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  1. 70% of my machines are in schools, which have all closed down until 4/13. Rest of machines are in YMCAs, which are still open but have cancelled all youth programming and sports leagues, which will definitely decrease sales.
  2. I’ve got Jofemar machines. Yes, they are imported but parts and support are readily available from their US offices in Miami. I only have Jofemar machines (bought a former HUMAN franchise) so I have no other experience to compare them to. As for EasyFlex delivery, it is very easy to change and adapt the layout based on the items you are selling. I can set up one bin to sell 28 cookies or 5 Sabra hummus and pretzel cups or 11 bags of chips, just by changing the divider clips in a matter of seconds. Width and number of bins per tray is also easily changed, no tools involved.
  3. Just call Nayax service dept. They will try and troubleshoot over the phone and will send a replacement if you can’t get it working properly. If they are new, they are still under warranty and shouldn’t cost you anything.
  4. where are you located? I might have a Jofemar vision machine that would work for you.
  5. Funny that I just popped in here for the first time in months and see this thread😀. I bought my business from another woman, with locations already secured, but I’ve had no problems getting new contracts. And contrary to what everyone else here says, I’ve had nothing but success with the healthy vending segment. I’ve been in business 2.5 yrs and my machines are in YMCAs and schools. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  6. I had one of these a few months ago at one of my high schools. Damn kids!
  7. When I bought my business from a former HUMAN franchisee I bought their Jofemar vision machines but did did not buy this one. So I threw away any papework they gave me that was for this one, sorry. Don’t know if it will help your search but they called it the “Versatile”. I worked for the franchisee for a year and had to service this machine, I can try and help if you have any questions. Pretty sure I have a bill reader that fits if you want it.
  8. I sell Oh Snap! Pickle bites. I buy them from Target and sell them in my machine at a YMCA.
  9. I use Nayax and this is from the app on my phone. After initial product mapping, you can see exactly what is in your machines at any given time. Second picture is the pick list it generates for prekitting. Product maps are easy to change too.
  10. I buy all my healthy items from Costco, Sam’s and Amazon. UNFI minimum is too high for me and I find the prices are higher. I’m currently looking into a local food distribution company to get some new products and more selection of smart snack compliant products for schools.
  11. I am the healthy vendor mentioned above. I bought my business from a former human healthy franchisee at a fraction of the price they paid. Human closed up shop at the end of 2016 and left a lot of franchisees unhappy. My machines are located in 3 YMCAs and 5 schools. Success in the schools is easy, due to federal regulations only so called healthy items can be sold. The kids are hungry and therefore will buy whatever is available. My newest school location does have a traditional snack machine and an ice cream machine right next to mine, but they are locked out during the school day while mine is available. But I get a lot of after school business from kids who actually want something that will sustain them thru their sports practice/game (think apple sauce, skinny pop, granola bar vs gummy worms and pop tarts). In the YMCAs, I am the exclusive vendor in 2 and the only snack vendor in the other. I describe my offerings as healthier vending, it’s not like I’m selling broccoli and carrots. I sell things like Kettle brand chips, skinny pop, GoGoSqueez applesauce, Nature Valley granola bars, PopChips, PopCorners, Jack Links jerky, BuzzStrong cookies, Welch’s fruit snacks, Sabra hummus cups, pretzels, Veggie Straws, ThinkThin bars, etc. I’m pretty sure most people would eat and enjoy anything out of the machine if they tried it. I buy all my product from Costco, Sam’s and Amazon. I don’t have any different issues with expiration dates than the rest of you. My 8 machines had revenue of $51k (just added 9th machine in January). Overall I am very pleased with my set up. I run my business out of my home and work part time hours while my kids are in school. I’d be happy to answer any other specific questions you may have.
  12. Jofemar Vision is 31.5” wide and can handle cold food. But I know you all don’t like foreign machines...
  13. There’s a calculator on the first link where you put in nutrition info and it will tell you if the snack is smart snack compliant.
  14. This is exactly the opposite of my latest school. School board wanted healthy vending, told food services to get it done. Principal could have cared less what was in the machines.
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