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  1. Yes, I do buy at Sams but I have a few customers that love Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Chips. I did not see just the Jalapeno, only variety packs which I also buy. The Jalapeno go very quickly so I bought 64 bags for a pretty good price..
  2. I know I am the one that posted this. I have only been in the Vending Industry for 2 months. This is the first time Buying this big of quantity of one item, or I guess I should say flavor. LOL, Figures, huh? My question is do I need to tell the companies where my items are located or just remove them?
  3. Just bought a box of 64 Jalapeno Chips on Amazon. Received this email today. Recall message from Sam's Club April 22, 2017 Subject: Frito Lay, Inc. – Miss Vickies Variety Pack Potato Chips Dear Sam’s Club Member: We have been notified that Frito Lay, Inc. in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated a Class I Recall of their Miss Vickies variety pack potato chips due to the jalapeno potato chips in the pack may be contaminated with Salmonella. Frito Lay, Inc. has asked us to recall any of this product with a Use By date of “JUN 20” or prior. Our records reflect that you may have purchased the item listed below after January 11, 2017: Miss Vickies Variety Pack, UPC #2840005003; Use By “JUN 20” or prior If any of this product is still in your possession or inventory, we request that you return the product to your local Sam’s Club for a full refund. If you have resold any of this product, we request you contact your customers and notify them of the recall. At Sam’s Club, we adhere to strict quality assurance controls and work with our suppliers to ensure that we provide you with quality products. The supplier is cooperating fully with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to resolve the issue. Your prompt action to this notice is strongly encouraged. Frito Lay, Inc. recommends consumers with any questions or concerns about this recall call its consumer hotline at (866) 272-9393. Sincerely, Frank Yiannas Vice President of Food Safety