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  1. Boris

    Mechanism gear for 1800

    I thought the same thing. It was misvending & the plastic wheel had broken teeth. I replaced that, tested, still misvends. Then I saw the sprocket. Never thought to look at it in the first place. I was trying to avoid the whole mechanism since they're like $40 on eBay but I guess I have no choice. If you would, shoot me a pm w/ payment info. -Thanks.
  2. Boris

    Mechanism gear for 1800

    The sprocket that turns the candy wheel. Thanks.
  3. Boris

    Mechanism gear for 1800

    Is the gear available separately anywhere for 1800 mechanisms? Thanks.
  4. Boris

    Time sure does fly....

  5. Boris

    Stolen Machine

    Are there other machines there? If it was another vendor I wonder if they'll try to solicit the location. I like the gps idea. But probably the best defense is what you seem to be doing, that is making sure the place knows you. Out of curiosity what kind of machine was it? It hasn't happened to me yet but I only have a handful of locations at this point. It would be easy enough to do though. Especially if the machine is right near the door. I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago & as I was leaving there was a single machine right next to the door. I thought how easy it would be to just walk out w/ it. Who would notice or even question it? Someone might even hold the door for me. Made me realize not to put machines right by the door if possible.
  6. Boris

    newb with a question

    I agree you're better off looking locally at least for stands. Shipping is a killer on them. Learned that lesson. Just need to be patient.
  7. Boris

    Does this sound right to you?

    I don't have any of those but to much money in the machine sounds like a nice problem to have.
  8. Boris

    Another big haul

    Great score. In that first pic on the left there's a stand that the base looks like an 'n', what is that for? Looks like it's for a drill press or something. Some even look like brake drums.
  9. Boris

    Oak Refurbished

    I've relatively new to vending (again) but I've got a few Oaks & they work great. The trick is getting them on the phone. Took me a bit but when I did I had my machines in a few days. The other thing is stands. If you don't have them it can add quite a bit to shipping costs. And as others have repeatedly said, and I've taken it to heart, can't go wrong with Oak, NW, Beaver, Eagle, A&A.
  10. Boris

    Candy Jar Machines?

    That bad? What were the issues? Could you at least salvage any stands?
  11. Boris

    Candy Jar Machines?

    I see a few of this type of machine available every so often. Seems they came from another now defunct biz op. Are they worth looking into? What would be a fair price? Thanks.
  12. Boris


    I did get in touch w/ them about 2 months ago to order machines. I first called & left a msg or two, emailed w/ no response. Kept calling every so often for a week or so and then somebody answered. Had the machines in few days.
  13. Boris

    Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    Forecast / goal setting. Goal $1000/month - Have X machines doings $X average per month - How many do I need to add per month to hit goal in a year. Something like that.
  14. Boris

    Wanted to share my VS 3000 refurb!

    Cool project. What color did you paint the mechanisms?