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    Gumball at sams club

    Oak machines, even with a riser, will sometimes give out two 1080ct. Keep that in mind.

    Need locator

    Honestly, do it yourself. Not discrediting Rodney or any other locating service, but if you want any sort of longevity in this business, you will NEED to learn to locate on your own.

    Eagle pricing

    I highly doubt NEN is going to be making any machines for the public. They probably have stockpiles of equipment right now after pulling all the toys R us stores. I can't imagine them being in a hurry to make any new equipment. I would just go with Eagle before they are gone as well.

    Eagle pricing

    Call them up (909) 447-7866 and talk to Sharon.

    Convert Quarters to Cash

    Some banks have the coin counting machines right in the lobby, which are free to customers with accounts at that bank. Check around for any banks in your area that might have this service.

    Oak branded key needed

    While your still able to unlock the machines with that key, I would get some camlocks made up with your own key code and re-key all the machines. http://www.camlock.com/EN-US/bulk-vending-locks

    NEN and Northwestern

    I haven't heard anything about NEN selling equipment. I probably wouldn't hold my breath waiting. You won't be sorry in going with Eagle equipment. Most of the parts are interchangeable with oaks and are much more easily accessible on eBay at a lower cost than Northwestern parts. I have Northwesterns, Oak, Eagle and A&A on my routes. Oak would be my first choice, followed by Eagle then Northwestern and A&A.

    New Machine Thoughts/Questions

    What I personally like about the Eagle panel heads is if the plastic panel breaks you can just replace the one panel. I have many eagle machines and have never had a panel break. If a Northwestern or Oak globe breaks you will have to replace the entire globe...Oak globes are very difficult to find and both A&A and Oak are out of business. Northwestern is a very good machine, but more pricey than Eagle. I like Northwestern's 2" capsule machines and their super 60's for racks. For single head or double head machines with gumballs, Eagle would be my first choice.

    New Machine Thoughts/Questions

    Yes, definitely go with Eagle if you are looking for new machines. You can give them a call at (909) 447-7866. You will get a price break depending on how many machines you are looking to purchase.
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    chewey spree candy

    TJ King http://tjking.com/product.asp?id=NES15098
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    IMO it's dying a slow death. More and more corporate locations means less and less mom and pop locations. Even mom and pops are going for the more upscale look and bulk just doesn't fit their look they want. Just look at the manufacturers...A&A got out of the business of making equipment. Oak is gone...Northwestern is gone....Eagle is hanging on by thread.
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    Surely not like there used to be. Yahoo used to have a few vending groups. Those died when the business started to die!
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    Prekit for bulk toys

    The bags that gumballs come in. Been using those for 15 years
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    Stolen Machine

  15. SSVEND

    Stolen Machine

    Absolutely agree. You learn to move on. Yes, sometimes they pop up somewhere along the way. Sometimes years later!