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  1. Mehehe

    LA Coliseum

    Congratulations, that's awesome!
  2. Mehehe

    Random thoughts

    I disagree... they are begging to go outside so they can eat grass to barf up in the house. I don't know why... probably as revenge against their human servants.
  3. Mehehe

    NW Lock trim ring

    Talked to A&A Global he called them a "lock ring" and they don't have any and will probably not get any again.
  4. Mehehe

    NW Lock trim ring

    I have bought some used machines and the lids have some rust around the lock sleeve on the lid. The rest of the lid is fine its just that small space and touch up never goes well. Some of the lids have an extra trim ring/bezel around the lock sleeve. Anyone know where to get these or what to search for?
  5. Mehehe

    watch put for canadasnackvending

    Gold package works out to about a 15 year ROI at an average account... Just another bizop that overly inflates their numbers, promises the moon and just steals your money. I've got a Lamborghini for sale that looks a lot like a Ford Ranger if you wanna throw your money away...
  6. Mehehe

    Newest equipment

    It looks nice
  7. Mehehe

    Sams shipping 62 oz M&M's

    I wouldn't even use their free shipping if I had to wait that long... I have gotten all my orders in 3 days... 4 at the most Does it take that long to leave their warehouse or does shipping just take that long?
  8. Mehehe

    Sams shipping 62 oz M&M's

    Sams is now shipping the 62oz M&M's and PMM for free with plus membership. I am now to the point I don't have to drive an hour to the nearest Sams... Finally!
  9. I've got one vendor around me that offers 50% commission... he mixes in a very high percentage of small tattoos/plastic rings/crap into all of his 2" mixes... O and all his 2" heads are .50 mechs. Its tough explaining to location owners how he can do that while trying to stay professional about it. When I say a very high percentage of crap generally I see 2 or 3 of whats on the display in the whole globe. Whatever number you settle on... make sure you can live with it and don't have to sacrifice the integrity of your business to make a profit.
  10. Mehehe

    50 cent 1" mechs

    Call Eagle EMC 909-447-7866 Eagle parts will fit the oak machines As far as the northwestern Mech's... good luck finding any less than $40
  11. Mehehe

    Are these brands any good? Gumball Machines

    I have a couple of the titan square machines without cash boxes. They are doing ok but are in very slow accounts, there is a lot of plastic and the metal of the coin mech is thin and cheap... I am just hoping they will pay for themselves before they break... Stick to Oak, Eagle, Northwestern and Beaver like Quik said. Lots of metal and just good high quality machines
  12. Mehehe

    Looking for info on an HR Triple

    Thanks, didn't know they did that.
  13. I bought a Triple machine and am curious about any information, they were close and paid almost nothing for it. It looks just like a Northwestern triple play machine but it has HR on the chute doors, H on the left side and R on the right side, it is hammered/veined bronze color, lid is black. I will post a picture soon as I can. Is this a clone or a Biz-op? I mean if its a clone they did a pretty good job copying the NW from what I can tell.
  14. Mehehe

    Called a locater today

    The authorization letter just states that you (the vendor) has permission to use the charities name and logo on your machines. Rodney just needs proof that you have permission from the Crohn's disease charity. Just contact the charity you are going to use and have them email/mail you a letter stating that you are paying them. If Crohn's does not have a "vending program" already in place you will probably have to explain it to their director/board, get a contract written up, send it to them, wait for their board of directors to approve it/suggest changes and then send it back to you. I am teamed up with a local animal shelter and it took me about 4 months to get the contract signed, machine stickers printed with the correct wording. I had to present this to the board of directors because they knew nothing about it and were leary it was a scam at first. The reason he mentions NCCS.org is because they have a program set up already, download their application, send them the money for the stickers and they send you an authorization letter and the stickers. it would probably take a couple weeks is all.
  15. Mehehe

    Wooden 1" and 2" racks

    I got a response a couple days ago from them and the person that responded said they only make them for their own use and not to sell. I thought they were interesting but as nice as they look, I'm going to stick with steel stands they are simpler and take up less space.