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  1. Joe101us

    Two-Tier lawsuit

    That’s why I put big signs that say if you use a card there’s an up charge of at least $0.10 on every item
  2. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    I’ve got the accounting records for it I count it down in front of there manager and give them there $$ $50 a month
  3. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    It’s a live bait machine like this one
  4. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    I also got a live bait machine there doing about $500. Ever 2-3 days
  5. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    It’s a campground/fishing marina with picnics and swimming area think card readers would bring in enough to surfice for the cost
  6. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    That’s what I was thinking
  7. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    They own the machine I just fill it and service it Tried to get them to let me put a 501E in there and they told me no they want the machine they had because he has there Park graphics on it
  8. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    @AZVendor @lacanteen any other ideas I need to get this machine back working it’s one of my best soda only locations 330-350 a week
  9. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    It’s not pushed anything else
  10. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    Okay I’ll check that
  11. Joe101us

    Coin mech issues

    I have a Coinco 3340s it a Dixie narco 320 can soto machine The machine is taking dollars giving change but will not take change it falls straight through Three mechs have been tried all the same Results what is wrong with this machine
  12. Joe101us

    16.9 oz or 20 oz

    Took nine trips to wipe their shelves clean
  13. Joe101us

    16.9 oz or 20 oz

    I talked to my store manager and they allow it to be ordered when they order from Pepsi and Coke The first time I just wiped their shelves totally clean and the manager asked me not to do it I said will place an order for me
  14. Joe101us

    16.9 oz or 20 oz

    I ordered the power to a pallet and a half Every week if not more I will let that lady know that I want to order it. I could do one flavor multiple flavors they’re even flavors that Walmart don’t carry that I can order through them like. Minute Maid fruit punch
  15. Joe101us

    T handle

    Where is the best and cheapest place to get a t handle for a dn 501e