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  1. My method 1 Set the back spacing prior to install can shims 2 Rotate rollers up to install rods 3 Remove bottle shims 4 Install can shims, make sure they are pushed all the way down or they jam the column 5 load 9 to 12 cans close the door and test vend until the sold out lights
  2. I had a warehouse with about twenty employees that did $300+ a month. Then the 300lb+ dispatcher whose office was 20ft from the machines had bypass surgery. It went to maybe $100 a month with a lot of stale's. Ended up pulling the both machines.
  3. I wonder why Coke forces the 8 button configuration, that really lets down the versatility of the Royal stackers.
  4. I still have a couple, Coke pretty much gives them away as soon as you ask them to work on it. Really the only issue I've had with them is the 16.9 Pepsi style bottles dive bombing.
  5. My 368 doesn't vend them, so it might be my set up, or a weak motor.
  6. I know the 20oz Deerparks wont vend at all in a DN368. The 16oz dont vend out of it as well. I dont know how difficult it is from an old 276. I think Walmart has some 12oz Aquafina in thick bottles for like $4 an 8pk.
  7. You should try that UnderArmor energy drink, tastes like goat butt on a humid summer day.
  8. Also you can put Oreos and Nutter Butters in candy slots to free up the bottom pastry shelf.
  9. I sell a lot of Ginger Ale. People say they like it because it's less sweet, and settles their stomach. Personally I think it's yuck. Pepsi and coke are still king, and Dr Pepper does well. Also Yoohoo.
  10. If i would have known it was a P i wouldnt have bought it. So far its working. I stopped vending 4 deep. I have 8 columns of cans vending 3 deep on pack 5. Columns 1 and 10 I have vending Gatorade and 12oz V8 Splash 2 deep on pack 3. Crossing fingers.
  11. Aren't there a number of folks that put cashless soda machines in less reperetable locations to lessen the chance of break ins. I've seen some in bad parts of the city with big signs that says "NO CASH".
  12. That's what I will do since the ballast is right next to the lamp, so 115vac is readily accessible. I probably would have done it already but the space is too small for the 22.5" LEDs I normally use.
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