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  1. Corvus Corax

    501e and PayRange

    I have an older Pepsi 501e machine with Payrange and a Parlevel CCR. It never displayed the credit amount. Works just fine though. I'm not planning on upgrading. As long as it works I'm happy.
  2. Corvus Corax

    20oz Gatorade in 501e

    Unrelated I have a couple off older PepsiCo 501e. They are original can machines, with can shims, but no rods. Did 501e originally come with different cup rollers, or are rods not needed for cans?
  3. Corvus Corax

    Usi 3014a says not available

    Clean the pin/tabs on the back of the trays and the corresponding on the back inside of the machine.
  4. EBay has a disk that you can print. They also have various label packages. Just search for soda labels.
  5. Corvus Corax

    20oz Gatorade in 501e

    Gatorade can be finicky. AC is right check your backspacing, maybe a half inch of play. Try loading only 16 in, and see how it does. You might also try loading half a case in, test cycle it a few times, the load the rest.
  6. Corvus Corax

    Machine Lighting

    If not replacing all of the lights, do the snack machines first. They make the biggest difference in visibility. Check Amazon, I think they are around $10 for led. Pretty sure you have to pull the ballast though to run led.
  7. Corvus Corax

    Cleaning Condenser fins

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/GardenHOME-2-in1-Compact-Electric-Blower-and-Vacuum-Cleaner-6-Variable-Speed-Control-600-Watts-16-500-RPM/889977987? Mini leaf blower, works great for cleaning fins.
  8. Recovery, and Methadone clinics will suck up sodas like it is a last meal. If you do snacks, cram in all the chips you can. m&ms and skittles. They all seem to buy a soda while waiting outside chain smoking cigarettes. Cola and energy drinks, they are always tired.
  9. Corvus Corax

    Let me pick your brain

    Try to stick to MDB machines. Soda = Dixie Narco, Royal 650/660. Snack = AMS, AP LCM 113 123, Crane 160 and newer. Master these machines an you be sitting at the top of the hill. Glass fronts stick to Bevmax and Royals. Nothing foreign ever. If in doubt, snap a pic, and post it here, you will get the skinny. Normal snacks. Cans or 16.9 bottles in stackers. 16.9. bottles, club store available 20oz bottles, or monster in glass fronts. Always be cordial and polite, no matter how upset the other party is. Spend at least 4 hours every two weeks tracking down new business, even if you have to cold call. Never leave the house without at least 10 business cards. Hand them out like candy on Halloween. Good luck
  10. Corvus Corax

    ROWE 5900 ROWE CBA-2

    Eastern, is where most of these places, (d&s, vend central, etc.) send their mechs and validators to.
  11. Corvus Corax

    Live display machines

    For a live display. Go to your local liquor store and buy 2 six packs of higher end canned beer. The ones that come with the fancy six pack holders that cover the whole top of the can. That way if you use an opened can in the live display, it still looks professional. Now tell the wife you didn't want to drink twelve beer, but it is for the business.
  12. Corvus Corax

    Machine Lighting

    Also, think of it this way, it may have been some time ago, but they noticed when the lights went out. If you did also, and did nothing about it, what does that say about you.
  13. Corvus Corax

    Best selling snacks

    I prefer UTZ, but then again they are a local brand for me. UTZ look bigger compared to Lays. I know it is just UTZ putting more air in their bag, but visually it is more appealing. Nacho Cheese Doritos, White Cheddar Cheez-its. Don't try to get fancy, plain potato chips outsell every other flavor. Cookies have better shelf life than pastries.Linden's buttercrunch are great seller's. Tell your patrons to put a 3 cookie unopened buttercrunch in the microwave for 15 seconds. Effectively you just hooked someone on crack. Honey buns are great sellers. Don't try to ne too clever. When people come to the machine, they want to see Hersheys, m&ms, snickers, and Oreos.
  14. Corvus Corax

    Machine Lighting

    take the opportunity to progressively switch to LED. That way you only have to do it once, since LEDS will possibly outlive the machines.
  15. Corvus Corax

    What do you guys think about this route?

    Combos suck, general consensus.