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  1. JJs Vending

    How do you know if the control board is bad?

    Here is the boad.
  2. I am having an issue with a DN600E,it's not displaying anything on the screen no price anything. The coin mechanism works and bill validator as well. The lititle red light is not on the bill validator. I suspect it's the control board. Any suggestions guys? Thanks
  3. JJs Vending

    Help finding this part

    Where can I buy the red lens on a 5592 at?
  4. JJs Vending

    Difference on a 5591 & 5592

    Here are some pictures of the labels inside the door,it has different models on this label. But then the metal tag on the lower left side of the door it says 5592. I wanna buy some parts for it but I just want to be 100% sure on the model. Thanks
  5. JJs Vending

    Difference on a 5591 & 5592

    It's not the "jr bevmax" right? The jr is alot smaller too. Is a 5592 a good model to have? Thanks AZVendor
  6. I just bought a BevMax 5592,I see alot of parts for 5591's but not much for 5592's. Is there any difference between them both? Are the boards the same? Any help will be appreciated guys. Thanks!
  7. JJs Vending

    Inventory Management

    What type of machines can ParLevel work on. Does it work with the much more newer machines? I have Vendo 511's,480's, DN276E up to 501E, and couple of USI soda and snack machines; would that work with them? Any advise would be helpful thanks guys!