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  1. I am trying to repair a customer's Vendo V540 live display soda machine. The board appears to have gotten wet and corroded. Vendo doesn't carry this part any more and Changer Services won't repair it. Anyone have one lying around? Thanks, Jonathan
  2. I currently have the Hartford and I recieved my annual renewal notice and my policy is increasing by 1/3. Called and was give a generic reason "Its nothing you did, policy fluctuate" With further questions she blamed the state I live in for increasing the required coverages. Funny because none of my coverage increased. I would like to call around. Any suggestions? Thank you, Jonathan
  3. I know its single priced, is it dex and mdb? Thank you
  4. Thank you. After originally posting this I did some exploring and discovered just this.
  5. I would post a picture but cant figure out how to delete old attachments so I have space.
  6. I have a LCD display on a ROYAL RVCDE 768-10 that has lost a few segments. I don't want to buy a $20 used or $50 new one when a new 4 digit 7 segment LCD display is only a few $. The problem is the back solder connection are covered by a black bubble. I don't have experience with this. Does it pry off? I am assuming the pins are under it. I repair most of my stuff, comfortable soldering just don't have experience with this. Thanks for the advise. Jonathan
  7. I did figure out what the issue was, the bottom three shelves were wired differently then the top four. This included a brand new one purchased from vendnet. The wires on the motors (power and common) just needed to be swapped. Works great now.
  8. It was purchased from original owner missing some items. In proccess of making it complete again.
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