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  1. Compressor clicking

    Yeah I might just buy a new compressor my self I emailed you
  2. Compressor clicking

    I just bought the machine and it’s under warranty witch covers the compressor
  3. Compressor clicking

    Every 10-15 sec
  4. I have a dn5591 that’s stop cooling and is clicking is it a bad compressor
  5. How do you set prices on a 5591
  6. Painting

    I have a single price machine that needs a paint job what paint do you all recommend
  7. What’s this machine worth

    Pick up all 4 they all work and get cold how ever one is missing a coin mech and bill acceptor
  8. What’s this machine worth

    Okay I told him I’ll offer him the full 2000 if I get there and they all get cold and work he said they do
  9. What’s this machine worth

    Okay I’ll go get all 4 should I offer him say 1500 for all 4 or just pay what he’s asking
  10. 5591 bottles tipping over

    Are you using the right shims had same problem had to chang my shims
  11. I have not seen the Machine the guy says it is a USI alpine ST 5000 he’s asking $500 he has four of them for sale what are they worth are they good machines I enclose the picture because he doesn’t know for sure that it is the model he says he’s going by Manuel He found with the machines he bought them in a storage locker
  12. How much is this machine worth

    It’s mdb I don’t know about drop sensors it’s running Good also has pay range the one I’m looking at has to snack trays that comes with it
  13. Hurricane

    I'm okay my family is okay