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  1. gotta say after that spirited rant I wasn't expecting the amount to be $200... wouldn't your time suing them be worth more than $200 or would it just be on principle and that $200 would be in a frame on a wall? If your that unhappy/pissed off with them why not go with someone else... If they are "scumbags" why would you continue to give them money... See if the grass really is greener some where else.
  2. Mehehe

    Enterprise Gone Wrong...

    One was actually labeled "sketch pens" sounds fancier i guess... Fox has video of them http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/11/crack-pipe-vending-machines-popping-up-in-new-york-raising-fears-among-residents.html
  3. Mehehe

    AC for box truck

    Anyone I know that owns one of those portable A/C units just hates them for various reasons, plus they are not made for the vibration and movement of the truck. I would be impressed if it lasted more than one summer.
  4. Mehehe

    AC for box truck

    look into a used one or keep an eye out for someone selling getting rid of a pop up camper http://www.rvpartscountry.com/Dometic-Duo-Therm-BRISK-2-AIR-RV-Air-Conditioner-15000-BTU-Top-Unit-White.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu-Wp3Kel3QIVT57ACh1caAWQEAQYAyABEgISOPD_BwE here is one for $465, how much are you getting a portable A/C for... aren't they 3-400 anyway? Honestly, I would just take it to an RV repair place and get a quote...
  5. Mehehe

    AC for box truck

    why not an A/C from a RV/camper trailer
  6. Mehehe

    Ridiculous Competition

    If anyone in this business can claim "abandoned" property it's the location owner... remember we are in their business and only renting/borrowing a bit of space.
  7. Mehehe

    Vending can be fun(ny)

    Found this on a craigslist ad... What most new vendors and some locations think...
  8. Mehehe

    Stacking your boxes

    If your planning on going with Sheridan eventually anyway... Why not order a case of 25 and see if you can use them/rework them/make your own from their design? It's what 32.50 for a box of 25 so... about $50 after shipping?
  9. I couldn't find the "freedom" peppermint vending machine but I did find another and wow are they expensive, attached is their price list. If you want an overpriced, import machine from a fly by night blue sky company that likely won't get you all the locations you are owed, go for it. If you want to start with new machines call Eagle EMC 909-447-7866, order a pallet of bulk candy machines, membership at Sam's or Costco, and call Vendinglocator4u 541-497-7899 for locations. Better machines, better locations, faster returns and less headaches... If you dont mind refurbishing machines... contact gumballstuff.com for a pallet of machines, refurb them, Sam's or costco, Vendinglocator4u for locations. Otherwise, watch craigslist, buy used (Northwestern, Oak, Beaver, A&A, Eagle) and take your time building your business. Below is the peppermint patty vending machine price list... I never would have got into the business at these prices... youch!
  10. Mehehe

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    and a day later... skittles are sold out online
  11. Mehehe

    New Machine Thoughts/Questions

    LAI was correct https://www.laigroup.com/
  12. Mehehe

    Problems with Vending Business

    What kind of vending are you thinking about; Bulk (gumball machines), Full Line (pop and snack machines), ATM's or amusement (games and prizes)?
  13. Mehehe

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Rockford, Illinois in stock both in store and online
  14. Mehehe

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Sams just got Skittles back in online @ 6.58 a bag Mike and Ike's still show in stock at 7.47 a bag
  15. Mehehe

    Micro Markets

    It would help prevent the Micro market discussions from getting buried within the Food and Beverage section.