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  1. Mehehe

    Wooden 1" and 2" racks

    I got a response a couple days ago from them and the person that responded said they only make them for their own use and not to sell. I thought they were interesting but as nice as they look, I'm going to stick with steel stands they are simpler and take up less space.
  2. Mehehe

    Blank Honor Box Decor

    I just did the stickers on the front on Vistaprint... about .50- 1.00 ea. The top around where the money goes I just bought yard sale price stickers and put different colored ones on. Nothing fancy or real expensive, but it looks nice. The sticker on the right was my business card and has my name, email and phone number on it. I have since updated my business card so it looks... better.
  3. Mehehe

    Gumball Racks

    -A route I bought had one at a factory that had very little vending, only one snack and 1 pop machine. -Another factory I have a double head candy in (and it does well) has 2 cold food machines, 2 pop machines and 2 snack machines, a vendstar, and 2 other double head so a small rack would be overkill in an already flooded location. I would think a charity location would be best for that small of a rack. Would it be worth doing a small rack like that in a commission location? Would it be better to do a 3 way (1-2" or sticker and 2-1") or a 4 way?
  4. Mehehe

    Newbie candy vending, Small time business

    Welcome to the forum! There is a wealth of information further down in the bulk vending section of the forum. Without going into much detail here, - candy shoot for 1/2 an ounce per vend - toys, shipping is painful but, the more you order at once the better; http://cardinaldist.com/ , https://www.aaglobal.com/ , http://www.2flatline.com/ Again, I can not stress enough, read the bulk vending section and when you are tired of reading... keep reading
  5. Mehehe

    Wooden 1" and 2" racks

    I was wandering around the older posts and stumbled upon http://www.the-toy-vending-company.com/ They have some interesting "handcrafted american oak" racks on their site. I like the look of them especially compared to a pipe stand but am curious about how they would hold up over time. In an upper scale location I think they would be fine but for... 80% of locations i can see them rolling out the door. I did contact them on the cost of the racks but haven't heard back from them. The website isn't real clear whether or not they are actually selling or just showing them off. Thought I would share this, something different isn't always bad but durability is still a concern on something like this.
  6. Mehehe

    Teachers lounges?

    I was curious how it worked, we have a similar committee at our school. The last principal declared that when faculty get together they do nothing but breed negativity so they were able to convince the district that the high school did not need any faculty lounges/room... they turned into a storage room and a senior lunch room... not sure there was any faculty happy with that decision. Your set up has me thinking about doing something similar at our school to support our committee. Thanks for the info
  7. Mehehe

    Teachers lounges?

    So do you personally profit from these machines because I was told that we can in no way profit off the students? Even in a round about way. I like to say these breaks are an opportunity for me to somehow find the courage to go back... people usually laugh but they actually have no idea just how true it is...
  8. Mehehe

    Squishie question

    This is probably what they are talking about. The Mech's and the chute door look similar to LYPC/Titan.
  9. Mehehe

    PMM and MM containers

    Sams around me are making the switch, I agree, it's just going to create more bulky waste.
  10. Mehehe

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    https://www.aaglobal.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=E9531DD5A4644A62BC093A4D40C5FA05 https://www.aaglobal.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=5604F4D11E1B47AEBA0FE54D8D730413 Not only Scooby-Doo but DC characters too 33.95 for 850 ct box is the cost on their site
  11. Mehehe

    All Walmarts closing for 2 days!

    not sure what blessings they brought to the US market... They are single handedly responsible for thousands of businesses folding
  12. Mehehe

    Vendnet Service School

    Thanks orsd, I actually did that with an old National Combo machine, tore it completely down to individual parts (door/keypad/motors/wiring harness, etc) got it working. The mechanics I'm not worried about its the diagnosing/troubleshooting that would be nice to have some training on. Nice tip with the pictures, I took pictures of the door but not the delivery bin... that took a bit to figure out. Everyone talks about the 501E's and I have been looking for one but locally the best deal I have found is about 900 bucks and I swear it looked like someone broke into it (owner just said it was in a rough location).
  13. Mehehe

    creating displays

    I didn't show that picture so you could spend however much they are but what about the idea of it... what about a vacuum sealer? might not be clear enough material what about heat shrink film and a heat gun? ULine.com I have thought about making my own displays too
  14. Mehehe

    Vendnet Service School

    Yeah, I wasn't expecting to be an expert in 2 days by any stretch but I figured it may be $400 well spent if/when I make the leap into Full Line. I talked to them on the phone a few months ago and the lady said during "early bird" registration you can get a free validator or Mech refurb. I don't know if that is part of the training and you do it yourself but why not save a few bucks. Bulk is going to be primary for my business but if i can add a handful of full line in the mix it should help with the bottom line.
  15. Curious if anyone has been to this. The price seems very reasonable and it says they are "A Wittern Group Company." Just curious if its worth the $400 after fees and lodging. https://www.vendnetusa.com/Technical_Support/Service_School/