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  1. I know nothing about validators and coin changers. Is one brand/type recommended over another? Sounds like bill pros are not too high on the list.
  2. Why is that? Are you going with strictly credit card? Maybe that is what I should be looking into?
  3. Thanks for all the info. AZVendor I will send you an email about a replacement. Do you think the bill validator is toast also because they are linked by the MDB and it is not grabbing bils nowl even though it resets and adjusts (moves) when plugged in?
  4. Thanks for you quick responses. I'm thinking you may be right on the fried it part. Just tried the bill collector and it will move and adjust when first plugged in, but won't accept bills. It won't even engage the motor to pull them in the unit. I'm still hoping I can come up with a fix. The machine has been refurbished I believe and has no identifying plate anywhere (except photo 4). I've looked everywhere. It is 72" h 37"w 30-34" deep depending on the curved front. Holds three deep cans 8 selections 3 double and 5 single. (Photo 3) Maybe relay was not the correct term for what came apart. It was the 6 prong plastic wire connector to the main wire that joins with the bill collector wires that go to the control panel that came apart and sparked. (On the left side in photo 2 last photo shows LED on for a second as I first plug the machine into the wall. Does any of that info help?
  5. Hi all, I am as new as you can get to the vending world, fist post, but I have already learned much from the posted info on this forum. I have a problem and am looking for help. I just purchased my first two used machines, have a location, but now having issues with my MEI series 4000 coin changer. I'm pretty sure I have an Dixie Narco 600e or 501e machine with the 4000 series coin changer that was working fine until it's main relay came unclipped while the machine was plugged into the wall. Small spark flashed in the plastic relay, but nothing burnt or melted. The red LED on the coin changer that has always stayed on during operation, now just briefly turns on when I initially plug in the machine and then will not come on again. The yellow coin arm reset button still works so I know the unit has power, but the coins will not credit or sort into the cylinders. They just drop and stack vertically outside the far left inner tube. I don't know if I have blown a fuse or if there is a quick system reset or ...I fried it . I tried calling the tech support number in the manual and got the complete run around. I figured some of you experts here will likely have a better answer anyways. Any advise from you veterans that have maybe experienced this would be most appreciated. I was supposed to place the machine on location in 2 days. Thank you in advance!! Brilo