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  1. Turned out to be the 6 amp fuse. Thanks to all for help.
  2. What causes a "not in service" to be displayed on machine? Cannot find any reference to it in owners manual. Thank you.
  3. Try Vendors Exchange International, VEII.com.
  4. Just make sure that it isn't owned by Coke. If it is, he can't sell it (legally). If it is not owned by Coke, you can put what ever you want in it. Chances are high that if it is branded on the outside, that it is a Coke asset and you can end up with a lot of future headaches. If it is an older Coke asset that they don't want, then it is probably in need of some TLC and as a first machine not a good idea unless it is really cheap and he gives you a warranty. In my opinion.
  5. I use the stevens dolly (modified) and my liftgate truck. Moves everything snack and soda. The modification is a steel rod thru the dolly with a slide over artificial bottom lip to grab legged snack machines, been moving my own machines forever, by myself. The sliders are a must for twisting machines thru narrow doors. If you get a liftgate, make sure it has an extension on it, that will allow the machine to sit on it safely (total package (6 yrs ago) less than $2K new and installed).
  6. Is the adjustment on the bottom of the column in the correct holes. 660's have a golden colored rod that can be placed in one of two holes (adjustable for thickness of product). With both front and back columns empty, the rod can be pulled almost all the way out and then slid back into the right holes for product size. If your info sheet is missing, just look at the other columns and copy them. 2 sets for each column and no tools needed.
  7. Thanks for the inputs guys. Yes they do now charge a fee. The location that has requested it, is a secure location no nonworkers allowed inside and they say that employees (for safety reasons) don't carry cash. They also say they will load the app and use it. Seems they know more about it than I do, maybe one of their other locations use it. It is not much of a cost for me so I will give it a try.
  8. Is anyone using the cashless system "Pay Range"? If so what do you think of it?
  9. I have a single price DN that I am selling. Call me if you are interested, has all the motors still intact.
  10. Never heard of them. I would contact USG directly if you want to get in on Vistar rebates. I am a member and I do get rebates, but they change all the time, never heard of 2% all the time. John Murn and his people will send you a list every month or so as to what you can buy to qualify. Checks cover a quarter at a time (3 months).
  11. Your middle picture says that your machine was made by Royal Vendors. I have one that needs the door to be pulled while turning the handle.
  12. Is the door switch good......you can remove the two wires on it and connected them, if switch is bad, the wait will go away when the two bare wires are connected.
  13. Make sure you get the narrow one, easier to move some snack machines, I didn't know when I bought mine, makes it difficult some times.
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