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  1. I have a full size snack machine at a nursing home. The problem is one resident is getting his arm bruised when he gets his chips or candy. The door is working smooth. Anyone have a fix? I was thinking of buying a 3x3x6 foam block putting Velcro on it so it sticks to the machine and he can use it and then stick it back on the machine. The block would just hold the door open while he gets his product. Any other ideas? Thanks Paul
  2. Need help I have a national 455 was at -24f. Turned on and off also went through a defrost cycle and cleaned dust. It still went back to -24f compreser just kept running in less I but it in a defrost cycle. Not sure what to do. thanks Paul
  3. Thanks for your time. I have a frozen national 455 has been running good for over a year. The other day when I checked temperature it was -24 f opened door said to cold. I did a defrost cycle turned of than on. But it still went to -24 I don't know what else to try. Thanks