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  1. I hope that one bump is ok. I still need the program but I can probably make a solution using a 5 dollar arduino and a 20 dollar coin acceptor. It's sad that Paytec won't support their products wihout trying to squeeze people for change. I will update the thread if the poblem is solved, until then: case still open.
  2. Hi, New member, first message. I hope it ended up in the right place. New coins are introduced here in Sweden. I am looking for the update progam for a JEDY 5400 coin changer. As I understand it, there are two programs "PC CONFIGURATOR" and "VECOP" and two types of available cables. I can buy the cables from another seller (unless my USB to TTL adapter does not work). The programs are available from paytec.it but the administrator will not grant me access unless I buy things that I don't need for at least 250 EURO. The USB to TTL cable is 67 EUR i think but they won't let me buy it unless I also buy crap that I don't need for 250 EUR. The USB to TTL adapter that I already have cost me one dollar as comparison. So, short version: Does anyone have "PC CONFIGUATOR" or "VECOP" to share with me or possible access to the paytec support download area? Schematics for the serial cable or pinouts of the serial connector on the JEDY would also be welcome. .Ricky
  3. I have emailed one company here that works with vending machines - they have never heard of this machine. Unicorn have promised to update it for me for 50 pounds + shipping if I send them the coin track though. Dos "disappeared" with Windows XP in 2001 BTW. I have no problem with using a DOS program. In fact it sounds kind of convenient to have the program on one bootable floppy. The manual is from January 2000, maybe they made a Windows-version later, I don't know. Either way, they are not giving it to me because the machine was "discontinued". And no, we don't use 3.5" floppies for data transfer. I use Compact flash (or SDHC) to IDE converters for my DOS transfer needs.
  4. Hi, I have been seaching the web for DOS software for a Unicorn Serlf serve 3000 wall mounted vending machine. I need it to update the machine for the new coins here in Sweden. According to the manual it is called: "system 3000 dispenser operating system". I have emailed Unicorn but they can not send me the software because it is an outdated model. Also, If anyone has the 4-pin serial lead - I also need to know the pins. I can guess but better safe than sorry. .Ricky