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  1. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Cokeprograms (never given permission to use the name 'coke') is rebranding as Red Solutions or REDsolutions. Showing up on a FRANCHISE site. Note that bing a 'franchisor' requires many, many legal documents filed with, possibility, various states in order to operate in that state. So your first question to Red Solutions is where is your state certificate to sell franchises in my state. If they do not readily have that, you can report them to your state's attorney general and to the State of California. Watch out. Reputable companies will clearly state if it is a Franchise opportunity and if it is registered in your state as a Franchisor. The contract that I saw from Cokeprograms did NOT commit them to actually do anything. You were obligated to pay $500 or $1000. They did nothing for me. If you search this site, you will find complaints about these guys going back to 2012 when they 'sold' vending machines.
  2. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Well at least you got something from them. I never did. I signed early this year also. I have since found out that a variety Kcup pack costs about $30 and brewers from $80 to $300 for commercial brewers. Did you get a commercial brewer or residential brewer? A guy at Green Frog in Denver (on the web) claims to have Joe's home address. Maybe you can reach him through a neighbor. You could contact the Orange County Prosecuting Attorney. They have a form to fill out. Good luck. Let us know what kind of site he found for you, is he reimbursing you for cream and sugar (they told me they would), who is buying th donuts for the client, and what kind of client did you get as in 100 cups a week or 5 cups a month???
  3. Looking for experience with Keurig 155 commercial K-cup brewer. Can it handle 30 cups per day for months on end? How often should it be cleaned and descaled? Should I put a water filter on the back?
  4. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    The contract that I saw did NOT obligate me to anything until they delivered coffee makers and product to me. That NEVER happened. Be ecstatic that you did not give up any money. Thanks for giving us another name to watch out for. Where did you see materials that solicited your participation? I ask because cokeprograms and resolutions websites are gone as of last week.
  5. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    So why was I so persistent (stupid) in trying to work with cokeprograms.com? Five years ago I started a small vending company for a friend of mine to have work and income. Then because I am involved in the "Special Needs' community, I tried to expand the company to give them employment. Vending just did not work out in terms of them handling the bill collector, coin collector and credit card readers. Plus each vending machine was a big investment.. Cokeprograms.com promised an Office Coffee Service where they did the marketing, took on the capital requirements and had the volume commitments to pod suppliers. I just had to train and monitor Special Needs people to do site cleaning and straightening and restocking. For this, the Special Needs person and I could actually keep our heads above water. I attempted to explain this to the cokeprograms.com people that I dealt with. They took money and provided no service anyway. So if you will take money meant to help the disabled, I guess you are willing to hurt anyone.
  6. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Here is what Coca-Cola Consumer Interaction had to say about www.cokeprograms.com: The Coca-Cola Company is in no way associated with these emails or programs. We are not a sponsor, and our name and trademarks are used here without permission. This appears to be a form of fraud known as "phishing," wherein perpetrators attempt to develop relationships with victims in order to obtain personal and financial information. Common signs that a message may be a part of an email scam or phishing campaign include: Spelling and grammatical errors in the email; Improper use of company trademarks; Sender's use of free, non-corporate email accounts (such as Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail); Requests for personal information and the promise of quick financial gain. Overall, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Do not reply to these emails with any information. If you have already responded to this type of email, we recommend that you immediately discontinue all communications with the source of the email and contact your local and/or federal authorities for advice on how to proceed to protect your personal information and privacy. For more information, please visit the “Rumors & Facts” section of our website at: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/contact-us/coca-cola-rumors-facts.
  7. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Just let everyone read ALL responses and make up there own minds. If Snackman is false people can tell that. Have a great day.
  8. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    When you call Red Solutions the same person answers the phone as Coke Promotions was my experience.
  9. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Let me say - wth amusement - that if Snackman is an employee of Coke Programs trying to mislead people, he seems to have done just the opposite.
  10. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    MOJOSOP Names that I know are DeGrasse, Zapata, Roman. What names do you have? There last notes to me called me "adolescent" and "muscle brain." Not very professional. Make your own decisions.
  11. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Yes, I was scammed by the company. As for person who went to office and it was closed. Coke Programs claims to have closed the SanDiego office. Did you go to Orange County? I have found several working phone numbers, but that does no good. support@cokeprograms.com works but they may not respond.
  12. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    I do not swear on forums. If Snackman is successful with 3 installations, he is allowed to drink the Koolaid. If he is a 'frontman' he will be found out. He has made his success clear. I have made clear my alternate experience. Best of luck to you and to him in your vending working.
  13. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Thanks for your comments. Nice to know someone is happy. If you search Vendnet, you will find they had the same condemnations in 2012 when they went into the vending business. CPer told me 2012 was the work of one fraudulent employee who was fired. Same excuse they gave me for not honoring a signed contract for coffee even after I gave them 2 200 employee leads and had 19 other leads to offer. CPer said I would get $500/lead that closed. Best of luck. You do not make money reading Vendnet. Ride the CP pony until it gives out.
  14. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Snackman, I was NOT referring to CP in my example. I saw a local coffee service doing BUNN residential units in a commercial site. Broke down weekly. Also I said hundreds of cups, not thousands. Though I was promised THREE Amazon Fulfillment Centers in my area. I was asking if you are 'getting paid' as in did you get a net income check from them? Not are you being paid to endorse them. Never even considered that. Glad you are having a good experience. As for Net Income, I had one conversation where words were used making me believe that the Vendor (us) were charged for the equipment, but CP got the tax write-off. One CPer said Yes, Vendors get charged (interpretation) and the other said No, that is in our costs. I just thought, if you had gotten some checks, you might actually know how it worked. Others have not had a good experience. I have not. Also I did not get into my expectations with you. One of the CPers talked about their Vendors being in a Lotto. Do not understand that image. I did ask them about the success of their business. Got lots of talk and excuses for not shipping then not honoring the contract they signed then refusal to return the fee. I still suggest that you consider accepting only places that have security badging or at least a receptionist with NO UNSECURED entrances to protect your equipment. I was willing to do car dealerships however because the sales manager had a vested interest in the equipment working. Best of luck to you.
  15. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Status of "Possible Fraud' on May 1. Coke Programs is accusing Hector Roman of fraud. Green Frog credit card processing is accusing Coke Programs of Fraud. Per Hector Roman, in 2012 a similar scenario played out regarding vending machine sales. Coke Programs will not honor the contract signed by their employee or refund the License Fee. It is not right to put the burden on the credit card company for a Coke Programs internal controls problem. Coke Programs did send a new contract asking for more money. Hopefully Snackman and others have a successful experience. Wishing you the best. Make up your own mind.