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  1. Does anyone have a Beaver 25 cent coin mech for sale? I need to purchase one. Please ping me. Thanks
  2. GumballDragon

    Need Locks/Keys for LYPC, candymachine.com type Machines

    Hi, I'll keep that number handy for next time. I ended up buying a lock at Home depot, and took the lock apart, and it actually works on LYPC machines (for the top lid).
  3. GumballDragon

    Convert Quarters to Cash

    Got it. All this information was excellent, and appreciate all of your input. I'm making some good changes based on all this info. Thanks!
  4. GumballDragon

    Heads vs locations

    Exactly how I analyze my route. I keep a database (connected to a mobile app), detailed spreadsheet, and a mapping system; within all these applications, I count triples as 3 heads, doubles as 2 heads, quads as 4, etc. Location numbers are separate, and just as most people have mentioned, the number of heads mainly for tracking and logistical data. If 4 head locations are performing weaker than locations with single or double, then obviously I have to make some changes. The data allows the possibility of making adjustments in order to increase future earnings.
  5. GumballDragon

    What are you selling?

    to answer the original topic on this thread, my product line is: 1. 1 inch 27 mm GB 2. 1 inch 27 mm BB 3. PMM (dispensing approx 6 units per vend) 4. MM (dispensing approx 9-10 units per vend) 5. Skittles (dispensing approx 9-10 units per vend) 6. Mike & Ike (dispensing approx 12 units per vend) ***Im still shocked that a small 40 man bar is blowing through 50-60 USD per month in 'condom' sales. That is outrageous. What in the world is going on inside this small bar? Just mind blowing.
  6. GumballDragon

    Need this Vendesign Part ASAP

    Hi, thanks for responding. I just received one 2 days ago, and now im all set. If I happen to need parts for that machine, ill definitely ping you. Thanks!
  7. GumballDragon

    Ridiculous Competition

    Right, but this action was 'after' the owner of the location offers the 'abandoned' equipment to you. We were trying to figure out, 'though' its abandoned, and location owner offers it to you, is it 'legitimate' to take it? So, thats when I was thinking in these terms below: *I took a moment to review 'basic' law about abandoned property. It 'appears' the best way to handle it legally, is to initially report it, then make an 'effort' to track down the owner, and if the property is still 'abandoned' after those efforts have been made, then its officially 'your' property. That appears to be the 'general' way to handle such a situation* Most location owners do not want a 15 year old, abandoned gumball machine; most of them do not care about the 15.00 in quarters that might be sitting inside. I've never seen a location owner grapple over abandoned equipment like that....it would be absurd. In most cases, the location owner wants it off their property if its 'abandoned'...its collecting dust, and just taking up space in their eyes....they want to turn it over to someone who could potentially use it, or simply throw it in the garbage.
  8. GumballDragon

    Convert Quarters to Cash

    Just looking to gain better/more adequate methods as to what other people are doing with their coins. *What's the fastest way to convert coins to cash? are You carrying a 50 pound bag around at the bank? What is your method? *Coinstar is a rip off, and the worst way to convert quarters, so that's not an option. Is there something similar but less expensive? *I think most people here are using coin sorters; are you dropping all the coins into a bank bag and depositing? Is there a better way to make deposits? *If you need cash asap, do you roll the quarters and ask for cash? Do banks do that?
  9. GumballDragon

    Ridiculous Competition

    Gotcha, that's interesting perspective, and never actually thought about it in that way. I was thinking, if the machine was abandoned, and unserviced for years, it would be ok. On the other hand, you have a valid point. Definitely something to think about. *I took a moment to review 'basic' law about abandoned property. It 'appears' the best way to handle it legally, is to initially report it, then make an 'effort' to track down the owner, and if the property is still 'abandoned' after those efforts have been made, then its officially 'your' property. That appears to be the 'general' way to handle such a situation. If anyone else has more precise, practical, or other misc input, feel free
  10. GumballDragon

    Ridiculous Competition

    Hilarious that you mention that. Ive been given 2 machines already from store owners, based on people placing machines and it go unserviced for 12 months. I might have #3 soon, but this unserviced machine has a chain with lock on it. Hasn't been touched in over 1 year. Its going to be awkward going in there with a heavy duty cable cutter. *Im inside a restaurant, where there is a rack, along with my single GB. I serviced it last week, and noticed another single GB. I asked the manager why he would allow 2 GB machines, and he says 'i thought the other one was yours??', i was like 'f no, why would i do that?'...he says he has no idea who placed it. 2nd manager who told me this. So basically, i have some a-hole in my territory doing 'guerilla' vending; these morons are just running around placing machines, without approval. Anyone else experiencing this in their area?? Its so annoying
  11. GumballDragon

    Ridiculous Competition

    That's interesting. This is the first time I ever heard of them. I have no information on them, and quickly did a google search with limited info on the web about them.
  12. GumballDragon

    Where to purchase Plastic Stands for Cheap?

    Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time to respond here. I ended up buying double brackets, and placed those cheap SSF heads next to my t.pico heads via double bracket. Basically turned 12 of my singles into doubles. SSF machines are definitely CRAP. I had to replace all their coin mechs; and all 12 of their chute doors broke off. lol...oh well...
  13. GumballDragon

    Need this Vendesign Part ASAP

    Its the part that holds/locks the top; its the big square, with 2 thin rods. Thats what i need. Anyone have it????
  14. GumballDragon

    Need this Vendesign Part ASAP

    I'm hoping to find someone on this forum who has spare parts for Vendesign machines, the 4 compartment machine, looks like Uturn. I have one machine, thats missing this part (photo attached)
  15. GumballDragon

    Ridiculous Competition

    Definitely not afraid, but it certainly gets a 'rise' out of me when i see it. My situation is not so much the competition; its the stupidity involved. Like I was saying before, there are 'thousands' of locations. Thousands of different ways to make money in this biz. Why do they keep focusing on the 'obvious' places. I see the same vendors going after the same crap; 'auto' 'laundry', 'chinese buffet', 'independent restaurant'; and when i walk into these places; the same a-holes are there, with hundreds of heads, spirals, toys; and it is absolutely absurd, and low level thinking. Everyone trying to get a piece of 'the obvious', but I try other places; and these 'other' places have yielded 'massive' returns; i have locations where none of these idiots would ever think of, that are yielding me 125/month in Gb alone; So why do i get angry? I get angry because occasionally, ill walk into the 'obvious' places; no machine inside; and ill speak to the mngr; and yes they allow me to place it. no problem; i secured it. 4 heads later, another clown will walk in; and place their piece of crap inside; and screw both of us. Will I leave and find a better location with higher return? In this last situation, no, not allowing that moron to do that. *Why does the manger allow it? In one of the locations, where i had a single GB, and 2 idiots with triples in there; I ended up pulling my single out; as im taking the machine out; the manager stops me and says 'why are you taking ur machine out?'', i said 'im taking it out because these 2 idiots have 2 triples here; the machine is at 4.00 per month now; there are thousands of locations to place this; its silly to be here at this point' mngr says 'yeah, i just noticed that other triple, and honestly, i have no idea who it belongs to, nobody gave them approval'.... So? What does this mean? We have idiots going around with triples; just placing them anywhere, approval or not. That's right, real scum bags. They have no skills, just walk into an auto shop and place it; throw it against the wall, and see if it sticks.....Thats what we are 'occasionally' up against.