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  1. I have a few Crane Machines and a problem that has cropped up in two of them is people putting half dollars into the coin mechanism and then it gets jammed. What is the easiest way to clear these coin jams? I was able to get in there once and clear but some of the coin mechs don't allow easy access to the coins inside and I am afraid I would have to pull it apart. Is there an easier and fool proof way of doing this other than having to get out a screwdriver every time and risking not being able to get it back on there? Perhaps spraying something in there that would free the coins or some other method... I just need to clear these quickly so I can be on my way.
  2. I have about 40 gumball machines. Occasionally, something happens to one of the coin mechs and I end up having to buy another one which can really cut into profits if it happens too often. I only sell gumballs for now. How do I repair these things? For example, this last time someone chewed the gum and then stuck it back inside the mech. Then they turned the mech and the gum hardened so now it won't turn. Another time the handle lost friction and now it just turns by itself without turning the coin in the tumbler. For the first problem would you use some kind of mineral spirits to dissolve the gum? I just need to learn the ins and outs of these things so that I can repair these quickly instead of having to buy new ones.
  3. I was looking at gumballs and have usually done the assorted gumballs 850 count at Sam's (the one's that are solid colored). I saw that they sell the seedlings and that also looks appealing, making me wonder if they would sell better. And I've also seen past posts on vendiscuss about Jelly Belly gumballs, but seems those are no longer being made. What are your best selling types of gumballs (and for that matter any candies/toys) in general, out of these machines?
  4. I am relatively new to crane machines but I have a few. They are mix of new (Smart) cranes, which I really like and older cranes that I picked up off Craigslist. Question is: where can I get good used cranes that won't look terrible and won't need repairs all of the time. The smart cranes I have feel like they'll probably last forever, the used ones I have, not so much as the quality was probably lower to begin with. Where and how do you guys source these crane machines? Thanks.
  5. I am new to full line vending. I have several machines, all refurbished DN 501E machines purchased from distributors for around $1500 each. Where are good places online to find good quality machines that don't cost too much money? I am in Atlanta but still a site like Craigslist seems a bit sparse and there must be a better option. Other thing is I may start getting machines from Coke/Pepsi as I have spoken to them. But they want me to show a purchase history of at least 6 months with them and Coke will only do bottles these days.
  6. I have been in vending for a few years but have been running out of my home (no business address). I talked with someone at Coke/Pepsi about their machines and they only delivery drinks orders to a business address. How would I get a business address that they can deliver product to without leasing a commercial space? I want to avoid renting out a commercial space as long as possible until I am big enough to make full use of it. Thanks.
  7. I have been in touch with distributors the last few weeks and it appears that for the independent operator the main brands available are Coastal Amusements, Coast to Coast, and ICE amusements. I have been looking at several models of each brand but was wondering which one is most reliable in your experience? I assume most are made in China (except ICE), but are any made in Taiwan? Which company has the best support if I need to fix this thing myself? I am a novice with cranes and only know enough to adjust the crane settings. These are the models I am looking at most closely. I am interested in doing a play 'till you win model. Toy Solider 30” - Coastal Amusements Toy Taxi 30" - Coast to Coast Grab N Win 42” - ICE
  8. Update: I went with a Toyota RAV4. Not quite as roomy as the minivans suggested, but still a lot more space than what I had and more fun to drive.
  9. I had a wreck this morning in my car; not while servicing boxes but while commuting to my 9-5. Since it is a 2009 Kia Spectra and cost to repair would be almost as much as I paid for it a year ago, I decided to sell it and get a vehicle more suitable for vending. I have a good driving record and it's my first wreck in almost 20 years of driving. I have a few questions: 1. What is the best vehicle for snack box/mint box servicing? (i.e. low commercial insurance rates, safe, plenty of room for boxes, and good value for the money) 2. What is a good insurance carrier for getting car insurance that will cover a wreck if I was ever servicing boxes? Do you use your vehicle for servicing boxes for personal use? If so, do you use the same insurance carrier and how does this work if you get in an accident driving for personal use? 3. Any other advice. Feel like this is a good opportunity for me to get a good vehicle for servicing the boxes - will almost certainly buy used.
  10. Yes I am having problems too.
  11. If my route ever expands to a certain point it would be nice to have separate keys for money/candy so that I could hire someone to service the route without worrying that they will take some of the $$.
  12. I recently purchased 5 Oak Vistas but I learned that they only have the one lock. I am still happy with my purchase, but I was wondering what machines of this size have two locks - one for candy and one for the cash box?
  13. That is a good idea to buy the machines for the stands if the right deal comes along... and I might think about making my own at some point. But parrothead, I am in Atlanta so I will PM you and arrange a time to come by for some of those stands.
  14. Are most stands proprietary or could I pretty much make anything that looks like it would fit my machine work? I am thinking about this if I go the route of getting some cheap machine/stand combos to grow my collection.
  15. I am new to vending and have been looking around the forums for a few days now including the instructions for newcomers. But I have seen little about vending machine stands. From reading these posts I determined that I might be best served by going with a simple machine like NW Super 60, Oak Vista , etc. Thing is, I am trying to keep the entire thing under $100 to decrease my break even point. What do you guys do for stands? Seems like it would be pretty easy to construct something and/or maybe there are stands sold for other purposes locally that can easily be adapted for vending out of these small machines. Just curious as the stands cost almost as much as the machines and I am trying to keep the cost down. I looked at used machines, but not always easy to find what I am looking for. Especially good brands I don't see a lot of offers.
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