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  1. Over all I prefer the Pepsi Dixie Narco version to the Coke. Pepsi has 9 (8 + 1 wide) selections as opposed to 8, and I hate the round button assemblies on the front. But you can't go wrong with a 501.
  2. Seems to me that unless it's a glassfront, Coke rights them off as soon as they send them out. Most are written off within 3 to 5 years.
  3. Corvus Corax

    LCM spirals not vendind

    I have an LCM2 that won't vend from b3 and b4. When I test the spirals it vends fine. Does the signal follow a different path in test mode?
  4. Corvus Corax

    Vending Machine Moving

    I predominantly rely on movers. Considering insurance and my back it makes sense. My everyday truck has a lift gate so I can move machines, but it's rough to do on your own. Most moves are not bad at all with two people, but my mover only charges $100 per machine so that makes more sense.
  5. Corvus Corax

    Vending Machine Moving

    I recommend anyone that owns a trailer invest in a small winch. Any 2000-3000lb atv winch will do. Mount it at the front of your trailer to pull equipment on.
  6. Corvus Corax

    greenwick boards

    Will the 4900 board work in a 5900? If so, I'd like it.
  7. Corvus Corax

    Suggestions For Hostel

    Ear pods, USB cables, usb chargers, aspirin, travel deodorant, travel laundry detergent, baby wipes.
  8. Corvus Corax

    Vending Machine Moving

    For one times rent a trailer. I use an Anderson dolly, and a small pallet jack I got from northern tool. Also a couple of 4x4 and 2x4 2ft long. And an golpher load of ratchet straps.
  9. Corvus Corax


    Start a 10% if any until it proves itself
  10. Corvus Corax

    New Location Gross Sales Expectation?

    Could try a combo
  11. Corvus Corax

    Suggestions For Hostel

    I wouldn't look past chips and candy bars. Everyone gets hungry, especially when traveling at weird hours.
  12. Corvus Corax

    Cans vs. bottles

    Be aware most 16.9 bottles expiration is only a month out. Big concern for diet stuff.
  13. Corvus Corax

    Dixie narco 368 Refrigeration unit

    I have messed with most other things on my machines, but I have been avoiding the compressors like the plague. Guess it's time to get germy.
  14. Color printer and a laminator, and make your own
  15. Corvus Corax

    Royal 660

    If you are not doing all sodas, you can switch that out for a water bottle or a monster.