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  1. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    So another update. Replaced the credit relay and still nothing! As before I insert the coins to the correct amount (anything extra is rejected) but still will not trigger the credit relay. Just about to light it on fire!
  2. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    NOPE! No sound from the relay at all. That's what I thought should happen as well.
  3. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    Unfortunately just junking it without trying a few of the easier fixes is not going to happen. I've made progress and I'm leaning toward a credit relay now.
  4. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    I'm pretty proficient in wiring both 12v and 110v. I made a jumper harness and did as the video showed, except just plugged the terminal momentarily instead of wiring a switch, no difference. For the record I DID get a little tickle from the jumper terminal when I accidentally touched it while plugging it in. LOL
  5. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    I checked all of the terminals with a continuity tester from the back Og the connector to the terminal after passing thru the bill acceptor connector The changer was remanded last fall, and was a backup mech that I bought from another vending company
  6. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    ANOTHER UPDATE! I went thru the entire tuning process and the machine accepts coins and gives change, but will not vend. This DOES sound like a credit relay, if I put the correct amount in then the machine starts rejecting extra coins until I unplug the coin mech and plug back in. This tells me that it then clears the sale and is ready for the next sale. Does THIS sound logical?
  7. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    UPDATE!! I have the mech set to vend for .25 and if I insert 3 dimes, it gives me a nickel change, but won't vend. But dines are the only coin it will accept.
  8. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    So I just finished checking every connection that I could find. I can manually activate every selection to vend by tripping the lever on the solenoid at each selection and still when I plug in the mech, there is no sound and the exact change light comes on for about 5 seconds and then goes off. I do have change in the mech. But still will not accept any coins, they all go right thru into the coin return. I have even set the coin mech to no value to see if it will free vend but that doesn't do anything either. Arghhhhh!! So frustrated!
  9. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    Also when you insert coins the mech makes no sounds at all, when it was working properly and I inserted coins the mech would make a clicking sound (the on-board relays sending the coins into the mech and not out of the coin return) It also makes no sound at all when powering the machine on, or plugging the coin mech in.
  10. Vendo can Coke Machine won't accept coins

    THANK YOU for the reply! Sorry for the rambling.. Let me try try to clear things a little. The coin return lever is not touching the mech, actually I can swing the coin much mounting plate away and insert coins into the mech without putting them in the slot on the outside and it has the exact same result. I can use the switches on the front of the mech to payout coins. The bill validator does not work and has not since I have owned the machine. The machine was working perfectly until I cleaned it by blowing compressed air around everything. Basically blowing the dust out and cleaning the condenser and compressor area. I was able to buy soda and vending it from every selection except 1, and that one has a bad solenoid. I do have one person telling me that it could be the credit relay. I guess my next step is to check all of the connections AGAIN. And check continuity thru all of the plugs in the harnesses. I have never tried to do the right thing by cleaning all,of the dirt and dust away, and cause myself so much trouble.
  11. Hi all.... I have an older Vendo can Coke machine with a TRC 6800H coin mech. After multiple diagnostic runs, and suggestions from more than one person, including a repair facility I replaced the coin mech. My problem is still present. When I power the unit up the only thing that happens is that the bill validator cycles and the exact change only lamp comes on for a few seconds. The coin mech makes NO sounds at all and will not accept coins. I replaced the mech with a unit that was refurbished in late 2016. The mech DOES have power, as I can cycle the the coins out of the mech by using the 3 switches. When inserting coins they go thru the ramps in the mech and straight into the coin return. The solenoids in the mech do not do anything. There is also a red led on in the mech. The mech I replaced also had the red led on and was labeled as "blocker" I am completely LOST! I have been fighting this for 6 weeks off and on. Just for information everything was working perfectly, so I unplugged the pop machine and cleaned the entire machine with air from my compressor, the next day when I tried to test vend it so I could deliver it and put it into service that's when the problem began. ANY help would be greatly appreciated ! Rich Moonlight Munchies
  12. One Stop Vending Solutions

    Hi there, Has anyone heard of or had dealings with One Stop Vending Solutions from Portland/Eugene Oregon? www.buyvendingmachinesonline.com. I ordered a coin mech on Monday from them and still have not received an e-mail with shipping information or my product. I called the toll free number on their website and it's a call center for free wal-mary gift cards. Their local number 541-359-9316 just goes right to voicemail and the mailbox is full. Any help would be GREAT, before I contact PayPal for a complaint & refund. Thanks! Rich Heavlin Moonlight Munchies, West Branch, MI
  13. Good evening,

    Do you still have pricing discs For Seaga vending machines?