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  1. True statement. Good luck to ya, hope the quarters flow.
  2. That was the biggest thing I was curious about. CandyMachines.com actually has packages of 5 round head machines for 249.99, no stands, I would agree that's a good price for new machines. How long has your longest machine been out? How are the mechanisms holding up?
  3. What is it about them that you like? What other brands have you tried? How many machines do you run?
  4. Curious what people use for Route Management software for large numbers of machines/locations. Currently, I am just using Excel which isn't bad but it leaves something to be desired. - VendSoft looks like its geared more toward full line vending. -Vend-Track looks good but haven't seen anyone mentioning it. NO, I am not looking for anything free, just looking for options and advice from people that currently use the software.
  5. Thanks for keeping this train on the tracks.
  6. Covering new content not quoted content... dunno if it matters
  7. Again... just today
  8. Another casualty of a Blue Sky Biz-op... Hang in there and good luck with the legal system.
  9. Most places would have a back room that the box could go. If its too "outdoor" how much supervision will it actually have? I would be more worried about theft than the box getting wet... Honestly none of those look deep enough for a bag of chips. what about these? https://www.menards.com/main/storage-organization/storage-totes-bins/storage-totes/sterilite-reg-clearview-latch-trade-15-quart-clear-storage-bin/17531712/p-1444444112788-c-12667.htm?tid=-8326287673681453706&ipos=38 Interior Depth is about 6" which would be tall enough for bags of chips to sit upright. You would just have to figure out the cash box portion. This entire idea just seems like its not worth the effort for the handful of locations you would need these for...
  10. Saw a couple of these on Craigslist. How do you service these beasts? I am envisioning taking a ladder with me into a mall, starting at the top and removing each piece til you get to the bottom globe... All while stopping kids from taking something from a globe sitting on a cart or ground in a crowded mall. Please tell me it is easier than that. Or... do you take the top globe off and just raise up each... level? enough to raise the front panel to empty it and keep working your way down. Easier, but a balancing act. At least they look nice.
  11. You made an account just to advertise your site? I think the Vendiscuss has advertising space for purchase *ahem* supporting the community is good.
  12. I have not had any experience with a U-Turn but have seen many people on here talking about them. The biggest problems I have read about are: -You need to completely disassemble a U-Turn to service the machine and finding a space to put 8 canisters without putting them on the floor is a challenge. -plastic mechanisms -too many selections for the majority of locations so product spoils (most locations need 2 or 3 selections) VendStars are an all plastic machine so sun fading makes them yellow and look tacky and the plastic mechanisms are prone to breaking. A number of people buy VendStars for next to nothing, put them in a location til they break and then throw them away. My 2 cents... start with a quality machine that will last and give you less headaches along the way. NorthWestern, Oak, Eagle, A&A and Beaver are all great machines. Oaks are easy to find on the used market. Oak, A&A and Northwestern no longer make new machines for sale (used are plentiful). Eagle and Beaver are still making new machines. Call 574-935-4800 or go to gumballstuff.com you can get used machines at a reasonable cost.
  13. Wooden honor boxes have been discussed multiple times on here and all have ended the same. I tried a couple prototypes myself and decided they were too heavy and expensive with hinges, hasp and lock. Honestly, I am curious what you come up with. I would love to see your prototypes. My thoughts... -Solid wood would probably end up too heavy unless you use Pine but would look great. -Plywood has so many voids that painting would be a pain but would be cheap. -Press boards (Particle Board, MDF, OSB) very likely to break if dropped and very likely heavy, but easy to paint. Good luck!
  14. Call eagle directly 909 447 7866
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