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  1. update on my problem: I disconnected the cables directly from the Interface board. If i disconnect the J60, I still have the same problem on the can delivery. If i connect just the J60 and disconnect J56/57/58 (al the ones going to the can dispenser and extra potential gum dispenser) then the 3 shelves A, B and C work properly. This is only if i connect directly from the interface board, if i disconnect the connector at the bottom of the machine (same cables) the problem reamins. Makes me think the problem is in the cable of the cans unit between the interface board and the connector. Certainly like you were mentioning, a pinch cable leading to the mass with the selection 0.
  2. Yes i was disconnecting all the tray boards. So you guys think i have an issue on the cable(s) from the interface board to 1 of the tray board. I will look into this. it is really weird though. Really appreciate all the answers and the help!
  3. Hello everybody, So i did the trials disconnecting all the rail board and just connecting one at a time. I always get the same problem. No matter which tray bard i connect alone i get the issue. New Main and interface board don't make any improvement either. To summarize: - disconnecting all trays and just having one connected doesn't help - same with tray boards - Changing main and aux boards don't make any difference. Where could it come from? Please Help!!!!!!
  4. So, 1. If i have only the shelf A connected, i have the same issue. AX being pushed with A0 2. If i have only the Shelf B connected, they all work minus B0 that doesnt work 3. If i have only the shelf C connected, with C7, C8, C9, it sells C1 at the same time, with the other ones, it sells C0 at the same time. I am a bit lost here. Changing the cards didnt work either. Falls, you were mentioning maybe the grouding getting into the interface card? I would be interested to know if someone ever had this issue? thanks a lot!
  5. thanks falls. I will try this sequence. Yes A0, B0 C0 E0 and F0 work properly.
  6. after changing both or just 1 card, the machine get into the "out of service" mode. So nothing solved.
  7. all ideas and solutions are still welcome!
  8. hello, Thanks a lot for all your answer, effectively, i have this issue on the 3 snack shelves and the 2 can canisters. They are all the same with always the 1st column being "pulled" at the same time as the other selected. I believe this unit has 2 electronic boards. I have tried changing the main control board without success. I will try changing the aux. board to see and let you know. I think it could be coming from the interface PCB more than the tray rail PCB as i am having the exact same problem with every shelve. So anything specific to a shelve could be discarded!? Is it an issue someone has had? really appreciate the help guys!
  9. Hello, I have several crane national 797 combo from 2003. As of today, one machine started having a problem. Whenever a sale for a selection is made, the right selection is "pushed" but also the 1 selection of the same shelve is pushed. For example, if someone select B3, B3 will be pushed but also B0. If i pick A5, A5 will be sold as well as A0. C8, it moves C8 and C0 etc. Basically, it sells the right product plus the one of the same column. Someone told me it could be the controller board issue. I tried another board i had and it gives me the same issue. Does anybody ever experienced the same issue? Any solution? Right now i just removed all the products from the 1st column so the machine can be used but i am losing 20% of the space! Please help! Thanks
  10. http://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/national_167-8_267-8_764-5_784-9_797-9_prog_manual.pdf
  11. Hello, i am looking for the same thing and i see nobody answered! have you found it somewhere?
  12. Cantaloup Seed feedback

    thanks for the feedback. Seems parlevel is the way to go! i am going to check them out. i am currently on Vendsoft. It would require changing the entire VMS not just adding hardware.
  13. Hello, I am always looking at ways to improve the business. I would love to integrate an online/ cloud system with real live data of my machine. If not live, i would like to be able to download all the dex data by bluetooth or wifi when at the machine. I saw the cantaloup system which according to the website is an all integrated software and hardware for the vending machine. Has anybody tried it? how good is it? what is the monthly cost on top of the hardware? does it work with wifi or just celular data? Any info would be great.
  14. VendSoft vending machine software

    I use Vendsoft from the beginning too. I love the cloud base system and the possibility to create "trip" and have my guys use their smartphone to do their work. Few comments: - hard to have it sync with dex data - app is pretty basic - some issues with the full website when viewing on my iphone Overall, i highly recommend this software to all small and medium size operations.
  15. Hello, I am getting my first sensit III unit. I have 10 sensit II unit. Any of you have had experience with these machines? What are the main difference? Better, same reliability as sensit II etc? Any feedback would be great!