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  1. Hey All, OK - I do very minimal cold/frozen vending but do have 4 frozen machines. 2 of those work. The 3rd is in my garage from a previous breakdown. The last one is dead on location now. The broken in the garage and and the location broken are both Wittern 3182 model frozen machines. On location the Wittern 3182 is connected as a satellite to a snack machine. In the garage it has its own satellite tower with the board/harness/coin/bill. Symptoms of the first machines issues(now in garage with tower) - Everything melted and the frozen would not power back up. When reset the machines would power up, the compressor appeared to start and then it would always kick the breaker in the location. The process to flip the breaker back on is very difficult and I determined it needed to be at my house to troubleshoot. The temperature would go roughly room temperature and obviously the majority of the time it was powered off due to kicking the breaker. I purchased a replacement Wittern 3182 with an attached snack(which was good because I could use one Credit Card Reader). I setup and worked well for 2 months. I went to service and saw one of the mirrors had began to fall off and then I saw the temperature said 140 degrees. Obviously threw away all of the food. Reset both machines, verified filter was cleaned. Tried to power back on. Left overnight and did not cool and remained burning up. I now have this machine powered down(there was no impact to the main snack machine). So the question is where do I start? My primary repairman does not want to touch these machines. I am searching for other repairman but also wanted to see if I could resolve one or both of these machines. Does anything stick out to anybody on either of these machines? On the second/placed machine the light stayed normal and bright throughout. Am I likely dealing with a burned up compressor? Anybody have a machine blowing such hot air? On the first/garage machine I can't remember the troubleshooting related to the light. I am replacing the bulb to test in my garage. I also intend to test placing a higher capacity 3 in 1 starter if the compressor components are potentially overloading the circuit(sorry minimal troubleshooting with these type of components). Any input is appreciated as always.
  2. MrVendAlot

    Royal RVCDE 552-8 Error - Sold Out

    Thank you AZVendor! Yes it was a variety of soda's, which I found strange. That makes a lot of sense that that all motors fired. The florescent bulbs were flickering also. I removed the lights while I was doing this. Thank you for the help, I will go check the fuse to see if there is a replacement or work to get the match. Thanks again.
  3. Hey All, Need some troubleshooting help. I have a Royal 552-8 soda machine. When I was going to service it i opened the machine and like 7 or 8 sodas fell out of the machine that were stuck on the drop ramp. I checked the delivery door and it was working so not 100% sure why they got stuck. I stocked the machine and went to test it. When I put in the dollar it took the credit and then I made a selection. I would select Coke(known to be stocked) and it would say "hold" for maybe 5 second then would flash "Sold Out" I attempted all selections with the same result. Reset the machine, checked for a jammed soda, cleared the door again. Then I downloaded the manual and it said to check for issues with the drop sensor or the door switch. I haven't replaced the door switch but did check connections and the line which all appeared fine. Not sure the next step to take so wanted to see what the experts may think or where I should begin. Thoughts? Input? How would you all troubleshoot this from here? Mr Vend Alot
  4. Hello, I have a Dixie Narco 368 110v Single Price soda machine that started having some issues. I was notified that it started to autovend from the 8th slot immediately when the proper amount of change was given(one guy reported it double vended the 8th slot). Once the 8th option was sold out it would simply take the money without any response. I am used to this machine taking the money then making the loud click noise until a selection is made. Here is what I have tried. 1) I changed out the coin mech(both coin mechs respond the same) 2) Bypassed the bill validator(same) 2) Replaced the vend relay(same) 3) Attempted to install a replacement motor/motor switch - not exact match(see picture) - Resulted in simply taking money and no response(still gives proper change). 4) Took the known working motor switch and changed with the motor switch on the original(same take money or auto vend if product) 5)Tested by disconnecting the selection switch for the 8th spot with original parts to be sure not a button jam or something(still will auto vend 8th slot if anything is in it) I think I have concluded that the motor is weak or bad and that I need to replace with the exact motor, which I don't currently have. First off is there anything else I should try/attempt before tracking down the motor? Assuming it is the motor(I hope the 8th motor), is there a way to bypass the 8th motor and allow the machine to function as a 7 selection machine until I repair? I have 4 of the "replacement" motors that I tried to add to the machine(same cam, similar model, etc). Does it make a different or increase compatibility by replacing all 4 with same motor? Does having 1 different and three the same mess up the machine? Any assistance or guidance is greatly appreciated.
  5. MrVendAlot

    Bottles Motors Soda Machine Help

    Much appreciated Chris. Just to be sure I am on the right track. If i have a narrow column with a two notch cam vending 12 ounce sodas currently, I would need to 1) change the cam to a 1 knotch 2) set the spacer to properly hit the sold out at 1/2 inch 3) shim to make the 16 ounce bottle stack/fall properly 4) price accordingly. Is that a reasonable checklist? Thanks again. Huge help.
  6. Hey All, I have a few soda machines that a vendor is convincing me to upgrade to be bottle vendors instead of 12 ounce cans. I have looked through shims and ordered some stuff to test and play around with in my garage. The question I have is related to motors/configuration when I do this. OK - first off this may be a dumb question. If a machine, say dixie narco 368 SIID board, is being changed from a 1 soda wide to a 2 soda wide, what exactly has to be changed? Is it just the colored piece on the front of the motor? Or does the entire motor have to be changed? My understanding of the colored part on the front of the motor(sorry don't know the name) is to determine the number of rotations the motor makes per vend. Is that right? If you were taking a 2 soda wide machine and then shimming it to take 16 ounce bottles what piece would you need to change? Also the machines have both circular drop bins and just the two paddles that rotate. Can you dispense bottles from both or either of those. Any suggestions on older dixie narco's vending bottles is appreciated! MrVendAlot
  7. Hey All, Would somebody be willing to run me through your process of upgrading a AP 7600 machine to LED lighting. I assume a lot of you are buying LED lighting or Rope lighting through hardware stores and doing this yourself. I am having minor success but still struggle with the step by step on how this should be done correctly. I am fairly handy so should be able to upgrade these on my own if somebody walks me through it. Key questions are where you tie into the lighting(after the ballast or before)? Type of LED lighting you look for in hardware stores(Lumens? size? Etc). Any help or a step by step would be greatly appreciated! MrVendAlot
  8. OK I am going to sound like an idiot but need advise. I have a Dixie Narco SIID that blew a fuse due to connecting a MDB harness when it was hot. Being an idiot I though the board burnt out. I purchased a SIID E-boardf to replace it(I think I also just wanted the EPROM upgrade while I was at it). When I added the new board and installed the bill and coin and fired up the front panel displayed 8888(pretty much all lights on). The bill validator cycled and would not accept dollars. When coin were entered they went straight through the coin mech to the coin return. Then I thought the new board was bad and returned for another(local guy that repairs them). He gave me the newest unused SIID E board he had. I went back and got the same error(all lights on with use exact change illuminated). So then I found the bad fuse on the original one and installed it again. It give the standard "." decimal with the "Use exact change" light on. I tried two bill validators and two coin mechs. All still dont work. I went through the diagnostics to be sure MDB was on. When I do the coin mech check there is no reponse(coin straight through). Pretty much the board is not signalling the coin mech and bill validator. So my question. I know its the board, not the coin mech, and not the bill validator. What would cause this? What does 8888(or similar) mean on the new boards? Should I start pulling wiring? Transformer? Ideas? At a loss - Mr Vend Alot
  9. I am ordering a SEM board to add to an old dixie narco. The machine is up a ton of stairs at an apartment and i dont want to move it. I have had great sucess with upgrading snack machines(installed 8 in one boards). However have done nothing to soda machines. I have a LOT of single price machines that i want to solution for upgrading. Ideally i will get rid of all old harfware. To universalize my route i only install vn2512 bill validators and cf7000 coin mechs. Does anybody have reviews of the SEM boards on single price machines? I just ordered one that I will test on a single price in my garage. Then i will attack this apartment if I suceed. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8734-ds8010a-sem-single-price-to-mdb-conversion-kit-coinsbillscredit-cardsdex.aspx
  10. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    What is the process to add a custom name to field so that reporting will show that?
  11. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    Another question to the group in regards to USA Tech Eport's. Is there a way to map the "Item" to an actual name? I am trying to universalize my beverages and way I stock my food. So, in other words, I will make the top left slot of all snack machines "Salsista Spicy chips". Ideally, I would like to be able to update USA Live to have a name that says "Location - Car Dealership Name" and them "Item - A1 Salsita Spicy Chips". This will allow me to be able to to pull a report since last stock and quickly load the product that is needed into the totes. Is that possible with USA Tech? Does anybody do that?
  12. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    Yes - all of these machines have to be upgraded for MDB/Credit Card. I have only done the InOne(mainly because they had a AP4000 upgrade and I didn't have a way to get the AP4000 out of the warehouse and place one of my spare machines in). I will say that I am impressed with the InOne upgrades(I am not affiliated with InOne). For ~$300 you can upgrade without drop sensor or for ~$450 with the drop. So far I have had a lot of positives by doing this. I am also narrowing in on Mars coin mechs and Bill validators. It will likely take a year plus but eventually, I will only have upgraded equipment with Mars equipment and higher traffic locations with credit cards on them. This will open up to have 2-3 bill validators, 1-2 credit card equipment and 2-3 coin mechs in the van ready for a 5 minute swap out.
  13. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    Thanks for the reply that helps. I am looking at a 13-15 hourly wage to start. I have accounted for the worker's comp with the taxes. In Colorado it comes out to roughly an additional 10% on top of wages(for all those pieces). I think for the van I am going to purchase a previously used fleet van and modify it(add insulation, shelves, safe, etc). I am targeting a 10k investment there(8k for vehicle and 2k to modify).
  14. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    So to clarify. I have 4 inone boards that I placed on AP6000's and AP7000's. These DO report cash and credit transactions. I am also assuming that the AP4000 with the InOne upgrade(its different than the 6000/7000 upgrade) will track also(I am waiting on my Eport Adapter to 3 in 1 MEI bill validator and credit card to be able to test this). The problem one is a Studio 2 that had MDB already(i didnt change or upgrade). That one will show me the credit card transactions but not the cash. I verified it was all active through eport so I am assuming its the older machine causing it. It may be a long shot but I will likely change the bill validator to Mars and and CF7000 coin mech, just in case that makes a difference.
  15. MrVendAlot

    Growth, Upgrade, and Business Questions

    Anybody else have thoughts or ideas on the cash not being tracked through Eport? I can call them tomorrow and may get some answers but thought somebody may have already worked through that.