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  1. Not saying you can'tmove a soda machine. But it would be pretty stupid to try. Especially when you can rent a box truck for $40.
  2. Setting everything correct is definately what to do first. Here is a work around that doesn't fix the problem, but helps. I have a timer set on my Vendo 720 to turn off for a couple of minutes and the turn back on. The machine re homes, and it fixes a lot of glitches. It is basically buying me time until I can replace some motors.
  3. I'd start with some simple troubleshooting. It's unlikely that all sold out paddles failed. You already replaced the main pcb, so thats unlikely. One check that all connections are tight. Two test the machine, fill your pockets with dollars and change, and test each selection to empty. Now you should know if it's all or one selection is your problem. Three read you manual carefully, like you will be tested on it. Cycle through some set ups and test all the selections again. You have already invested the equivalent of a luxury car in this venture, what's 2 or 3 hours of your time.
  4. Combo machines are not favored around here. If the room is available you are better off with a 4 or 5 wide snack and a stacker soda machine. This will double to triple the amount of snacks and soda. A combo typically holds 150 to 180 sodas and 150ish candy and 100ish snacks. A stacker soda holds 270-300 for a small or 500-650 for a full size. A 4 or 5 wide snack holds 240-300 candy and 160-200ish snacks. Essentially if the location is good enough to empty the machine in two weeks or so, your better off with dedicated soda and snack machines. If it isnt, your probably getting a lot of stales. You can also purchase a used soda and snack machine for half or less then a new Combo. Do a search threw this site and you will get some wisdom. If you don't trust me, trust vendiscuss. AMS, AP, CRANE, National, Dixie Narco, Royal, Vendo, are American made and trusted. The rest, your flipping coins.
  5. Pop the pin out of the connector. Solder a length of bare wire to it. Solder that to the broken end, heat shrink and Bob's your uncle.
  6. Those cinnamon pop tarts are so addictive. I think they might sprinkle them with heroine. Those and the buttercrunch cookies after you microwave them for 20 seconds.
  7. I think the board at D&S is $315. Should be able to convert any Merlin III to MOB. I converted a 552-8, and whatever the two deep version is. I used the MEI 4in1 and a USAT report g10 kit.
  8. What do you want for the DN5000 board


    This is the one I need

  9. I agree. BTW I never had any luck vending 4 deep in anything but a Royal 650/660.
  10. I belong to both. Is you have the Business membership to they end up costing nothing since your purchases pay the membership. Sam's has more variety, Costco has some chip and chocolate variety packs I prefer. I could not fill my machines with just a Costco membership. On Dec 1 my Sam's membership puts $500 on my account due to yearly purchases (nice). All things being equal, Sam's is the better choice. For me they are within 3 miles of each other, so I belong to both.
  11. I would do what most people do, use the Genesis until it starts screwing up, then replace it with an AP, AMS, National, Wittern, ...
  12. Check that you have the right bar clips on the vend bars, and they are not on backwards.
  13. Anyone happen to have any boards for a DN5000? Its the wide swoopy front Coke styled machine.
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