-front For all the bad press Vendo Vue gets, how could Vendo Sanden let it just sit as a bad machine?
  2. 57thTom

    DN 501E Clean the condenser coil

    I wiped the big stuff from the front with a damp towel before I took the picture. I had just left the coffee machine where clean is truly important.
  3. 57thTom

    DN 501E Clean the condenser coil

    Vacuum then. It's in a day room full of whiners. I'm sure they shake out the dust mop right in front of the machine sometimes.
  4. My hands won't fit in there. Is a wand on a vacuum cleaner the only way to get that dust out of there?
  5. 57thTom

    440 won't take money?

    If you leave it empty and the sold out switch works the machine will continue to vend from the other selections. Worry only makes things more difficult. Look at the parts manual if there is one. Then ask for help again if you need that selection.
  6. 57thTom

    Dn 501r siid

    Does it give any money back?
  7. Now the customer can use the machine to get quarters. That's an important consideration sometimes.
  8. 57thTom

    Highest income vending option?

    I's been four and a half years. How did it work out? Your last post seemed quite angry.
  9. 57thTom

    New Deer Park 20oz bottles

    That's weird. I've never heard of them either in all the conversations I've read in Vendiscuss. https://na.suzohapp.com/products/vending_parts/H915197RY
  10. 57thTom

    Contract Question With Large Vending Account

    I think you are asking a legal question.
  11. 57thTom

    Rowe 5900

    If you tell where you are, someone here will tell you a local company.
  12. 57thTom

    Is this a good machine

    This post seems to express the most commonly held opinion in this forum; https://vendiscuss.net/topic/31406-thinking-about-purchasing-a-bevmax-4/
  13. 57thTom

    How Much Should I Pay For a Large Vending Route?

    Is there a lean on the machines?
  14. https://sodajerkworks.com/onlinepartscatalog Just a quick Google search. Wait until you start trying to replace that baseboard behind the machine. That will be difficult.