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  1. Vending machine with no key

    Didn't see that... Just one of those days I guess. Haha, thanks!
  2. Vending machine with no key

    I'm in a similar situation. I just bought my first machine and it is a UTurn machine. The guy didn't have the lock, but the company that owned the machine would just screw off the whole lock (not using a key). I have the lid off, but am unsure of how to remove the lock. Is there a way to do this without drilling out the lock? I'm not really familiar with how these work.
  3. Cleaning/Fixing UTurn Machines

    Can still see the rust spots obviously, but it looks a lot better than before.
  4. Cleaning/Fixing UTurn Machines

    The Rustoleum ended up working pretty well.
  5. Cleaning/Fixing UTurn Machines

    Thank you! I'll definitely give that a try.
  6. Cleaning/Fixing UTurn Machines

    What do you mean by prefer coated?
  7. I just purchased my first machine used recently (UTurn Terminator). I've been able to clean everything up so it is looking good except for the stand. Is there a certain paint that should be used to re-finish the stand where it has rusted?