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  1. @AZVendor, I think you're right about the motor timing out. What does that indicate? Anyway, here's a vid: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yZRmCORd8H7oFhF2qK1h7c6rdz0hJlN6
  2. The switch is new. Even went so far as to switch out with other new ones I bought to make sure. Totally stumped as to what's causing it. I think I understand what you mean by the rotor being out of position, but how to I get it back into position? It took a video of a motor test but VENDiscuss only allows 2.19MB attachements. Could I send it to you off list?
  3. Well. Apparently it isn't a problem with the switch; the replacements didn't change the behavior. It looks like the shaft is misaligned. No matter what I do it won't rotate to it's proper position. (see images) Is that motor problem? Or perhaps an improper cam setting?
  4. Sorry, not VT. It was MT or ST; whatever it is that displays when there's a possible rotor/motor position issue after you press the interface button on the control board. Turns out the one rotor that would not turn at all was a jam after all. Bad observation on my part. The other motor would occasionally require a motor test to reset, but always returned to normal operation. Lately though it fails repeatedly after one vend. I was thinking it was the switch, just needed to hear it from people with more experience. Thanks for chiming in, guys.
  5. I have one column that gives a VT message after one vend; then vends four bottles during the test. I've observed that the motor does not rotate enough to make the switch match the cam notch. Would that be a switch problem, or is it the whole motor? Another column also gives an VT message but will not rotate at all. There's not a bottle jam or anything visible to restrict the rotor from turning. Again, a motor problem?
  6. I just needed to know the approximate age for valuation purposes. No escaping the taxman.
  7. I purchased a refurbed DN 501E four years ago. I can't seem to find a manufacture date anywhere, even on the model/serial number tag. Does anyone know how or where I can find this information?
  8. My Crane National 168, after the proper amount of money is inserted, is vending three (3) units of whatever is selected then (aftere a time) refunding the amount of the purchase. I've noticed that the MEI bill acceptor flashes two (2) blinks after the proper amount has been inserted. But only after. Is this a problem with the control board? Or the bill acceptor?
  9. Still no joy. I don't think this machine has a low pressure switch, unless I'm completely looking in the wrong area. Could it possibly be the relay that's faulty? Really stumped.
  10. Thanks much! Unfortunately I have another question: Where is the low-pressure switch on the machine? Thanks again.
  11. Cannot get around a compressor fan issue and could really use some guidance. Here's a quick course of events: Compressor fan stopped working, though compressor continued to run >> Replaced entire fan/motor assembly >> Fan still does not turn on >> Replaced overload >> Fan still does not turn on >> Check voltage from power cord that runs from main wiring harness to the compressor relay/overload >> Fan still does not turn on When main power is plugged in everything powers on EXCEPT the compressor fan, including the compressor. What am I missing here? Could it be the thermostat? Or the relay? If it's the relay, then why is the compressor powering on? Thanks in advance.
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