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  1. Those are the hard plastic ones.
  2. About a year ago I bought some product pushers. They were simple triangle style with 2 relief holes in each. The are flexible and work on both snack and candy spirals. Now I can't find them anywhere. I can find the same triangle size, but they are hard plastic and don't work on both size spirals. Any assistance is appreciated.
  3. I have a few of the new MEI Talos validators. I have mixed feelings. Much more annoying to program. But I may be a curmudgeon. I only buy MEI validators, I will send my Conlux out for repair, but i don't buy them intentionally.
  4. You could try 3 deep. I only have one 720P out, and it's a Gatorade only machine. I am afraid to touch any settings because once a P starts screwing up, it will take you to a very dark place, which usually ends with it being replaced with a 501E.
  5. Update. Fixed by FM. The next morning it worked as normal.
  6. Just says Out of Service. I will beat on it some more tomorrow morning.
  7. Just says Out of Service. I will beat on it some more tomorrow morning.
  8. I pulled a AMS 39 -640 Sensit2 Snack from a school. Worked fine, tested it out in my warehouse for an hour or so. Installed a card reader and everything was great. Next morning it shows Out of Service. Its a snack with no cooler. Is there a way to turn off the health and safety?
  9. Yes, I have been told it's the aluminum can shortage. Grape soda, orange soda, cherry coke, and wild cherry pepsi are also harder to find.
  10. I almost think we should have a validator pin like the cans vs bottles. If MDB, 2712 u5/u3, if 110vac 2711, don't bother with anything else.
  11. Replace the Eport 5volt power supply. They become intermittent and shut down the display which powers the reader.
  12. 10 cents for beer, you can put it at my pool 😁
  13. Do you know if the board battery is good? Try programming a couple of column prices, and see they hold after you power down the machine and power back up.
  14. This is what came new in the box. No scan cards.
  15. The other one could be a Charlie, I don't think two Fred's could live in the same box.
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