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  1. I would do what most people do, use the Genesis until it starts screwing up, then replace it with an AP, AMS, National, Wittern, ...
  2. Check that you have the right bar clips on the vend bars, and they are not on backwards.
  3. Anyone happen to have any boards for a DN5000? Its the wide swoopy front Coke styled machine.
  4. I believe your first vend from payrange is free, not each machine, ie you sign up for payrange, your first vend from any single equipped machine is free.
  5. Have you tried moving the whole tray to another position.
  6. I have a 501e that I vend 12oz V8 Splash out of. It works great. This may sound weird, but I reverse stack every other row. Bottle caps facing forward, next row caps facing back. It keeps them from nose diving, what seems to be an issue with shorter bottles. You could also go with SunnyD cans as a half measure.
  7. I have a Bevmax 2/3 with a MEI 4 in 1 USAT card reader. The card reader display will randomly green out. Its loses the LCDs on the display and won't function. It still accepts bills fine. I know it not an issue with the MEI since I have swapped it with the snack machine next to it with same issue. Is this a eprom or board issue?
  8. Sounds like a space to sales or set depth issue. Question, if the machine has 12 buttons and 10 columns, why are you tying two columns to one button?
  9. Sams club has a new 20oz bottle that vends very well. For some reason in our area they only sell them at Walmart in 12 and 24 packs.
  10. Have to admit, I like the idea of the machine. But given that at Sam's Club you get a gallon of orange juice for $3 and the fresh squeezed version is $8 for a 1/2 gallon. I don't think you going to get people to pay $5 for an 8oz glass. This also doesn't account for the nightmare cleanup.
  11. They work fine, can shims, set to two deep. Watch so you don't push them too close together. Certain Arizona bottles have a deep indent on the bottom.
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