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  1. Iced coffees and Dixie Narco 501

    Monster Java is my choice....sells a few every week and keeps them happy.
  2. mystery 501E

    Wow. I didn't know that Pepsi or Coke charged anything. Maybe because I have to buy 2 cases per machine per week at $10.00 a case. Anyway if I can help you any further just let me know....good luck.
  3. Trying to save some money. Going to convert my snack machines to soda machines. Not sure which refer decks to use, but I will see which are the cheapest. Need to order large capacity spirals as cans are thicker than candy bars. The end results should make customers happy with glass front soda machine and maybe even some ice cream selections with a dual temp zone area. Any thoughts?
  4. dixie narco 368R

    Any sodas in it? Are the change tubes filled? Lots of things cause validator to deactivate.
  5. Mouse army?

    Have you sealed all the entry ways? I JB Weld sheet metal over the holes that have plastic plugs and armor plate the power cord at the entry point, that has always stopped my problems. My wife always adds bay leaves, the combination has removed my problems from warehouse accounts. Hope this helps.
  6. Just venting

    Got a call the other day, said I was being replaced by another vending company. When I asked why, she told me I haven't serviced it in over a year. Made appointment to speak in person. When confronted she said she was sorry, about the mix up but a new contract had been signed and I have no recourse. Funny thing though the office manger flew off the handle when I told her what has happened. Said all the employees are going to be mad as hell, (I have/had a really good relationship with the entire crew. Just another example of business loyalty.
  7. mystery 501E

    I don't want to be a nay sayer, but, if it is a pepsi leased machine, shouldn't they fix it for you. I have several pepsi and coke leased machines and they do the repairs for me. Usually in 1 -3 days. If you must fix it are you sure the seal is good and the drain hose clear and flowing, we have wasp and spiders that like to clog the drain hose causing machine to freeze up. If it is then thaw machine completely (hair dryer works for us) then turn back on. As far as board repair. I have used Capital Vending, they have done me right, they have website by same name. For me they have my credit card on file, I order a lot from them. I would trust them, they are in the northeast US and I am in Fla. Hope this helps.
  8. When you get the information, please post on this site. Started over 20 years ago and still looking for all the right answers.

    I had that problem once, after unplugging it and counting to 10 and plugging it back in, it seemed to clear the sold out msgs. Hope this helps.
  10. Newbie tax question

    Well in florida, you would be in big trouble with Dept of Revenue. The amount of tax due is more at POS than when you purchase it. They call it tax fraud. Many do it and don't get caught, like me I drive fast, but I know I am wrong. The penalties for those caught is rough.
  11. How do you clean bill validators?

    Normally by the time a validator gets this bad, trade it with a local dealer ( I do that). But if you have to try it, they sell cleaning cards at almost all dealers, usually have to buy several. When they do work, it usually allows a few weeks of service. Never blow air in it, you will most definitely blow the belts off. Never use any alcohol based products, belts will instantly dry up and break apart. Occasionally, I will take a dry clean rage and wipe the sensors off, both top and bottom. My dealer charges me $100 to trade like units. Hope this helps.
  12. Money Problems

    In the machine that will only take $1.50, what is the highest priced item in that machine? Coin changers reject everything over the highest price.
  13. Can you switch a row boat to a nuclear submarine. It probably can be done, BUT, you would have to redesign the entire machine. Probably could buy two or three good used machines for the same cost. Put that one on eBay and let the antique dealers mess with it. Because of the volume, you would never get ahead of the expense. Me, I would pass on this deal.