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  1. If you know a farmer to get old discs from that's awesome. Some welding, sandblasting, paint and your good to go without paying shipping. I wouldn't buy new discs though.
  2. Good luck on your sale and future endeavors!
  3. Some of the bodies dont fit on the bases too well and a coin could fit through the gap between them. That's why the cash box plate is there for. Whatever you end up doing, good luck.
  4. what about making the post and baffle one assembly and allow it to just sit on top of the wheel and not spin with the wheel. Only have one thing to put back instead of multiple parts. Mounting anything to the wheel will probably cause a lot of problems down the road. -turning with the wheel could wedge product under the baffle putting pressure on the wheel -friction on product when the wheel is turned puts more pressure on the wheel teeth causing them damage -pieces breaking due to twisting and getting jammed under/in the wheel -if you don't line up the rod perfectly when you put the globe back will put pressure on the long parts and possibly snap the glue joints Here is a northwestern baffle commonly used in 2" machines; picture is upside down for some reason...
  5. Tape will just come off and jamb up the wheel... Why do you think you need to secure the baffle to the wheel?
  6. Were you having problems with the Eagles not vending? I have yet to have a problem unless I fill it more than 1/2 full and if I need to put more product in, I just use a Cab Back. If you glue that to the wheel; the baffle will need to turn with the wheel which will put added pressure on the wheel teeth, which could cause it to slip. I would not use copper pipe because it will eventually wear into the wheel... find a small diameter PVC. Are you doing this with gumballs and BB's? Thought you were only having problems with BB's?
  7. Mehehe


    Thanks GG, I didn't know Sams switched to a jar and it looks like they have plenty in stock. I prefer the bags to the jars but its not like i have a say in it. I have a feeling the skittles at Menards is a special buy so I don't know how long they will have it or if they will reorder it. The computer doesn't say whether or not it will be consistently stocked. They also have the Wild Berry which i bought a half dozen bags. The "bulk" grocery section Menards has is mostly special buys which is disappointing.
  8. Kind of an understatement. 😁 I always liked the inside mount self stick labels. Fast shipping too.
  9. Sweetstopvending.com is a member here and makes custom labels. Make sure you are getting ones with calorie count on them. I got tired of ordering displays from various sources and just started making my own. Got price per vend on them, calorie count and put my charity label on some of the gumball displays so it saves a separate label. Scanner/printer, copy a bunch, cut them out, laminate them, cut out again and ready to go. I do most of them when I'm just watching a movie. Frankly, I dont care if they get a bit fuzzy when copying them, if people can still read it, it's fine. Not worried about people overanalyzing my labels.
  10. Mehehe


    For the last month or so I haven't been able to order Skittles from Sams online. Found an alternate source for those of that live in the Midwest. Sams Club has 54oz bags for 6.98 = .1292 per ounce Menards has 41oz bags for 5.98 = .1458 per ounce Yes, it is more per ounce, but it is an alternative to the crazy high prices some online companies have. https://www.menards.com/main/grocery-housewares-pet/snack-food/candy/skittles-reg-original-41-oz/193496/p-1541402956731-c-6688.htm?tid=3778029097331453839&ipos=2
  11. Welcome aboard! Feel free to post any questions or ideas in the Food and Beverage section.
  12. Found an Ashland catalog from 2004 on YouTube. Chute is different but description matches, thanks orsd.
  13. Curiosity abounds on this one. I cant find any numbers anywhere on any of the parts. One of the glass globes was replaced with a NW Glass globe the other is generic. If anyone has information I would love to hear it. -The Lid, Hopper, Chute Door and Base are all plastic. Chute door has two washers on the back to make weight. -The Body is metal. -Coin Mech, Chute and Chute Cover are all really good copies or have been replaced.
  14. A&A global or Cardinal Distributing both have good prices on mixes. A&A is called treasure chest Cardinal is called "lock stock and barrel"
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