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  1. Thanks, Harvending I should have been more specific, wrapped candy, not loose/bulk candy.
  2. It would probably vend 3 or 4 and that's if the sweep would stop gumballs from just dumping down into the chute. You could also put candy in capsules and vend them that way. Empty Capsules: Filled capsules from the above two companies or: Most other websites out there are resellers.
  3. Yeah, that would work, you only need the front to be visible so people can see if the machine is empty. If you have Oaks/Eagles; replace the clear panels with shade panels or use a plastic paint on the outside (not inside) of the panel. Northwestern or the Chinese generic machines; use gumball display cards around the sides and back or laminated paper like your talking. I had one location that only an inch sliver of the bottom front panel was showing because the machine was facing the morning sun. I kept turning it but someone there would turn it again.
  4. A&a global Cardinal Distributing Allstar vending They all sell the flat vend stickers or tattoos anywhere from $15 to $40 per 300ct box.
  5. Well good luck on the sale, hope it happens quickly for ya.
  6. It's also possible for someone to stuff the machines to make them look better. So 43 machines, asking $7000, works out to $163 per machine, that'll be a tough sell especially since you are in a hurry to offload the route.
  7. Just trying to help clarify is all. Are there 21 stands so about 40 machines or 21 machines so about 12 stands? How many locations?
  8. Things most people would want to know: 1. What brand are the machines? 2. Since your asking 13 months gross income do you have documentation you would/can show proving that? Many times with bulk stands people just pay for the equipment and don't worry about gross, Toy Racks are different.
  9. Just make up a quick flyer with a picture of the rack.
  10. Cleaning the Garage and found parts to two Big Oak 2" Capsule machines with 50 cent Mechs. These are NOT complete machines and there are NOT enough parts to make one complete machine. Most of the parts are there; plexi front and side, tops, bases, corner posts, wheels, hoppers, front doors, top rings etc. I am looking for $20 + actual shipping cost. Hate to just scrap them but since I don't run Big Oaks they are just taking up room. DM me if interested with your zip code and I can get you the shipping fee.
  11. If you end up going elsewhere you wont see this but... You are asking a very generic question that would take pages and pages of typing to answer. You posted this question in a specific subsection of this vending forum that is dedicated to the exact type of vending you asked about. There are 17 pages of threads and probably thousands of posts that will give you the answers you are probably looking for.
  12. Any other ideas? Should I just write off that column and set the machine on fire? 😀
  13. Strike #1 Got the motor installed and the same thing still happens. I was mistaken before it is column #5 not #2 that is screwing up, if that matters.
  14. I have been nothing but happy with Rodney, also. I will use him again if I'm looking to use a locator. As far as the quality of the locations, ive found it's the same as when I've located myself. He cant guarantee perfection, nor should that be the expectation.
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