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  1. Corvus Corax

    Quarter on a string

    Reminds me of a Super 8 I have. They have a wishing pond. They got a group of undesirables in. Next thing I get a call the neither machine is working. I go out to it and find both coin mechs jammed with coins fresh from the pond. Some were still wet.
  2. If you are not using a vendor to stock your machine, I would try to keep it simple. Soda - Cans, longest shelf life, highest capacity. If I was using bottles at all it would be for water. Snacks - Stick to candy and chips. Much longer shelf life than pastry. If I was using any pastry it would be honeybuns and/or cookies. Again longer shelf life. Good luck.
  3. Corvus Corax

    Vendo 511 Misvends

    Double check that the clips are not on backwards.
  4. Corvus Corax

    Anderson vending dolly

    Depending on the lip of your liftgate it can be a hassle. Always throw a strap over the top, to keep them from slipping off on uneven surfaces. I use 2 old street signs to get them up the liftgate lip.
  5. Corvus Corax

    Buying bottle drinks

    Wal-Mart has a lot of 16.9oz bottles at 50cents or less per. Coke style bottles vending better because they are slightly larger in diameter, but it depends on your machine set up.
  6. Corvus Corax

    501E Triteq Lock

    Isn't there a cheat wire you can get from triteq? If the door is open, can't you just trigger the lock with a 9 volt battery?
  7. Corvus Corax

    501E Triteq Lock

    Have you tried replacing the battery in the key fob.
  8. Corvus Corax

    Anderson vending dolly

    You can get them with larger wheels to lift them higher. They work real well, I've moved a DN5000, a Bevmax 4, the big Royal View glass front, and a slew of DN501Es with it by myself. They will tell you the most important thing is the safety strap around the middle. That's bs, whenever you move something throw a ratchet strap over the top. That keeps them from slipping off.
  9. Corvus Corax

    Pallet Jacks/Dollies

    Just got a narrow pallet jack for $85 and a professional bike stand for $40.
  10. Corvus Corax

    Healthy vs junk projections

    I think is a vendor on here who has machines in YMCAs and maybe some shools. You would have too ask her. They may turn a profit. If they do it is because the establishment or higher authority (government ) won't allow other products. I've said it a thousand times, a Snickers beats a granola bar everytime. P.S. If you are in the northeast and must buy into a healthy vending scam, please make sure you get AMS machines. They are far easier to place when I buy them from you for 25cents on the dollar.
  11. Have you tried pulling the trays and test one at a time. If it is a short that should narrow down where it is.
  12. Corvus Corax

    New or Refurbished???

    Walmart and grocery store sales. Often Walmart has the for 2.50 a six pack so that's 42 cents. Pl laces like Giant, Food lion, Shoppers, etc. will have 5 six packs for 10 on 11 bucks during sales. So that's between 33 and 36 cents. Walmart prices are the most consistent though. Always check the dates though, there might be a reason why they are on sake.
  13. Corvus Corax

    What kind of key is this?

    If it is a Coke machine you can probably get a set of 200 keys. They go from 201 to 208 I think, and one will work. It looks like there is a number printed on it. If you can clean it up some so you can read the number, you can look that up. Barring that, get your drill out.
  14. Corvus Corax

    New or Refurbished???

    501e set up for cans. You can switch between cans and 500ml bottles at you convenience. You can pick one up most places for $1000. If you want to spend more get a bevmax.
  15. Corvus Corax

    combo machine

    Run Forrest Run!