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  1. Mehehe

    Honor boxes

    https://www.cameronpackaging.com/snackboxes.html Order 20 boxes from Cameron be about $75 after shipping, do some reinforcing with packing tape, make them pretty, put 20 items in them and see how it goes for a bit.
  2. Didn't Willy Nelson and Wesley Snipes have that attitude?
  3. Mehehe

    Liability insurance

    Country Financial
  4. Mehehe

    Seaga Vending machines

    Honestly, I would just avoid them... why are you so focused on buying one of their machines?
  5. Mehehe

    Seaga Vending machines

    flimsy as can be... you can physically twist it enough to pop the door open. its in a location i work so im not worried about it. Where the mech/validator/cash box is so crowded that it is difficult to get at anything coin return ramp wasnt lined up properly so it had to be adjusted number pad is testy cords get caught and pull the blade connectors out so selections wont work not deep enough to hold much product lighting sucks product delivery door didnt line up correctly so had to be cut/modified to work properly im sure I am missing a few things... overall the machine is cheaply made
  6. Mehehe

    Seaga Vending machines

    POS5000... i dunno just looking forward to replacing it
  7. Mehehe

    Seaga Vending machines

    I have one in service.... wont own another...
  8. Mehehe

    Gumball at sams club

    Where I am Sams ships via FedEx, I just have them held at a local FedEx drop location.
  9. Mehehe

    Vending can be fun(ny)

    Ha ha ha... a "noVel IDEA"... thats just a terrible use of that pun...
  10. Mehehe

    Need locator

    Thank you for the explanation. I could not be happier with Rodney but I still wanted more information from you on what happened. Thank you for the details.
  11. Mehehe

    Need locator

    Do a search on kickstart here and see the reviews of them. did you call him and ask him what happened? did you talk to a different manager than who approved it? could it have been an honest mistake?
  12. Mehehe


    As a plumbing and electrical instructor... only problem i see is the burr on the PVC could wear through the Romex sheathing eventually...
  13. Mehehe

    Looking to Buy 25 cent Beaver Coin Mech

  14. gotta say after that spirited rant I wasn't expecting the amount to be $200... wouldn't your time suing them be worth more than $200 or would it just be on principle and that $200 would be in a frame on a wall? If your that unhappy/pissed off with them why not go with someone else... If they are "scumbags" why would you continue to give them money... See if the grass really is greener some where else.