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  1. Hello, I'm new to this and about to purchase 4 - 3 head LYPC candy machines. After placing them in locations I was planning on visiting/servicing them once a month. 2 questions for you: What other than restocking, getting your cash out, cleaning the machines, and making sure mechanicals are working do you do? Is there anything else? 2nd question, if you offer commission, how much do you offer? I was reading on here anywhere from 5 - 30% (but that was some for full line and some for bulk). I was thinking to offer 20-25%. Is that fair? is that even enticing for a business owner? Thanks!
  2. Revenue expectation

    Yeah I found it too, thanks! seems like good reviews so far. It appears that I could have gotten new machines from a website for $169 (discounted from 199), however, that doesn't include shipping that can ring up another couple hundred dollars. Here I can just pick it up and I will also request a live demonstration from the seller so I guess that's worth something..
  3. Revenue expectation

    Thanks for the reply. Here are pictures of the actual machines, maybe you'll be able to identify them better.. Looks like it says LYPC on the mechs. Are those good?
  4. Revenue expectation

    AMD, do you usually only service your machine every 2-4 months? I was planning to service them monthly.. Also, I'm about to purchase 4 of these (see below) for $100/per. They seem to be in good condition so no refurbishing needed. what do you guys think?
  5. Revenue expectation

    Hello all, I know this may be somewhat of a convoluted question/topic, but as someone whose just starting out, I have no idea how much to expect to be making. From your experience, assuming I have one - 3 head candy machine in a decent location (not excellent, not slow, somewhere in the middle), how much on average should I revenue? Can you guys send your averages? That would be helpful. Thank you,
  6. Could you please be more specific?
  7. Contracts with Locations

    Thanks a lot!
  8. Locating your Machines

    Hello, I was wondering how most of you go about the process of finding a new location for your machines? Do you hit the pavement or just cold calling businesses? If so, is there a scrips you guys are using? Anything helps! Thanks!
  9. Contracts with Locations

    Hello all! Just wondering if you guys sign a contract with the location where you place your machines. If so, did you just make one up or can I find a template online? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to this and hoping to rack up all the information I can before I pull the trigger. Anyone heard of this company / have any experience with their product / system / success stories? Thanks!