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  1. Help with an existing route price

    I purchased a 35 location 60 machine route for 70k plus product and machine coin. Basically another 10k. I own about 37 machines, and the rest are leased from Coke or PepsiCo. Most are MDB. If most machines in you sale are not MDB, then you are looking at replacing all or most of the machines. Your need to know what machines you own outright, how many are bottle, how many are can, and what make of snack machines you have. What will you be servicing the route with. Do you have a van or a truck with a cap. Don't rush in, you may find out its not for you. Better to find that out with 5 machines, instead of 35.
  2. I have a retirement home, with some on the spot type gripes. It mostly family and friends of the tenants. The tenants have a sheet at the front desk that gets paid back monthlt. Usually $10-15. It's the on the spot people that see me and suddenly lost a dollar. It's always a dollar, not .35 or.65. I try to only refund product. If they lost it on a candy bar, I give them their snickers, or their bag of chips. I am probably still getting taken, but at least they know they can't hit me for money.
  3. RVCDE 552-8

    I have an old Royal that I can't change the price on. It has a Merlin 2000 board. Procedure is to press mode switch 3 times. Dispay should go from CP to DT, to SP for set price. However the display goes from CP to DT, and back to start. It doesn't seem to recognize anything past 2 button pushed. Any ideas?
  4. I have 2 276Es with freezing over compressors. What's the best method for defrosting. Just unplug and let drain? What are some likely causes of the icing over?
  5. Minimum to keep machines in place

    Leave on site until you have a better location. Saves the trouble and expense of moving machines twice.
  6. Healthy for You/Breakfast Items?

    Almonds are big
  7. How to change price Wittern Ivend

    Sorry page kept crashing and I put the same thing up 3 times
  8. Change Price Wittern

    I need to change prices on a Wittern Ivend, and have no manual
  9. I need to change prices on a Wittern Ivend, and have no manual
  10. I need to change prices on a Wittern Ivend, and have no manual
  11. Converting to 16.9

    How difficult is it to change a Glll or a 501E from 20oz to 16.9?
  12. Had someone ask to lower the price after I replaced a pepsi machine that pepsi couldn't seem to fix, with one of my cold drink mavhines. They said since the machine was older the price should go down. By that logic if I buy something from 7/11 and the attendant is older or less attractive then the one yesterday, do I get a discount?
  13. Vinyl wrapping on site....

    Carbon fiber look, very fancy.
  14. Your best locations

    Apartment complex in the middle of nowhere.
  15. Liability insurance

    You didn't mention which insurance company you are using. I have a policy with State Farm, I believe it is in the 325 to 375 range annually. I think mine is 10k/500k/100k though.