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  1. I have been nothing but happy with Rodney, also. I will use him again if I'm looking to use a locator. As far as the quality of the locations, ive found it's the same as when I've located myself. He cant guarantee perfection, nor should that be the expectation.
  2. I've got 4 of them, one is a parts machine (body cracked). They are fine, all plastic except for the coin mech which is all metal (best part of the whole machine). I'll never order another one. Order from Eagle directly 909-447-7866 If you don't mind doing some cleaning and repainting call 574-935-4800 or go to www.GumballStuff.com. He is a member here and sells machines. Also, has an Ebay store https://www.ebay.com/usr/gumballstuff?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  3. How positive are you they are built in the US? Or could they just be assembled in the US with Chinese parts? They look identical to the imported Chinese machines... down to the coin mech handle and chute door. Their prices are about the same as Gumball.com and I know those machines are imported from China Stands are the same as Gumball.com too...
  4. 2 can deep single price machine. I think this is the correct motor but just wanting to double check. the metal plate under the discs is slightly different. Does not list 360 for a model it fits. https://www.vendingworld.com/dixie-narco-double-column-motor.php?___SID=U This one is similar but the mounting plate is wrong. https://www.vendingworld.com/dixie-narco-double-column-spider-motor.php?___SID=U This is the motor in my machine
  5. Yes, its single price. Thanks, Ill order a new motor right now.
  6. The machine has worked fine for the last 3 years since I bought it, no issues. I found a manual for a coke/pepsi DN360 with vertical selection buttons on the right but the front of mine has the large selection buttons placed horizontally with a generic top plexi. Wasn't sure if it would work. DN 360/210-6 S/N 018 --- 2196 CC When any selection is pressed it vends Column 2. But with column 2 sold out it vends each selection just fine. Ideas?
  7. Placed in wrong section, delete please.
  8. Eagle EMC 909-447-7866 Lead me to their voice mail since they are closed right now 736am CST. Eagle got rid of their website, i assume to save costs. Technically Northwestern is still in business... technically. They were bought out by NEN so they could produce their own machines. Its up in the air whether or not they will ever sell complete machines to the public or through a distributor, I did hear parts are being sold through a couple distributors.
  9. It's just a novelty machine Call Eagle 909 447 7866
  10. Its an interesting idea... With the salt and pepper holder its meant to be at a table but how many places will want to sacrifice table space at each and every table? I recognize the coin mech from some import machines I have, almost all metal mech but everything else is nearly all plastic. I gotta agree with Coal River... avoid it.
  11. That is called a Biz-Op or Blue Sky Venture. It's another way of saying, "Pay us a ton of money because we sound too good to be true". Otherwise known as a scam or rip-off. Full Disclosure... is it possible to get the numbers they promise you? Sure! Its also possible to win the lottery or have a long lost rich uncle that died without an heir. Now I will admit $75 from a double head machine is a better than most of them promise. Its at least "more" realistic than most...
  12. With so many recalls from products from china, is it really worth the risk? Wasn't it china that made the toothpaste with antifreeze in it? Ingredients for both; with Acme-Fate's list, it sounds like highly processed golpher.. PMM MILK CHOCOLATE (SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, COCOA BUTTER, SKIM MILK, LACTOSE, MILKFAT, PEANUTS, SOY LECITHIN, SALT, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS), SUGAR, PEANUTS, CORNSTARCH, LESS THAN 1% - CORN SYRUP, GUM ACACIA, COLORING (INCLUDES BLUE 1 LAKE, RED 40, YELLOW 6, YELLOW 5, BLUE 1, RED 40 LAKE, BLUE 2 LAKE, YELLOW 6 LAKE, YELLOW 5 LAKE, BLUE 2), DEXTRIN. Acme-Fate White granulated sugar, Cocoa butter substitute, Cocoa powder, Milk powder, Lecithin, Vanillin, Artifical Color, Peanut
  13. 50-75% is typical for candy. Gumballs are much better; cost .025 ea and sell for .25 ea. Plenty of people run out of a car/small truck/SUV the problem with all of them is transporting the machines and them not getting beat to hell. But running the route its perfect. I shoot for a MAX of 5 mins per head; empty money, check mech and wheel, refill and clean. Sometimes its more if I have to make adjustments or there is a problem but honestly a double head you can be in and out in less than 5 mins and still get all that done. I can usually get an average of 6 locations done in an hour if the density is good. For me bulk really isn't about how much is left in the machine, unlike Full-Line. On a vast majority of locations filling the globe to the top is a bad idea, it could take a year for that entire globe to sell and that candy will be nasty. I try not to go more than 3 months between servicing, so it is about putting just enough product in to make it those 3 months. I like to tell the locations that, "I don't fill it because I want you to have the freshest product possible." Yes, there are people on here that will say stopping every 3 months is a waste, I get that. One of my best locations in a town that was an hour and a half away jammed after 3 quarters were put into it, I waited 3 months and lost out on what was typically a $50-$75 pull. With how big you are in Full-Line I doubt you would want to spend time refurbishing machines. New machine brands are Beaver and Eagle. Northwestern is still technically in business but they are owned by NEN the largest (i think) bulk and amusement servicing company is the US. There are conflicting reports if they are selling complete machines, I know parts are being sold through distributors. Beaver is great however... many people dont like the idea of the plastic body protecting the money inside. I have a couple beavers, not as easy to service like the Eagle. The bulk of my fleet is Oak/Eagle/AA, they are essentially the same machines with interchangeable parts, couple very minor differences. All metal, easy to tear down and easy to service. If I were to buy new machines I would call Eagle at 909-447-7866. There is a member on here that has a website gumballstuff.com, its all used equipment but he has some location ready stuff and it would be cheaper. Stands are still an issue though, heavy and bulky to ship. What about just adding in some bulk stops between Full-Line stops? Having employees in Bulk is getting harder with so many states going to a $15 minimum wage. The industry standard/minimum is $5 per machine per month in gross sales from a bulk machine. I have locations that do less than that but they are next door to another location, so I am saving on fuel and drive time to make up for that. There is my 2 cents, feel free to do what you will with it.
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