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  1. I would think any snack machine would work. Fill it with 9 or 10 deep snack coils. I am assuming you would be dispensing paperbacks or small hard backs.
  2. I have a Studio 4 that one lower slot jams halfway open every time I try to dispense a can from it. It's the second from the bottom left, if that makes a difference. Any idea on what it could be, or how to disable the slot. Thanks in advance.
  3. How difficult is it to change out an AMS 39 compressor. I have one that has turned into a heater.
  4. Found it, part number 460253. Biggest problem was 'VE calls it a selection switch panel, D&S calls it a selection membrane, and I think the manual call it a selection pad. FYI $50 at 'VE, $70 at D&S.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a control pad for an AP 123A. It is the colorful one on the inside when you open the door.
  6. Also try cycling the coin return a few times to make sure it isn't getting stuck all the way in. Then adjust the coin return stop accordingly. It only needs to open a bit to return coins. They sometimes get stuck if pushed all the way in.
  7. Have an AP studio 3 that I ordered the new red pcb drop sensor, lens pcb, and cable. All from vendors exchange. The problem I have is the cable is completely wrong. I contacted VE, and they said it is the only cable they have for the studio 3. Does anyone know the proper part number?
  8. You will spend more time and money trying to fix the old one, than just replacing it with something newer and reliable.
  9. I definitely like the P-touch over the DYMO
  10. I put LEDs in all my snacks. I use 18in and 22in led fixtures. You want something that runs on 120vac that doesn't need a wall wort. Clip the wires feeding the ballast, use some wire nuts and done deal.
  11. You can just eliminate the inline and put a standard plug on it, since it is plugging into a gfci.
  12. Doesn't the Telemeter kit from USAT come with a power supply for the 4in1 CC mask?
  13. My method 1 Set the back spacing prior to install can shims 2 Rotate rollers up to install rods 3 Remove bottle shims 4 Install can shims, make sure they are pushed all the way down or they jam the column 5 load 9 to 12 cans close the door and test vend until the sold out lights
  14. I had a warehouse with about twenty employees that did $300+ a month. Then the 300lb+ dispatcher whose office was 20ft from the machines had bypass surgery. It went to maybe $100 a month with a lot of stale's. Ended up pulling the both machines.
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